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  1. At his going price? I am not having that. He is absolutely brilliant!!!
  2. @LeBenjiboo "Deleted - no surprise. @SCHeath92 let’s be honest, it’s a toilet isn’t it. It’s hard to think of a bigger shit tip to be honest - and the red and white shaggers from #SAFC will do that the fuck they want, me old cocker"
  3. Wut, you have a gripe about Italian food? A six cheese blend, meat, garlic, & mushrooms lasagne disagree. Scotch eggs, crisps, and cheese sauce burrito is another favorite.
  4. He is already covering his face. The misery behind those fingers.
  5. He is now imposing feelings on people the message was intended for.
  6. They got wrong directions! They should of asked rtg!
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