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  1. we dont have the rights for anyone of it to be honest Im looking into the possibility of adding the number detail, the issue is that when its scaled down you lose all of the detail and it looks a bit crap
  2. Hi all Shameless plug time but im sure you wont mind :angel: As you know i run www.backoftheshirt.com and www.fanshirts.co.uk and over the past month I have been developing a Newcastle Facebook app (http://apps.facebook.com/newcastlefanshirts. The app features shirts from the Premier League years and more will be added in the coming days and weeks. Once you have made your shirt you can then send it to friends, use it as your profile picture or save as your wallpaper. Below is a sample of the shirts that can be made We have tried to use the correct badges and fonts where pos
  3. I know its a bit over the top after just a home win against Birmingham but we havent won since I launched the site so I thought what the hell.... Here is a wallpaper to have till the next win (hope its sooner than the last!) (You should be able to right click it and then save or save as background)
  4. Just to let you know that I have just added the away shirt to the site enjoy
  5. Think my resolution's a bit out of range Nice shirts by the way. The Scunny one is shocking though - if I send you the actual colours do you fancy changing it? if you drop me a pm with a link to a good image ill get it changed cheers
  6. Shearergol - Where's the wallpaper then? When the shirt is emailed to you, save the attachment and then set it as your desktop wallpaper
  7. Hi I havent posted on here for a while but my website down well on Newcastle Online so I thought id share it with you too. The website is www.backoftheshirt.com and lets you add your name and number to a large selection of football shirts. Below is an example of what you can make I have just secured a sponsorship with subside sports to give the winner of the competition a shirt of their choice, so get entering! I apologise if this is classed as spam but I thought you would enjoy it cheers (link to NO post http://www.newcastle-online.com/nufcforum/...?topic=46968.0)
  8. Who? Central Lancashire 'University' also known as Lancaster College.
  9. Lancashire cup my arse, you guys from lancaster college dont seem to understand that we just dont care! All Lancaster Uni care about is Roses, a proper uni competition!
  10. geordie_b


    yes. your account have been hijacked, the people will offer to sell the items outside of ebay. You will still get lumbered with fees and bad feedback. Get onto ebay now and change password and tell them. Then change your paypal password just incase. Then run spyware programs on your computer
  11. Match shirt 2003 - 2005 had plastic newcastle badges to reduce weight and joggers nip. The sleeve badge was not introduced until 2004/2005 season. The shirt was laundered prior to being given to me I love it when un educated people make complete tits of themselves!
  12. I hoped that this day would never come but on the eve of shearers last match as a registered player I am putting my pride and joy up for sale. Pictured below is a match worn and signed alan shearer shirt worn in the uefa cup in the 2003/2004 season The shirt game direct from the club after an official let me down over some promised tickets. PIC1 - Front of the shirt PIC2 - Plastic newcastle badge as opposed to the fan shirts with embroided badge PIC3 - Climacool badge and white inner vest, this one of very few shirts where the vest is still intact. Suppose
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