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Found 2 results

  1. This is beyond absurd.
  2. The list of confirmed bidders are set and the next step is for the countries to submit their bidding agreements by December. So we've got: UEFA: England, Belgium/Netherlands, Russia, Spain/Portugal CONCACAF: USA, Mexico AFC: Japan, Indonesia, Australia, South Korea, Qatar 'Cause of South Africa and Brazil, bid were not allowed from the South American and African confederations. So, boys and girls, what are your picks? As for what I think will happen: By 2018, it'll have been 12 years since UEFA will have had the tournament, and Blatter and Platini will be frothing at the mouth to have it back in Europe. Plus, half of the countries are from UEFA. As such, I think it's a given that a European nation will get it. Blatter has said he dislikes joint bids, but I still think that Spain/Portugal has a chance (Spain had it back in 1982). That said, I think the other front runner is England. The only way that Russia will get it is if the Russian mafia get involved and threaten a few people (plus there's the money from Abromivich and the like). But 2022 is a different story: I think that FIFA has given up on ever really winning the hearts and minds of the USA public with the round ball. I think they realise that the future is Asia and its MASSIVE population ($$$$$$). The only thing CONCACAF has in its favour is that the AFC has hosted more recently than North America has (abet, the AFC has had it only once, while Mexico and the USA have had it once already). Out of the Asian bids, both Japan and South Korea have had it recently, thought Japan may still have a chance. Indonesia has a massive population that would get involved and would really enjoy it, but the place is lovely but a bit of a shambles (plus, there's a lot of terrorism). Qatar has a mucho oil money in its favour, and I'm sure will do a lot of favours for the FIFA board members!! But it's a really small and REALLY hot place. I think they would have had more of a chance if they'd joint-bidded with the UAE or the such. As such, I really do think that Australia has a great chance. We're a beautiful country with a proven history of pulling off big sporting events. At that time of the year, it'll be not too hot, but still the chance of great sunny weather. Plus, our govt. is getting behind it with a 45 million Aus$ bid. The only thing against us is that Australia is still yet to really have made a name for itself on the football scene; but that's never held the USA, Japan or South Korea back, so why should it hold us back!! My hopes; 2018: England 2022: Australia
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