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  1. General Random Conversation..

    I wonder what makes people general internet wronguns. There's more to life. I can think of a few.
  2. I've still got next to no voice after Sunday's shouting and bawling. All I'll say about Man Utd is they are desperate for the amount of money they've spent on players. Both first halfs we've played this season against them we've been the better team. This was 8th time I've seen us beat them at home, arguably with our poorest team, but their determination on Sunday made me proud of the lot of them. 2-1 87 1-0 87 2-0 94 5-0 96 3-0 00 4-3 01 3-0 12 1-0 18
  3. Given that Peter was 32-36 in his spell in the Premier League you can't say he was better than Bergkamp. Maybe you can't at all and I'm biased but that's how good Bergkamp was. I'd only put Henry and Shearer above him in the Premier League era. He did more than Cantona. There's an argument to this day about his goal at the toon in March 2002, if it was anyone else I'd say it was a fluke, but it's Bergkamp.....
  4. I'm nearly giving up me. I've missed 2 games all season and I haven't paid a penny, if I had to pay...fuck that. Nothing is changing, we're cursed. 25 years ago we had plenty of men on Tyneside who would've sorted this out, modern times mean we have to grin and bare it the same way Jimmy Conway had to coming off the phone when his best pal Tommy got whacked, and that was that . If football was the only thing that determined your frame of mind, we'd have hundreds of thousands of deranged prozac takers doing anything to keep their miserable lives going. Luckily for Ashley we have plenty robots left to support this club in the ground, on message boards and in pubs. Despressing Cunts FC.
  5. When you take a look at Lee Ryder, how he writes, his attitude, the unbelievably incredible fact he wins journalistic awards, you have to say it would be easy to make a film about him. It would be the funniest film in recent years, I'd camp out over night to be the first one to see it.
  6. Where am I?

    Where am I?
  7. General Random Conversation..

    New age football fans wouldn't realise Ruel Fox was right wing and Giggs was left. Thanks for the good luck wishes though.
  8. General Random Conversation..

    J69. I'm nee Ruel Fox, the same as deep down you're no Ryan Giggs. Anyway, me heeds all over on days like this as I get me latest cancer results tomorrow.
  9. Newcastle vs Watford

    I didn't go after being offered a freebie. Best decision I've ever made. It reminded me of a game I went to in September 1988 when I was a bairn, where COVENTRY beat us 0-3 at SJP, the week after we beat Liverpool at Anfield our incredible flaws exposed once again. We looked weak from back to front, not just weak but poorly organised to the levels of Souness management. The third goal where the two full backs were 20 yards in front of the centre halfs as exposed on MOTD sums up the lack of quality we have and lack of understanding at the back. Arsenal in 1991 conceded 15 goals in 42 games because they were a firm unit, straight line. As for the rest the only one who deserves any credit is Murphy, he just needs a bit of confidence and he can become a quality toon player. Overall sodding abysmal is too nice a phrase for the disaster we saw yesterday. Rafa is great but at times he needs to look in the mirror and see its him who caused yesterday, his faith in Manquillo (who saved another goal granted but still poor), Joselu and Disasterame is quite frankly incredible. Sort it oot!!!
  10. General Random Conversation..

    I think the key thing to a message board is if you've got something to say, say it. If you haven't, say fuck all. There's lots of people with thousands of posts on here and you look forward to them posting because they're genuinely good crack. Funny and interesting. Ewerk can be nasty especially towards me, but he's a funny cunt so is a big part of this board. However you look at certain people with nearly as many posts as a Newcastle home crowd and it's difficult to find one where you'll laugh, find interesting, or read more than one sentence out of 50. That's why I hardly post now, I can't be arsed anymore, but the odd poster who can be arsed and posts far far far far too much, spoil football forums. You go on another clubs forum, and you think "there's the cunt even on here!". It's a shame.
  11. I don't mind to be honest. It's pedantic to query it and perhaps it takes more of a brain to decipher the words that are used.
  12. Well what do you want?? A heartfelt piece of writing, or some Professor from Oxford being a snobby cunt?
  13. I'm OK thanks, just a bit wary at the moment, get latest cancer results on Tuesday. Maybe it's a bit cowardly but me heeds in a million places the week before I get the result.
  14. Fish being abused on RTG regarding this subject. They'd love the opportunity to debate this about Sunderland.
  15. mackem messageboard gold

    Getting the Welsh to a Euro 2016 Semi Final is the greatest national achievement for many years imo. He'll be a great appointment.

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