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  1. Wor lass thought saw @IAmChrisRamsey at Central Station today but realised it was woman with same hair#uglybird or #prettyBoy ?

  2. Come on folks, hit me with some must have Apps for the iPad!

  3. Bianca Gascoigne on Come Dine With Me, is there a more reprehensible tart on this planet? I think not

  4. “@siamneil: "@Rilczyszyn: La armed bank robbers caught in traffic live NBC”I notice @Iwantcurlyhair2 hasn't tweeted for a bit!

  5. "@BigAls09: Jesus just woke up!!!!!!"Eh? Thought that was Easter?

  6. “@Iwantcurlyhair2: Channel 4... Ferris Bueller's Day Off... You're welcome.”Oh noes! I need bed but....Must....save...Ferris

  7. “@davidpick1987: @ian_nufc Emmerdale is much more acceptable...although I don't like your tone regards Corrie...”Soap FIGHT!

  8. Speed cam between Quorum & 4 Lane Ends, Spine Rd


    #Cheaters on #Really now, woman about to find her blokes been cheating with another man!

  10. They should make a Geordie #Cheaters"they share an intimate embrace before he departs""he fingaz 'er then fucks off"

  11. Claire Balding looks like someone poured a bag of lumpy custard into a rolled up duvet

  12. “@Attractivefactz: People with a high IQ tend to talk to themselves more.”See? I told me so

  13. There are a number of girls in North London called Lanesra#fuckwits#afc

  14. Meh! We never do well against {insert Premiership team}#Nufc

  15. “@NUFCThreatLevel: @pjwhitfield *Finger guns* ..Take my poll.”I don't know what rumours you've heard but not on a 1st date!

  16. “@kayleighk7: #OneOfMyFavoriteMovies Dirty Dancing”UNFOLLOW!!!!!

  17. “@EntirelySAFC: Sunderland 18th in League, when you look at our team on paper, is utterly mind blowing. #SAFC”but you're shite on grass

  18. Got cricket on in office, interesting to hear a trumpeter in background playing Blaydon Races #GanOnSon

  19. “@NorthernJam: Gonna treat myself to an eyepad mini, I deserve one. Just decided.”If you've got a small sore eye then they're ideal

  20. “@weldy1980: Were gonna win”Fucccccck aaalll

  21. This is the weirdest bus route ever, think i've seen 97.3% of Killingworth. Expect him to go thru McD's drive thru next

  22. "@ajhmurray Lovely show in Tewkesbury tonight. Now scuttling back to Brum."good job you didnt get those two words mixed up!

  23. Dear #Cfc fans, come back with your protests when you get Joe Kinnear as manager.#Nufc

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