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  1. Getting the Welsh to a Euro 2016 Semi Final is the greatest national achievement for many years imo. He'll be a great appointment.
  2. Swindon
  3. t'Bradtutt. Valleh Parade
  4. Couldn't give a fuck about Ireland or Denmark tonight, I should want the Irish given the fact it was me Grandma's country of birth, but I genuinely don't care If England play like we did the other night against Germany, there's no reason we can't give these Brazilians a game. Henderson is missing which is great but can someone tell me why once again he is playing the utter shit Livermore. I talk to Geoff Thomas on twitter sometimes, canny bloke, what a shit footballer though and he was no worse than Livermore. Southgate's excuse for not including Shelvey doesn't wash with me neither.
  5. My first football memory was watching my Uncle Peter's Going Up video from ITV. I must've watched it 50 times. My first actual game memory was Juventus v Liverpool in May 1985, great start to football in my mind. The first time I'd ever been to a match was Liverpool's first away game after Heysel at SJP. Some woman knitted me a dippers scarf along the street from me mams, I didn't have it on as it was so warm. Anyway it was 0-0 at half time, and the noise was frightening, proper frightening, 7 year old sat in the West Stand old wooden seats with my sister who was 15, and me fatha. We were brown as berries having just jumped off a plane from Cyprus the day before. 0-0 at HT. Every time we had a corner, the 6,000 in the wooden West Stand would stamp their feet, the noise was terrifying. The all of a sudden at the Gallowgate, the shite George Reilly swooped in to make it 1-0. WAAAAAAAAAAAAH, I'd never experienced anything like it, cuddling me dad with nerves as the noise was insane. It finished 1-0, I'll never forget it irrespective of having half a heed these days. I got abused off all the kids in the street that night, so I decided there and then that night I wasn't supporting Liverpool anymore. I decided to support Man City, which was my second ever game, the toon won 3-1, we were in the West Stand again, and after that I thought fuck it....I'm supporting the toon!
  6. It's like that Cypriot holiday resort some mornings. Ayia Napa
  7. Souness played a huge part in Newcastle becoming a relic of the club we should be. I was delighted when he was shown the door. The only time I didn't show any emotion at a Newcastle goal, was when Lee Clark put a last minute equaliser against Boro giving that twat another week.
  8. e're not playing Barcelona, yet everyone in the media seems to think we have no chance at all. Collymore 0-3. Merson 1-3 etc etc... They have great players going forward but at the back they are absolutely shite. So with 50,000 fans behind us why is there an atmosphere that we have little or no chance? Player for player they are obviously better than we are, but Rafa will organise us and I go in to the game with an open mind rather than a sense of defeat. It's Liverpool for fuck sake. Not Man Utd or Man City. We've won 4 of our last 6 against these, our last game in our relegation season. Most people believe we'll not have major relegation worries so don't have a negative attitude. I remember a 1-1 draw against Man City in Rafa's early days here, we were inferior to what we are now (relegated) and we dominated the game and deserved the win. Go to SJP with confidence.
  9. Teams Champions: Man Utd Relegated: Huddersfield, Brighton, Palace Newcastle to Finish: 17th Best Attack: Tottenham Worst Attack: Newcastle Best Defence: Man City Worst Defence: Huddersfield FA Cup Winner: Arsenal Caribou Cup Winner: Man City Players League Top Scorer: Kunt Aguero League Most Assists: Eriksen Player of the Season(League): Lukaku Player of the Season(Us): Elliot Signing of the Season(League): Lukaku Signing of the Season(Us): Murphy Biggest Flop(League): Sissoko again Biggest Flop(Us): Perez Worst Discipline: Mitrovic Emerging Next Great Hope of English Football: Fuck Knows Managers First Sacked: Koeman First to Lose Their Shit in a Press Conference: Rafa Misc Completely Nonsensical Prediction For the Season Ahead: Someones cock will pop out of their shorts like Peter Beardsley at Euro 88
  10. 7-1, 6-1, 5-1, 4-0, 4-1....3-1 to the toon this time. When we are up for it against these anything can happen and has happened numerous times.
  11. We live up Horsley Hill at the minute, it's no Darras Hall, but it's no Elswick too. The new place is a God send. Steph's cousin owns it, and is allowing us to have it for 4 years at a much cheaper rate than she'd charge anyone else. Never thought I'd say it but I like living down here.
  12. Thanks a lot mate. Love her to bits, she may work at STH like you when she gets her doctorate in a few years. Been with the wife nearly 4 years, and she's saved my life, it's all good. Next week we're moving in to a stunning place in Westoe Crown so I can't moan too much anything really. They've only been up 10 years and we face the beach. Thanks Alex too. Had my latest brain tumour tube day yesterday. 40 minutes down a tube. Can't grumble though because I'm still defeating the odds for now at least. Hope everything is hunky dory for you too.
  13. I've been to Millisle, it's a place that is better than Whitley Bay.
  14. When is the next big Toontastic meet up?