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  1. A fair bit of decent factual information regarding what goes on In this country, and in america can be found here. For example, why the cost of Corn has shot up from $2 per bushel to $8 per bushel. and the ramifications for the man in the street. Who does it benefit? Why did the US create the Mandate for Corn production? answers or questions are not publicised by OUR mainstream media. http://rt.com/programs/keiser-report/
  2. Is there any non american evidence of moon landings? Yes, in 1969 a radio report from the astronautics to NASA, It was very clearly stated Alien ships were watching. the Aliens have the evidence. We allegedly will be able/capable to/of get /getting to the moon on an escalator some time after 2050 American company "lift port" and Japanees company "Obayashi" at the forefront. All the Technology existent now to accomplish, apart from the actual cable strength, at the moment we can produce cable with a strength of 3.9 mega Uri's Scientists are striving to solve this now, as a 30 mega Uri ca
  3. An Excellent way to tune mind and Body.
  4. If "everyone" did not pander to "anyone's" wishes that they do not agree with, the world would be a much better place. Regardless. In the Real world, any opposed to the muslim demand's, to make one part of the city into a no go area for anyone not muslim, need's to make their voice heard (with those in power). or it will happen. and that would be tragic. the verbal harassment needs to, (and needs to be seen to) be addressed, If possible, within the law. treating anyone outside the current law, (or as those people see it unfairly) will lead to much bigger problems. If the muslims or an
  5. Wrong. The vast majority of muslims "are Muslims" because of where they were born, and who bore them. Any belief is instilled, or more specifically imposed. a few who are free to can choose differently. Regardless of any belief. we are Human Beings and ALL equal. one.
  6. A Crèche, is simply a means for one to foist it's wishes on others, via mass indoctrination.
  7. alliance's can be good or bad, but Change on a regular basis dictated by individual need. Much better than "Money" IMO
  8. Thank you, for your welcome. Personal attacks don't normally interest me, In my book those that resort to such nicety's are mindless morons.
  9. Only to ensure others had sufficient subjective material to discount those that would discredit my person. As to Politics, Everything I have said and published links to in this thread, is connected to Politics. as were my rebuttals
  10. There was I, thinking this was a discussion thread concerning Politics's, only just realizing it's all about Ego and Labels. For some.
  11. You will be in good company. if you are made redundant or sacked. Please understand, I do not see myself or anyone else as a Scrounger or Scum. I would love a job I am capable of. and make no mistake, I am capable of many, I have no problem in portraying Self. experience, and work history. proven track record. Extremely hard working and successful in previous employment. However, as it stands after having applied for many more job vacancies than the Rules say I must. (Many of them "sandwich filling for minimum wage.") I am sceptical. I also Understand there are Manipulators of systems.
  12. To answer some of the accusations and innuendo, For your benefit. I am I. My opinion is Mine. Your opinion is Yours. "Let me say first , I understand your View. Yes, I agree Partially... "not all people on the dole or sickness benifit are scroungers." but we all know Many have never known anything other than the dole, entire family's, continuing from Father to son/daughter. and seem to be happy living off it. yes it's a problem that needs addressing, It will continue to get worse and more desperate for ALLthose on the bread line, (Not just those some call scum) the way it is cur
  13. "When we are told something over and over, as in programming and mind-manipulation, the public fool system, media, gov’t propaganda, TV advertising, TV news, satanic ritualistic cult abuse, billboards, sexual abuse, etc., with any emotion surrounding it (e.g.: the official story on the WTC demolitions) ... then the subconscious mind/ ego accepts it as true and incorporates it into its belief system. When the truth confronts us it is automatically rejected; it simply doesn’t fit into the belief system. Its like trying to file into your documents folder, two separate articles with the
  14. One man's Shit, is another man's Gold. Yes, Trade pre dates Money. Money is man made. those that control money, (And they do) Control the World. (China included) 1%
  15. Iron Mountain. whether fact or fiction in the 1960's. The Tactics/Recommendations can now be seen clearly in operation, working and implemented. http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/iron_mountain_full.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Report_from_Iron_Mountain
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