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  1. Europe --- In or Out

  2. Rondon's rusty bullet holes V Huddersfield Town

    Think we'll win this by virtue of us being better away from home. Manquillo in at right back is a worry but then again, I have no idea who even plays for Huddersfield so worrying seems pointless.
  3. The Christmas Thread

    Fucking hell
  4. Generic small time football blather thread 2017/18

    Promotion six pointer against Luton in that week as well. I wonder which one they'll give precedent to.
  5. General Random Conversation..

    Had on, there's 11 Europeans and 15 Africans, meaning that, if everyone in Europe was shacked up, I'd have to go to Africa for some top shagging? And what if nobody in Europe is a registered pilot? Fucking think on "CIS (UK) Ltd" if that is your real name.
  6. Yes Gemmill...

    Pete Shelley A supremely underrated songwriter
  7. Blue Bin Dippers v Rafa's Cracker Pulling Plonkers

    Wolves will do the exact same as West Ham, using Traore and Cavaleiro, who were both dropped last night.
  8. Blue Bin Dippers v Rafa's Cracker Pulling Plonkers

    Good point that I would have definitely taken after Saturday and even more so after the first half. In the second half though, they had a lot of possession but resorted to nothing but balls in the box that, despite a few shaky moments, we dealt with, as you'd expect us to. But fuck me, Atsu. If he had toe punted that chance with his strong foot, it would have been a better option than what he did. Not to mention the multitude of stupid fouls he and the rest of the idiots gave away in the last few moments. Not like us to lose our discipline like that but, maybe we sensed how big a group of fannies they were and decided that kicking people was the best option. Anyway, glad Rondon got another one and a good result made better by how much it appears to be pissing the Scouse Mackems off.
  9. Blue Bin Dippers v Rafa's Cracker Pulling Plonkers

    Just belt the ball into the box at every opportunity and wait until Pickford tries to be clever
  10. Generic small time football blather thread 2017/18

    I love how he’s picked Alexander-Arnold as well Good player but I wonder why he picked him?
  11. Europe --- In or Out

    Hoy her in the tower
  12. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Now, everyone is on the flight tracker and apparently there's a private flight from the US coming in tomorrow with transport to SJP I thought the bairns were still at school
  13. Post a picture of something shit on Wearside

    Missed a trick by not linking to the Jackass movie trailer.
  14. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    the melodrama on those fucking wet farts in The Magpie Group, man. Yes, we WILL continue to take photos of you, a man whom paparazzi have followed like flies round shit for 6 months. SEE HOW YOU LIKE THAT?
  15. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Some radgie with MOUNTAINS of blood money in the bank, hopefully.

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