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  1. That pic is along the lines of it but there are a few differences, that one looks to have zip up pockets, mine doesn't. Also I'm fairly sure the Yamamoto badge would be visible in that pic if it had one and finally mine has a metal adidas logo zip. After watching the video however I've realised mine has none of the care instruction labels which leads towards being either fake or a sample design (hopefully the latter!).
  2. yeah thats my thought but if its fake then its absolutely spot on, got the adidas band running through the collar, labels correct and sewn in fully, and things like that embossing you just don't get with fakes. What gets me though is the fact I cannot find anything even remotely like it on any site anywhere, would be interesting to see. Surely someone hasn't made a near perfect fake of something that doesn't exist!
  3. Its fairly spot on condition like, couple of small marks that will wash out otherwise not a stitch out of place. It does however have a spelling mistake but if its a fake then its a fucking good one (apart from the dyslexia!) but even then there's not a single google result warning to look out for this.
  4. a little while, their payments are shite though
  5. you can't see it from the image but the Adidas logo is embossed full size on the back
  6. Anyone know of any? or where I can find out info on a particular item? I've picked up an Adidas track top in a charity shop but cannot find anything even close online no matter how much googling I've done. Interested to know more about it.
  7. 6ft 7 and built like a brick shithoose (19st 6) Unfortunately, the brickwork is more like this, these days
  8. Never quite sure on the whole ranking but number wise it's 698
  9. Devastated that I've had to jack in my job playing rhe triangle in a Rastafarian band but I couldn't take it any more. It was literally one ting after another
  10. Anyone got the pic of a copper arresting a kid at SJP? Someone used to have it as their background on here a while ago? Possibly howmanheyman? Copper is the spit of me if I remember rightly
  11. Anyone play Rocket League? I'm an absolute legend if anyone has the bottle like
  12. Bit late to the show but XBox One - peasepud
  13. On second thoughts lets not show our scars.....
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