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Granny's chop for pork thief

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A FURIOUS gran STABBED her lover after he scoffed pork chops she cooked for herself.


Hungry Tracey Wenn, 45, screamed the slogan from the Quorn TV advert: “Eat my pork — feel my fork!” <_< .


The gran then plunged a steak knife into partner Anthony Donkin’s leg.


Four-times married Anthony suffered a seven-inch wound and had to go to hospital.


Hull Crown Court heard the pair had been boozing at a pub, but dad-of-three Anthony, 56, got home early and tucked into the chops.


Twice-married Wenn, of Hull, later returned drunk, discovered he had eaten the meal and stabbed him.


She insisted it was a “joke” and only meant to “prod” him.


She said yesterday: “I’m sorry but you don’t just eat my pork chops.


“I made them with peas and carrots with onion gravy.”


Former builder Anthony said: “I won’t go near her pork chops ever again.”


Wenn was given a nine-month suspended sentence after pleading guilty to wounding.



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I like how the '56 year old' bloke is a 'dad of three' but the 45 year old woman is a 'furious gran'. <_<

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