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  1. If last night doesn’t get Maguire out of that team then only a new manager will. Can’t even use the “never let England down” excuse when he’s dropping bollocks left, right and centre since the Euros
  2. Let’s hope our eye for young players has improved considerably since the days of Ngo Baheng and whatever other shite came through the academy under Ashley
  3. The Tories are real Voldemorts am I right? What a party of slytherins
  4. Anything Mitch Mitchell-oriented. The drumming on that first Hendrix Experience album is out of this world
  5. Southgate might as well walk now. He hit the peak last summer and this group of players has to be more expressive ffs. The cunt has England playing like they’re going for 14th in the league in their first season up. Absolutely nailed on that he goes with a back 5 and 2 holding players against Iran btw
  6. Would be nice if Starmer could rouse himself above the level of “drowsy tramadol addict” with regards to his parties opposition after this budget
  7. All this music they’re playing is so close to Vader’s March that I’m hoping it’s intentional
  8. But Maxi being fit alongside him will. Bruno clearly wasn’t fully fit today either
  9. “12 adults and 10 kids” definitely sounds slightly more communal than “22 people” I suppose
  10. Mind, I think we definitely get one of Maddison or Tielemans in January, along with an exciting young winger. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the form pick up again as it did last season with that little boost of quality.
  11. Definitely feels like a mistake to not bring in a winger when you’re watching Fraser and Almiron serve that up. Rather than Longstaff, I do wonder if the option may have been Botman, go to 3 centre halves and then have Botman carry it to pin Bournemouth further back, with Murphy and Almiron tucked in and the full backs playing right on the edge. Wood should have been on earlier but I do understand Howe’s reluctance because that bench is fucking shit tbf. Anderson was actually a miss because he could have been a spark in place of Fraser and that speaks to the lack of quality when an academy product with 3 or so games to his name should be keeping Murphy and co out. Still, hit the post twice again so there’s a slice of bad luck there. Would be nice to start winning though
  12. It’s beyond woeful, like. You’ve got to wonder about the mental state of people who ring up to tell a story about how they failed their driving test or some other inane bollocks. What compels people to think that anyone cares?
  13. Metro Radio has this monumentally annoying thick cunt doing their daytime show (it’s on at work) and he was interviewing some toucher who once saw the queen for 6 seconds, 47 years ago. I can’t remember what the toucher said but the thick cunt was going “it must have been emotional for you when she died. I’ve been an emotional wreck all week!” And I would love it if these people could articulate why. Explain to me why. Go through your thought process and explain to me. You can’t. Because you’re a dopey cunt with the mental capacity of a shot glass who is pretending to be sad because apparently, you’re supposed to. I’d love to headbutt him.
  14. I think we’re overdue when it comes to dishing out a hiding so fingers crossed. 4-0, Isak first goal
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