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  1. Saw Tom quote the post earlier today on the Twitter. Great to read and textbook, to the point Gemmil Looking forward to seeing the numbers tomorrow.
  2. The kind of day to make you fall in love with the North East all over again.

  3. An avalanche of people coming off the metro in Shields. Impressive.

  4. Such a classy trick and perfectly executed here: http://t.co/mWV54vO0FY #flipflap

  5. A #Pacers win tonight would be really sweet. Send Miami packing. #nbaplayoffs

  6. Just seen the back of the new shirt. Simply horrific. Enough with the panels god damn it! http://t.co/gSvDJ6h4PN #nufc

  7. French Cup Final highlights: Bordeaux 3-2 Evian Thonon-Gaillard https://t.co/c6BbmdEtSI #girondins #fcgb

  8. Ne pas mettre trop d'eau dans notre vin ce soir #fcgb #cdf

  9. "That's not playing an instrument! That's like blowing into a toilet!" http://t.co/BmHwjGBvE4


    #nowplaying "Summer Madness" by Kool & The Gang https://t.co/fVZ53Cd71h


  11. "Did you just read 'literally' as 'light rally"?" #dailyshow http://t.co/kXcsTvRQmA

  12. Clubs will get so much from these contracts, could let almost everybody in free and have same amount coming in as now http://t.co/f626wLjKBI


    #nowplaying "Giorgio by Moroder" by Daft Punk https://t.co/hFXvEmNNeO


  14. Harper: “I'll miss the intensity of this club. It IS the city. Heavy shirt to wear, an amazing club to play for if you can handle it” #nufc

  15. "If you film anybody long enough, they're going to do something stupid. It's only human natural" #theoffice http://t.co/yD182ME7Rc

  16. Phil Jackson throws the book at Kobe Bryant http://t.co/KM8yhhYFo4 Who better than the Zen Master to draw the line... #Kobetards

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