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  1. I’ll still be very surprised if we don’t go in for Targett, mind. He hasn’t put a foot wrong and Howe has even softened in interviews and become less vague about his chances of a permanent deal in recent weeks.
  2. Give him the prediction job, man. It’ll be fantastic reading
  3. Cant wait for it to transpire that we’ve never wanted Tarkowski or Kamara and have just been pretending to lumber Villa and Everton with them so we can sign more Brazilians without competition
  4. Think I’ve mentioned it before but he’s specifically told to be as basic as possible when the opposition score and he’s well aware that it comes across as them being bitter and angry about it but his bosses won’t be told
  5. I always laugh when people get onto the pitch and you see them run on, all full of crack and then they stop, realising that they have no idea what to do now that they’re on the pitch and then they just sort of jump up and down. Just stay in your seat and get to the pub earlier
  6. It’s my pal, I’ll pass the message on to him
  7. Has the number one super Geordie covered “Friday Night” by David Baird yet?
  8. Lawro spent the entire 2014 World Cup pissing and moaning on about being paid to go to Brazil and watch the games. And when he could be arsed to commentate, he just used to ask endless questions to whichever unlucky cunt was paired with him. “Would you say that’s a foul?” “You’d think he’d hit that first time, wouldn’t you?” Dickhead, you’re being paid to explain that to us. Thanks for triggering me, Alex
  9. Yes but Everton are the biggest club that could have ever been potentially relegated. We aren’t which is why we’ll never understand or something.
  10. on the gear 10 minutes before full-time, top off and ready to windmill. I’m just imagining Graeme Jones’ flip-flops flying through the sky in the fracas
  11. How much of a classless backwater tramp do you have to be to go on like that, drinking warm cans of Fosters in a public fountain and leaving the place a fucking tip, and then walk off thinking everyone will love you for it? And then you have Storey going round trying to get free cans off people in the one tatty Sunderland top he owns
  12. Well, at least he’s getting abuse for being homophobic instead of being black. We’ve come a long way baby
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