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  1. Tell you what mind, that Maka Paka fella is piling the beef on

  2. Oh Smiths on, can this day get any worse?

  3. “@anthonyhutton: Is this me? #TakeMeOut” I dunno? Is he a cunt?

  4. I think the #lfc fan was wrongly arrested for monkey gestures. I reckon he is actually a primate #Nufc #mufc #racistfc

  5. Ok so maybe Spaghetti Meatballs was a bad idea! http://t.co/EY2GBCdd

  6. It appears it's not the 1st time @nick_dorman has been slated for writing rubbish http://t.co/JkD4pzoH #Nufc

  7. “@WackyJnr1: @JonMuzza1 going up the napper, fancy it?” euphemism?

  8. I assume @StanCollymore has blocked @mikeparry8 by now? He blocks everyone else

  9. “@tt9m: NiCe face. LOL. RT @Winny_FTM: Still loling @ #nufc” is he having a dump?

  10. The worlds gone mad, there are people who put things I've never even heard of on a bacon & egg sarnie!

  11. Alan Shearer, front page of Sun "why Gary?" maybe you should have directed the question to those same journalists Alan

  12. “@rebeccarrrr: @Brock_Lee_Bear @pjwhitfield @tt9m .....you weird can't cook racist” best insult ever!

  13. These are now on toilet walls at work I defy anyone to look at it for 10seconds & not sing a Beach Boys track http://t.co/oieyKkoy

  14. "@nufcfans who thinks Alan Shearer was a good goalscorer discuss...." <- moat pointless discussion ever award 2011

  15. “@simonbirdmirror: I love you all.” ...yer me beshtest mate you are hic

  16. Tell you what there's some cunt sat here fucking effing & jeffing at top of his voice. Where am I? A kids party! #Gateshead

  17. They'll be dancing on the streets of Wearside tonight #Nufc #safc


    #onitlikeacarbonnet “@MetroRadioNews: #safc fans call 0191 279 0418 leave thoughts on Bruce going & who should replace him ”

  19. ooooh 'Arry dont look 'Appy #thfc

  20. Tiote out for Chelsea game? A no play clause in the deal then #Nufc

  21. Anyone help here? Who says "CBeebies bedtime story" after Night Garden? I think he used to be on Play School?

  22. “@shaimoss: Just put 20 quid @ 5-1 on my new cockerny friends to beat the inbreds - cumon the Arse !” oooooh I say!

  23. unless of course youre one of the nackers on #nufc tag then dont bother....oh shit thats just lost a load of toontastic regulars!

  24. oh ive lost a follower! 199 now, @NUFCnu you need to send the nob pic back!

  25. go on try a free Graze box on me: CLXR93WT http://t.co/E1o59IKy

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