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  1. mackem messageboard gold

    Merry Fuckin Christmas! It's Christmastime, there's no need to be afraid At Christmastime, at the Stadium of Light we have no shade And in our world of plenty we can spread a smile of joy Throw some food to Geordie tw**s at Christmastime They don’t have a prayer, no hope for the Geordie ones At Christmastime it's hard, but we are having fun There's a world just up the road from here, and it's a world of dread and fear Where the only thing that’s flowing is the bitter sting of tears And the Christmas bells that ring there are the clanging chimes of doom Well tonight thank God it's them the scruffy toon And there may be snow at the landfill this Christmastime The only gift they'll get is to go down (Oooh) In such a filthy hole No wine or beers flow Do they know it's Christmastime at all? Here's to us raise a glass of lovely wine Laugh at them living on or near the Tyne Do they know its Christmastime at all? Feed the Geordies Feed the Geordies Feed the Geordies Let them know its Christmastime again Feed the Geordies Let them know it's Christmastime again
  2. Rondon's rusty bullet holes V Huddersfield Town

    I am in, what do I use as search parameters! Anything for the squad Perez was onside.
  3. Precedent Trump

    A moron judge has struck down ACA!
  4. mackem messageboard gold

    31 pages and growing meanwhile have not seen a thread on their MLF fanbase on there in while. Oh. https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/sunderland-bands-and-artists-spotify-playlist.1450992/
  5. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    When he was metal detecting maybe, should of been digging to the left.
  6. General Random Conversation..

    Should be asleep since I have an early morning flight to the hot ATL. Hopefully see Josef and Almiron as a busted flush for this match. Let that then go on to spur Miguel here next season. My nerves are getting to the best of me! Pints up!
  7. Best Of Youtube

    Musk was not completely successful today with SpaceX.
  8. Blue Bin Dippers v Rafa's Cracker Pulling Plonkers

    18-7 in total fouls. 0 cards for them. 5 cards for us. Fuck off Lee Mason.
  9. Blue Bin Dippers v Rafa's Cracker Pulling Plonkers

    You have to do better there Atsu! FFS!
  10. Blue Bin Dippers v Rafa's Cracker Pulling Plonkers

    Rondon off, Joselu on.
  11. Blue Bin Dippers v Rafa's Cracker Pulling Plonkers

    @essembeeofsunderland https://streamable.com/ihw8z
  12. Blue Bin Dippers v Rafa's Cracker Pulling Plonkers

    Thankfully, Cenk Tosun is absolute shite!
  13. Blue Bin Dippers v Rafa's Cracker Pulling Plonkers

    Nice block Fernandez. That was on frame and I think Martin would of not been able to get that.

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