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  1. I hope Al can do it. It reminds of an episode of 24 you know their is going to be ups and downs and your know when the end of action is f coming but is always tense.l may 24th for al.but you just cant seeing him failiing even is it seems likely. he only 8 games till judgement and like jack baeur our local HERO will get through the edge of his teeth. let the count down begin Check out my shearer manager t-shirt on www.zazzle.co.uk 8 chelsea 7 stoke 6 tottenham 5 pompey 4 liverpool 3 boro 2 fulham 1 villa
  2. SHEARER MISSION (8 games) T-shirt

    Im delighted with the fact that shearer is back on tyneside as boss and design a tshirt to emphasise his task ahead so go to www.zazzle.co.uk and then search alan shearer and you will see it. I don't care if you buy it I just wanted to sare it with toon fans most of my mates are macoms. alan shearer is jack bauer in 8

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