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Found 1 result

  1. Couldnt see anything covering this subject already and didnt want to spoil the Northern Lights thread. I must confess that last weeks excitement of the Northern lights has got me all stirred up for Astronomy. Like most, I guess I take a passing interest in the heavens but only really show any excitement is when something like the Northern Lights or a meteor shower occurs. I have always fancied having a Telescope yet for some strange reason I have arrived at 46 without ever getting one. I have no idea why? Any way, following the excitement of last week I started following this fellow on twitter... @VirtualAstro he has 25,000 followers and his profile reads "Astronomy, Science, Nature and more, Creator of #Meteorwatch, writer for Universe Today and the BBC. Making Stargazing fun and accessible to all". Last week he started re-tweeting the various pictures that people were taking of the Northern Lights. As the week went on he began to tweet pictures people and kids from all walks of life had taken from their gardens of Jupiter, Saturn etc etc. I was quite spellbound by the detail a lot of these people were managing to achieve. Some were using cameras, some cameras attached to Telescopes and others with a web cam attached. I am by nature a very impulsive person and could feel my enthusiasm for Astronomy rising all week until I got up this morning and thought, bugger it, Im getting a telescope. At 10am I was spending £20 or £30 quid on ebay to give it a bash, however as the day has worn on I am now looking at scopes between £200 - £300. (These by the way are still classed as fairly low end beginners stuff, however the detail they can provide is fantastic. Once set up you can even simply type in say.... Jupiter.....and the telescope will whizz into position all by itself! Im thinking there is quite a bit of fun to be had even before I get to the stage where I might want to attach a camera and capture some of the universe myself. I have been using the following forum for checking out model particulars and hopefully will get some advice picking the right scope. http://stargazerslounge.com/ Any how, I thought id share in case there is anybody out there, interested in this field.
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