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  1. Started okay keeping a bit of possession. Seems like our lot aren't too interested since we conceded though. Longstaff appears to offer very little in midfield. I can only remember him having a ball a handful of times. Not to single him out too much. They've all been a bit behind the pace today.
  2. Fuckwit commentator saying that Bruno tackle was similar to the one in the Leeds game. Get a grip idiot.
  3. If ASM was playing with better players he would’ve tracked Cancelo’s run there.
  4. Really poor from Wood. I dunno if he’s playing without confidence or if he’s just shit but that’s really not good enough.
  5. Fuck it. Just have one of our players headbutt the ground every time Liverpool have a dangerous attack. Best defensive record in the league coming right up.
  6. Honestly that’s hilarious. Last game against Liverpool; actual head clash. Play on to Liverpool’s advantage. This game; clearing header; Liverpool player takes a dive; Stop play. Completely pathetic. Fuck I hate this team of cunts and their big-toothed donkey faced hypocrite kraut cunt of a coach.
  7. The universal media love in with Liverpool is so fuckin annoying.
  8. Looking for a decent performance on this one. If we can challenge them and keep the game close then happy days. If we can sneak a result and fuck their title challenge, all the better.
  9. Another fine performance. Its probably been said to death but Bruno is a class above. His eye for a pass is mental. We’re in the top half. Mental.
  10. He basically did exactly the same in the tunnel interview after the match. He reckons they should've won because they had all the ball. Pity for him there are no goals awarded for passing the ball between your centre backs 60 yards from the net. Did they even have a shot on target in the second half to add to their pathetic one in the first half (from a set piece no less)?
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