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  1. I may be misremembering but on that UFO nonsense with Burnsie, I’m sure he had some tall tale about being abducted as well
  2. Trippier hasn’t been the same since he had the Barney with that fan. Can easily see Wilson getting his nose put out with Howe telling him he’s away though. Seems like the kind of player who is adamant he can still be the main man while his body is crumbling
  3. If we could get Archie Gray and even loan him back for a season, that would be a cracking deal
  4. 1990 gets Margot Robbie Eiza Gonzalez Jennifer Lawrence Hard lines everyone else
  5. Us to win and then Man United to somehow fluke the cup, rendering our efforts pointless
  6. Sign that kid from Valencia and let them have a good old fashioned “battle for Number 1” A number that neither will have on
  7. I think Gillett is shit across the board but when you see his name on the VAR, you may as well brace for bullshit
  8. With Trippier, I’m hoping that a summer break (I’m not sure he goes to the Euros tbh. Maybe as emergency left back) can help him. Fresh start next season but he needs to know, in no uncertain terms, that Livramento is hot on his heels if he has a run of bad form
  9. Not sure we can expect much out of Bournemouth at Chelsea but Brighton host Man United and they’re more than capable of beating them. We should beat a Brentford side that’s on the beach, even accounting for it being their last home game of the season. It’s imperative that we have Pope, Joelinton and Schar though. They’re big dirty fuckers
  10. Poor performance with some clearly unfit lads out there but we were a Fanny hair away with Miggy’s chance and denied a blatant penalty. This is why they’re where they are, that baldy knacker has made living dangerously a tactic
  11. Might need to ease off on the predictions through that week, please. You’re becoming a net negative with them
  12. Stays like this and Casemiro can spend his bonus on some more Botox, the David Gest looking cunt
  13. How many times have these cunts been unmarked in that position?!
  14. Might want to stop this lot liberally hacking at Gordon’s ankles @referee
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