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  1. Flash poll

    1. Mourinho 2. Benitez
  2. The Real Hustle

    Great show love the poker one they did a while back theres loads on youtube as well to keep you busy at work for a few hours.
  3. Big Sam: 'Dropping Shay was easy'

    What if he doesn't want to be here? huh? You said Given should start every game when fit because he's a better 'keeper, but what if he doesn't want to be here? Would you still pick him? Think hes referring back a few season ago when he threw his dummy out when Harper was getting picked over him
  4. Lampard has a broken wrist

    I think the last time England played really well the center midfield duo was Lampard and King. Mclaren's got to make a choice Gerrard or Lampard, no way is Lampard as bad as people are making out.
  5. New shirt: Strip tease

    This is the template for Liverpool's kit next season so just imagine it black and white with out sponsors
  6. What are you playing?

    THE greatest game Dungeon Siege at mo for PSP waiting for Virtual Tennis 3, played it in Hong Kong and its awesome, watch out for the graphics freakily good!
  7. Butt's Distribution

    With the exception of his raking 30-yard beauties! Yer i was thinking more of if it was Bramble as an example he'd think to hoof it straight away. His long ball and again Solano's was of high quality.
  8. who's predicting an easy victory tonight?

    Hope you had a change of heart
  9. Butt's Distribution

    Always looks to keep the ball on the ground, linked up well with the likes of Dyer, Solano tonight.
  10. Your Favourite Football Pictures

    After seeing all these pretty awesome pictures, i took some time to think of my contribution and i remembered a picture that i saw a few years ago and still makes me laugh
  11. Roman and Jose convo "leaked" to press..

    Made me giggle
  12. Feyenoord thrown out of Uefa Cup

    Doesn't even say please!
  13. Feyenoord thrown out of Uefa Cup

    Whoops sorry just seen the other thread Mod merge or delete
  14. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/europe/6278299.stm Probably good but Spurs will likely get a bye into the next round

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