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Found 1 result

  1. We don't like cricket, oh no, it's wa a ank. I've never liked cricket always found it boring as fuck, I've actually been to an England Test Match and was that bored I fucked off to the bar to watch Scotland. I just find it dull, but some people are brought up with it and love it, I respect that. Smoggeordie is a massive fan, and that's fine, you like what you like, but these bandwagon jumpers who pretend to love it when we win the ashes oh dear, especially when half the cunts don't even know the rules. People who like because their friends/partners do are even worse. It's too slow man, and I know there is some skill somewhere in there, it's just pish. People have the same thoughts about darts but I fuckin love darts, could watch it all night, so I know it's about preference. What's your thoughts?
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