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  1. Black Country, New Road’s debut is quite excellent. Hard to really categorise it as post-punk, even if it’s mostly rooted in that. Bits of sax, weird song structures, a vaguely spoken word style for 70% of it, well recommended
  2. So he doesn’t mind player altercations but he does mind the reporting of them? What earth does this nugget inhabit?
  3. They won’t sack him because of the 3 million compo Got the lowest paid manager in the league with a history of failure and at no point, are they prepared to sack him when it fails again. Genuinely insane
  4. And ever since, Fulham have been all over them. The handball rule strikes again even though Sanchez just kicked it off Lemina’s arm
  5. Probably easier to swallow being subbed when it’s lead to a change that sees your team get a result tbf. And then Rafa would often start Ritchie in important matches and he’s play well so that balanced it out in a good example of, gosh, man management that led to everyone reaping the benefits. I know that was your point but still.
  6. Should take 28 days off Arsenal since they’re always top on the first day tbh.
  7. Craig Hope shows absolutely no mercy. Just ask Steve McClaren
  8. Nothing like accidentally outing your source. What a thick cunt
  9. Knew blaming Ritchie would see shit hit the fan. That, coupled with his treatment of Darlow and the scapegoating of the players for weeks now results in a completely lost dressing room. Probably best for everyone he gets his payout now before he has a heart attack on the pitch
  10. Same thing. My drawing skills lie somewhere between Jackson Pollock and a dirty protest on a prison cell wall
  11. These are like if you asked me to draw the celebrities they’re meant to look like from memory.
  12. Well, at least the pubs will be open so we can leave the ground at half time
  13. Thank god for that “safe pair of hands” Steve Bruce to steer us clear of the drop while Ashley sells the club. Fuck me
  14. Might be the optimist in me but I think he’s away if we don’t beat West Brom. Probably left too late again but still
  15. That season where we got oddly far in Europe with Sibierski banging them past Estonian paperboys was a good laugh compared to the dreck now. RIP
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