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Three Visual Jokes

Guest Patrokles

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Guest Patrokles

Okay, so a message board isn't the best place to actually TELL these jokes, but it's a pretty good place to share them for your own personal future use.


- How much does Jesus love you? (Hold out your arms wide and droop your head, looking somewhat miserable) THIS MUCH.


- What's this? (Chew on your palms) Jesus biting his nails.


- How does every Black joke start? (look quickly around and over your shoulder) 'Okay, so...'

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You have to do these three straight after each other:


- What's this? (Put your hand up to your head as if you were giving yourself antlers [but only put one up] and wave.)

A brainwave.

- What's this? (Wave your pinky - pretend you're mocking someone for having a small penis.)

A microwave.

- What's this? (Put both your hands under your chin, fingers pointing down and wiggle them so it looks like you might be waving.)

A spider with a giant head.

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A few "what's this?" jokes...


- Make a circle with your index finger and your thumb and growl - A vicious circle


- Hold your wrist out and grip it with your other hand twisting it (like a half "chinese-burn") and say brum brum - A motorist


- Hold your wrist out and say boo - A terrorist

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