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  1. What are you reading?

    You’ve made the decision to completely uproot your life very easily there. I’d take a week or so to think about it
  2. Kevin Keegan

    That sort of stuff is well known to us but probably isn’t to the wider crowd. I imagine for them, the excerpts are twice as interesting.
  3. What's Currently Wrong With You

    Well in HowmanHeyMam also.
  4. Europe --- In or Out

    May’s claims that she won’t change her tack on Brexit hold about as much weight as my claim that I’m not ordering a pizza in tonight
  5. What's Currently Wrong With You

    Class, mate. Enjoy whatever vice is yours and then boot your lasses back doors in with renewed vigour
  6. Recommend me something to watch!

    Breaking Bad was decent but was a victim of its own hype at the time. That finale is of variable quality, to say the least
  7. mackem messageboard gold

    Enjoy Burton away
  8. Generic small time football blather thread 2017/18

    Been made to look stupid now.
  9. General Random Conversation..

    Think when we go to Krakow, we're going to the shooting range and, with it being Eastern Europe, you just know that health and safety rules will be applied very loosely and I'll end up blowing my mate's fingers off with a Kalishnikov.
  10. Rafa's heroic hunks v the Islington guardianista cunts

    Can't get to this today but will be in town for it. Where even shows matches anymore? DM me if you don't want to blow up their spot
  11. What are you listening to ?

    I'm discovering that Post-Peter Green but Pre-Buckingham Fleetwood Mac are sorely underrated
  12. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    We desperately need flogged before his chickens come home to roost, mind.
  13. Generic small time football blather thread 2017/18

    at all of that. Can’t believe they’ve cut it down though, it was a masterpiece in its original form
  14. Europe --- In or Out

    Ploughing my money into crypto currency. Don’t need a bank if your cyber coins are held in the info cloud
  15. What's Currently Wrong With You

    My hair is quite simply fantastic. It’s got the kind of depth and volume only seen in Russian Literature

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