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Found 2 results

  1. Dear football fans, Which football clubs do you see as your club’s biggest rivals? How important are the Champions League or Europa League for you? What do you think is important for your club to function well as a team? What have been your most emotional moments as a fan? For our research project EUFoot (www.eufoot.de), we would like to find out what fans from top national leagues in Germany, England, France and Austria think about football and Europe. We kindly ask you to fill in a short questionnaire (15 min.). www.eufoot.de/survey As a reward, you are entitled to participate in a draw to win one of five Amazon vouchers (£90/ 100€ each). Thank you for your support! EUFoot project team Alexander Brand, Florian Koch, Arne Niemann und Regina Weber Contact: Dr. (des.) Florian Koch Research Associate for the DFG sponsored project: The identity effect of Europeanised lifeworlds: Becoming European through football? (EUFoot) Johannes Gutenberg University Department of Political Science Jakob-Welder-Weg 20 D 55128 Mainz Tel.: +49 6131 39-29504 koch@politik.uni-mainz.de www.eufoot.de
  2. 7th position for the past 5 seasons... 06-07 Bolton 56 pts Qualified for Europe 07-08 Blackburn 58 pts Did not qualify 08-09 Fulham 53 pts Qualified for Europe 09-10 Liverpool 63 pts Qualified for Europe 10-11 Everton 54 pts Did not qualify The average number of points required over the past 5 seasons is 56.8 points. I would say this year the lower end of the spectrum will be required for 7th due to the strength of the top teams (referred to as the top 6 rather than the top 4 as in previous years illustrates this improved strength of the top teams in the division). So a points total of say 55 would probably do it. Then we just have to hope that a team 1-6 wins the league cup. With Man City taking it seriously that is a distinct possibility. And likewise for the FA Cup, if we don't win it ourselves of course. Assuming then that 7th will be a Europa spot I would consider our main competition for the final Europa spot to be Villa, Stoke (yuk), Fulham and Everton. Our advantage over these teams currently is 10 points to Villa and Stoke who are on 12 points and 12 points to Fulham and Everton who are on 10 points. A big advantage at this stage of the season but things could change quickly, especially with our tough run of fixtures coming up. After Everton next week at home which we should win (touch wood) on current form. The following three fixture are, as I'm sure we're all aware by now, these... Away to City Away to ManUn Home to Chelski. After that however we have a relatively easy run against three obviously beatable teams where we could easily gain 9 points coming into xmas especially if the previous three matches don't dent our confidence too much. So if we win next week against Everton we will be on 25 points and will probably only need another 30 points in the rest of the season to take 7th spot. Put another way, we will need from our last 27 games of the season roughly the same number of points accumulated in our first 11 (assuming for a moment that we beat Everton of course). I'll say this, if we are on 35 points at xmas we will qualify for Europe through 7th in the league, all else being equal. But that seems to easy so I'm going to go out on a limb now and predict 7th and a probable Europa spot will be ours come the end of the season, EVEN if we lose our next 3 games. Thoughts? Flaming? Discuss.
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