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  1. The Green Cross Corpse, they’re calling him.
  2. If you ever needed proof that it’s a tinpot league.
  3. Genuinely baffling that his employer see him posting complete bollocks when ripped to the tits on wine and seemingly don’t say anything. Not like he’s getting clicks
  4. Hearing that Joelinton put in a performance akin to a Shola vintage from 2005, can anyone confirm?
  5. Saw Hendrick lose a header with himself and knock it off to watch Taskmaster instead
  6. Hate to agree with Fish but Zaha and Saint-Maximin being missing robs this game of the only flair it’ll have. Instead, we get Cahill and Lascelles colliding like Godzilla and Mothra every time there’s a set piece.
  7. Even then, all he had to say was something along the lines of resting him so he’s fresh for the busy Xmas and he can’t even manage to say that
  8. Could be anyone in there with a waxwork Maradona head. I’m not buying it. I’ll be taking this to R/Conspiracy make no mistake
  9. Bruce is doing the job of flogging him on for profit nicely though so Ashley will be happy with that.
  10. Im applying for this, like. About 7 out of those 10 points are on basically every job posting. Surprised they didn’t ask for people who can work independently but also in a team
  11. Like something birthed from one of those barely conscious Facebook fan groups
  12. Why haven’t they released pictures of the body? Shades of Bin Laden if you ask me
  13. “how should we stand against racism?” ”how about we all advertise ourselves on telly?” ”sorted, see you later”
  14. The lowest R Rate as well, what a group of spectacular cunts.
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