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  1. I seem to remember "too good to go down" being a much used statement 4 years ago too

  2. Good to hear our "boys" got out of Norwich ok, @CHAOSCREW_NCFC Look pwopa nawty. #nufc

  3. Hmmm @NUFCThreatLevel have you ever thought of running a competition? Could be an idea #justSayingLike

  4. Can't believe how naive some of #Nufc tag are. Feeling sorry for Colo? Bollocks he's screwing us over

  5. I saw Colo in Tesco yesterday buying 10 bottles of Dulcolax#nufc #justSaying

  6. “@Iwantcurlyhair2: San Lorenzo based in Boedo district. 1 square mile & 46,324 people. I think we could have them.” http://t.co/DDMjOya8

  7. “@NorthernJam: Gonna give the new iron ago, start with my undies first, then tea towels.”Living the dream kidda,


    #SixWordFilmPlots Lunatics rob jewellers, all goes wrong

  9. Seriously, have you ever seen a cuter pic than this? #ganninSoft http://t.co/8tSY83PN

  10. PickTV Claire from #Steps on eating and her weight.I now know why you never see H anymore, she's scranned him

  11. “@oldheatonian: Another horrible tory on #newsnight Notsurprised”Have you ever seen a nice one?

  12. Mobile speed camera, cat n dog shelter, Benton #teamgeordie #Newcastle

  13. “@NilePowerRanger: Thanks to all the fans what travelled 7 and a half hours... u lot Deserved to see better!!”I slate him but correct

  14. Who is this @MikeyFisher_ kid? Looks a bit errr how do you say? Special?

  15. “@dannysimpson: Introducing @officialtulisa to the Salford Crew #goodtimes http://t.co/tyfsTmP5”like an episode of Shameless

  16. Want Pardew out?Here's the only other bloke fat Mike trustshttp://t.co/ucX7Wd4BNow, want to answer again?#Nufc

  17. Love the fact that a 3rd round draw results in the #safccupfever hash tag. They'll be asking for N London parking advice next

  18. I know a song that'll get on your nerves, get on your nerves. I know a song that'll get on your nerves...owt by #1Direction

  19. Aaaaand the final ball is shite #Nufc

  20. “@davidpick1987: Are West Ham trying to sign every overpaid, out of favour striker?” dunno, @themichaelowen have they been on phone?

  21. “@rammlet: @pjwhitfield Kevin Phillips?”I have named little Stoaty Kevin in honour of said rat boy

  22. Just see @officialtulisa avatar "female boss". Bet she wears @dannysimpson balls as a necklace

  23. Comparing like for like matches between this and 08/09 season and we wouldve been 14th with +2 points & +5GD then #Nufc #gulp

  24. "@tt9m: Number is 12 is reserved for the fans."At Wigan it's 11.3 #Nufc #Wafc

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