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  1. What mood are you in and why?

    Three dollars for you.
  2. What mood are you in and why?

    Yep. All fun is supposed to be banned for the week. Seems like every detail has been put forth. "Prayer" is listed several times and they can get to fuck! Not lying, this year I was handed a "schedule". My mum has seven sisters and two brothers. Tomorrow, we are going to sneak off aka get hollered at because we are trekking to the sea lion caves.
  3. It works!

    Well there goes your missus' peace and happiness for eighteen years. Congrats!
  4. What mood are you in and why?

    Snowboarding for the win! Damn, I am sore today.
  5. What mood are you in and why?

    In massive trouble but do not care one bit. Family in town, and two of my cousins took off with me earlier to the mountain. Been back over two hours ago and the wimmen are still kicking up a storm.
  6. Goal of the week in my opinion. Son a close second.
  7. mackem messageboard gold

    3-1 result with a quality photo.

    I typed in Newcastle upon Tyne. https://choices.climatecentral.org/#12/54.9785/-1.6186?compare=temperatures&carbon-end-yr=2100&scenario-a=warming-4&scenario-b=warming-2 Developed by Climate Central, an independent organisation of leading scientists and journalists, the interactive tool known as Surging Seas allows users to input their hometown and observe the impact a rise in temperature could have on sea levels. Areas marked in blue could be underwater in the event of a 2C rise in temperatures according to Climate Central.
  9. Sacked after four matches, de Boer is now employed by Atlanta United.
  10. Precedent Trump

    "A design of our Steel Slat Barrier which is totally effective while at the same time beautiful!"
  11. Precedent Trump

  12. Banksy backlash.

    "Season's greetings" in Port Talbot, Wales.
  13. North Korea

    "The show must go on!" https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/kim-shoots-trump-dead-in-south-korea-art-satire-11049252
  14. Florian Thauvin

    I know these list you can takr with a grain of salt but... "Newcastle fans may rub their eyes in disbelief but, yes, this is that Florian Thauvin and, yes, his place in the FFT100 list is fully deserved. He scored 22 league goals alone last season, was the only non-PSG player to make the four-man Ligue 1 Player of the Year shortlist, is already into double figures for goals this season, helped Marseille reach the Europa League final and collected a World Cup winners’ medal (albeit appearing on the pitch for only two minutes at the tournament). At 25, Thauvin has finally added focus and consistency to his considerable natural gifts. What would Rafael Benitez give for his invention and goal threat now?" https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/fourfourtwos-100-best-football-players-world-2018-100-21

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