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  1. The Sunderland doco seems a strange topic for a football documentary. Don't those types of 'down on their luck' docos normally go for a subject that the audience will cheer for during the climactic moment of redemption? Firstly, they're still down there doing fuck all. I guess. I don't really know or care. Secondly, I'd hazard a guess that 95% of the football public have barely noticed Sunderland got relegated and wouldn't give a fuck if they never returned. All or Nothing: Sunderland Who? -- Rotten Tomatoes, 2018.
  2. I've seen nothing to convince me that Kenedy is anything above a bag of tricks with an attitude and no end product.
  3. This'll leave a mark on the lad. He'll turn up next week with: "I missed a pen in Wales ffs" tattooed on his forehead.
  4. I'm not convinced like 80% of his touches are deliberate. He looks like a baby deer trying to trample a balloon when he's in possession.
  5. Good clearance from Joselu. Keep them in the corner.
  6. Good luck tonight, ya pommy bastards.
  7. Zaha is the epitome of no end product.
  8. Makes you wonder how much football the guy has watched in recent years. Cabaye had moments just like that one at least two or three times a season with us. Clear red, too. He attacked the standing leg and the ball was gone. And it was clearly malicious as it was the result of le petite twat being pissy about Saha's dive not being given as a pen.
  9. You've stolen his thunder, so he'll have to come up with something else now. He'll be looking up exotic flavours of gelato for inspiration as we speak.
  10. It's amazing but I think Ashley actually knows less about football now than when he took over. He won't spend money so we'll go down again. Simply as that. I didn't like what I saw last night. It's like Rafa has found Ashley a gold mine in bringing us back to the PL, and Ashley has handed the cunt a shovel, and told him if he can dig the gold up he can use it to buy mining equipment. Ashley hasn't got a clue. And why is he comparing us to Man City? We're not competing with 'countries'. We're competing with Huddersfield. We want to stay in the league. Big dif
  11. This is shit news. Best wishes to his families in getting through this.
  12. The earth is a ring with ice in middle like choc pudding with a dollop of ice-cream in middle, then there are elephants like a packet of tiny-teddies 'African Safari' mix with all the lions and giraffes taken out, then the Great Turtle, Atuin, blessed be her(his) back upon which all this rests. And if YOU can't believe THAT, then YOU are a DICK H E A D! "It's important to have an open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out. Fuck the Romans." - Jesus, 35A.D., Bordeaux, France.
  13. Trump is going to isolate the US if he keeps going. He doesn't have a diplomatic bone in his body. Iran have declared retaliatory sanctions against the US. Where is the US's greatest treasure, their oiled-up, homoerotic wrestling team, going to go now. And just imagine the greasy flow on effects to the baby-oil industry these sanctions could cause. It'll be catastrophic and chaffing. AND ... he's insulted our great nation of Australia by calling our silly, lying cunt Prime Minister a big dummy. That's a booting. We'll send in HMS Croc Dundee to pillage their coastal bars and restaurants of
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