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Looking forward

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I can see it now....


Season ends with us in 12th. No europe to go for, not even inter-toto. Owen comes on for last 5mins in final game and gets one touch of the ball giving away a throw in. Bramble leaves on a free and GR comes out mentioning that he has not mentioned or complained about injuries that riddled the season often leaving him with no first team players.


Transfer window opens. GR says he will not rush into things or panic buy. He knows he must address the defence. Owen coming back will be like a new signing and Ameobi will return. Summer goes on with no signings. Players return to training. One week before the new season starts a new centre half comes in, a similar quality to Bramble only older. No left back. GR reminds everyone that although he wont complain about the injuries in the previous season or how most of the first team was out or how we lost owen for the whole season.. we still had a good uefa cup run and kept our heads above water.


GR on back page of sun in SHOCKER as he is seen showing some emotion on the side of a football pitch. Its then revealed as a set up as someone had put one sugar in his tea not two.


FS on sky sports on how he is a geordie and how geordies dont complain. Then says that he also wont go on and on and on and on about the injuries we had all season and how GR managed with no squad and nearly played himself. He wont mention this as he is a geordie and geordies dont complain. He says there is money there for GR and are just waiting for the right players to be made available. He end reminding everyone he is a geordie and they are the best supporters anywhere and most loyal.


Metro radio starts campaign advertising for season tickets, seats avialable in every stand.


Season starts. Parker as captain. Draw first game at home 0-0. Crowd of 45000 boo at the end. GR was at another game scouting, but he had a cardboard cutout of himself on the sideline. No one noticed. Questions raised about leaving Milner on the bench and playing harper on the right. GR explains that he wont mention all of the injuries he might have and how its possible to loose the full team though injury. Just like he didnt mention last season as proof.


New shirts on sale. Record sales as ever as everyone buys the new shirt. Again.


Transfer window closes as on the last day Wayne Bridge moves to Portsmouth as GR insists no players moved in the window that are better than what we have. Clark resigns as player/coach and is in squad for next game.


Sunderland who were promoted, spent 15M in window. Play newcastle at home and draw 1-1. Full house crowd. FS comes out saying how the fans always back the team as could be seen from the numbers. Players are boo'd off again. GR has a dig at the fans saying its our choice, but we didnt get beat so should realise meay teams would love to be in our position.


I cant wait :lol:

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