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  1. Excellent. Just what we needed. Wilson made a world of difference. He's such a quality poacher. Offers us something we're missing against teams trying to sit in and defend deep.
  2. Get in! Longstaff now. Botman unlucky not to score himself.
  3. Get in. Come on. Wilson always in the right place. We've missed him badly.
  4. Where is Wilson trying to put that? The whole goal was open.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sx_WTUbZvsA Kuol officially signed.
  6. I got an Epiphone SG about 20 years ago. The action was way high and it buzzed like a bastard. Had an Epiphone LP as well back then and it was good enough. Although I did replace the pick-ups with Gibson humbuckers because the epiphone ones were cheap triples that sounded like crap. I've played a proper Gibson SG too and it sounds way better than any Epiphone I've ever touched. Like not even close. An Iommi special edition would be nice but yeah Epiphone just doesnt come close to the real thing! Such a pretty guitar too.
  7. Horrible stuff. (Replying to the story about the AFL a few pages back.) I have no comment about the kid's retirement living or whatever. I dunno. I'm not a so-called accountant like half of this board.
  8. Hopefully that will lift his performances for us until ASM is back. He's a tidy player when his confidence is up.
  9. Interesting fact about the Basque is that their language is one of only a few European languages without a common root traceable back to Proto-Indo European. As you were.
  10. Yep. Its not so much that Fraser and Almiron were so poor yesterday, it's that they played in the manner expected of them. When we're that weak on the wings (adding in that Targett appears limited in attack) then opposition sides can flood the middle and channels and force us to go around them. So not only are we struggling for service from the wing, we're being forced into playing a game where we are dependant on our wing play to provide chances. It's a double-edged sword. This is the importance of ASM and how he stretches the pitch in both the vertical and lateral sense and provides more space in the channels for others to exploit. As said yesterday, Howe should be expecting these problems at this point as we've been without ASM for weeks now and it's been clear that we're being offered the wide spaces by our opponents. We needed to mix it up yesterday and we failed to do so. Still only lost once to a 9th minute stoppage time winner to thr league second best team at their ground. Things are great but there's a bit of pain there in that it could be even better. Onward and upward.
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