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  1. "When you look at some of the unbelievable players to have graced the Premier League - week in, week out, year in, year out - I feel very honoured to join the Hall of Fame," said Shearer. "I have to thank all of my team-mates, as well as the managers and coaches that I've worked with. "All I ever wanted to be was a professional footballer. It was my dream to do that, my dream to win trophies and my dream to score at St James' Park, to wear the number nine black-and-white shirt and it was fantastic. I enjoyed every minute of it." "To be inducted alongside Alan Shearer as th
  2. “I don’t think the fans’ reaction has ever been as bad as that. It borders on abuse.”
  3. What? The? Fuck? A story from 2009. Surely, this would be documented by now. Check your Myspace account, it might have an insight.
  4. https://www.twitter.com/champnella/status/1349502919180095488
  5. I am anxiously sitting twiddling my fingers and necking pints. @Jimbo and his telly update is urgently needed.
  6. After being declared dead following a 2016 car wreck, a Congolese athlete who had played professional soccer in Germany has emerged alive and well. German prosecutor Anette Milk confirms to PEOPLE that Hiannick Kamba, 33, is not dead. "Mr. Kamba has recently returned to Germany," Milk explains via email. "There are no reasonable doubts about his identity." Milk adds that "an investigation into fraud is underway at the Essen public prosecutor's office against his wife. She denies the charge." German newspaper Bild reports that Kamba’s wife is bein
  7. Great servant of the club, loaned out, discarded, and has one of the greatest trophies in his hand. Milner is an absolute legend.
  8. Chucking the towel in for a bit, hopefully! The introduction of VAR and now this! I will contain mild interest but live viewing is completely in the bin. This is not a throw the toys out of the pram moment. Mike FCB Ashley has ruined the whole sport for me. Slaps of utter stupidity. Not that I am surprised but this has amassed my hopeful reversal in the utter cunt! Rafa is an absolute legend and so baffled why he graced our club. In an almost perfect world, he would of stuck around and had a statue erected for him! Would of gave those tramps something else to holler at
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