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  1. Kalashnikov Vodka and Barr Cola, now that’s the ticket
  2. Getting a new contract apparently on the basis that he’s kept us in the Premier League, a whole 38 games before he’s actually managed it this season. Would be peak Ashley to give him a new deal and then for him to take us down anyway
  3. It’s a stag do so I’m probably going to end up with what Gemmill has just mentioned but I’ll keep those in mind for some afternoon jars. Might do those instead of being forced into whatever shite they have planned. Fucking load of shite done at the last minute because god forbid they delay it a bit longer
  4. Seems that Gallagher from Chelsea has chose to join Palace on loan. It’s amazing how having an active window and making some canny signings can help other players sign for you. Another thing we haven’t picked up on in 15 years
  5. Anyone got any good recommendations where to drink in Leeds? They’ll be wasted by my fucking backward mates but it’ll be nice to have places that I can walk past and go “aye, that looks canny in there”
  6. Once you have to be vaccinated, it’ll be even less since all the kids that think they’re invincible won’t be able to go
  7. The more mad shit the better, I say. Breakdancing is taking place in Paris 2024. Chess was under consideration at one point, imagine that in the ending montage. People showing off fantastic feats of athleticism and then some specky nerd moving a queen over the bards head or whatever it is they do.
  8. Still on about Rafa, fucking hell Either Rafa properly fucked him off when he was here or he’s getting paid per interaction on Twitter. Genuinely hope Everton beat us just to see his meltdown
  9. Really is starting to look like we’re just waiting to find out who the “big, big clubs” don’t want so we can hoover up their shite. Eddie Nketiah, come on down
  10. Speaking of which, I see Horse Dancing was on today
  11. I know he loves The Smiths but he didn’t have to take “Girlfriend in a Coma” so seriously
  12. Can’t get away with that at all. Like watching two flids play Tekken
  13. Judo is a bit spicy, like. The lasses anyway. The British lass was trying to choke somebody out with their own dressing gown yesterday
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