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  1. Best first half performance for some time. That looked more like the team of last season. Hopefully we can keep it up. A nice win by a few goals and a clean sheet will do wonders for the confidence.
  2. There's also a point to be made that if you never shoot from range then defenders don't need to close you down as aggressively. If you do shoot from range occasionally then defenders are drawn out to shut you down and you can play the pass instead. Nothing exists in a vacuum.
  3. Having Willock back is making a big difference. He's all energy. Taking up really dangerous positions and he's contributed to the press very well too. He's been a big miss.
  4. There we go. Brilliant. Playing some brilliant direct stuff here.
  5. Nice work Murphy. Like it in the wet. Just get the shots in and see what happens. Looks really heavy rain.
  6. Great goal. Made by Bruno. That's a hell of a run to get there. Brilliant stuff.
  7. Longstaff never gets those free kicks. He's one of the worst divers in the PL in terms of selling it.
  8. What in the world was Botman doing there? He was 5-yards deeper than the rest of them playing them all onside. He's shitting himself about Neto's pace already.
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