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Alan Wake

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I don't know if anyone else has seen this game but it looks great. Been waiting ages for it to come out though!!!

I remember this game being scheduled for a 2006 release and its still not out. Its annoying when companies do this with games altho the makers reckon they want it perfect for the release ?!?!?!?!?

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It sort of looks like Silent Hill. And not the good Silent Hill's either, the current, shitty Silent Hill's.


They should be working on Max Payne 3


I have the same fear, however the game has so much potential and hype, that I can't helping thinking that the delay will be well worth it.


I'm annoyed at the approach the developers have taken with the latest Payne, they should have stuck with there origins and should have based the game in NYC, and not Africa.

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started playing at lunch time, on the 2nd last chapter now (not been playing flat out)


really, really easy.

kept reading "oh you need to watch your ammo/batteries", no you really don't i keep trying to save stuff and not power burn enemies down only to lose my gear after chapters and cutscenes,


it's an /ok/ game like people said its like silent hill, the movement animation is pathetic, can't half tell the max payne crowd made it, ya do that stupid "running in mid air" when ya jump etc.

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