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  1. mackem messageboard gold

    They’re also repeating crowd footage to make it look like a full house when Grigg finally scored Definitely a bit more lenient on the scrutiny and unsavouriness this time around
  2. mackem messageboard gold

    “That’s our best bit of transfer business in years” - some random mackem about Will Grigg to The Don.
  3. mackem messageboard gold

    The Irish lass who sees through his bullshit is quality
  4. mackem messageboard gold

    This Charlie character is amazing What a bullshit artist. He’s a razor sharp parody of a Dragons Den investor.
  5. mackem messageboard gold

    First minute, might have been in last years, but the kid saying “We’re down now, aren’t we?” has just reminded me of when they refused to believe they were mathematically relegated because they still had a game to play
  6. mackem messageboard gold

    Sunderland Til I Die Season 2 is now out. It's essentially Christmas.
  7. Coronavirus

    Bouncing down Grey Street like something off Takeshi’s Castle
  8. Coronavirus

    I’ll be there but I’ll be in one of those Zorbing balls so nobody can get anywhere near me.
  9. Coronavirus

    Not a single case reported there and I, for one, believe them.
  10. Coronavirus

    Perfectly solid advice if you ask me
  11. Coronavirus

    We’ve been using Amazon Chime which has similar screen sharing features and has worked well for us.
  12. Coronavirus

    I do 101
  13. Coronavirus

    My housemate has to self-isolate because work sent him home because he was slightly hot Think that goes for me too so time for 2 weeks of pure onanism from yours truly.
  14. Coronavirus

    Should just CGI the crowd from FIFA 20 over the top of the empty streets
  15. The Great Self Isolation Trivia Quiz 2020.

    The Morrisons on Shields Road?

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