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  1. Should clarify that he absolutely loves porn. Keeping the entire industry afloat
  2. Barely related but my mate was buying a house recently and their lass looked at his bank statement and asked what “Brazzers Premium” was
  3. Think Spurs have too many delusions of grandeur to sign Kane’s replacement from a lowly Premier League side.
  4. What was the Pardew “nickname” again? Shitdrew or something? It was incredibly witty though
  5. Getting a team photo for winning a match Bizarrely good performance though. Until Willock went off, we absolutely pissed it
  6. They’re too fit and too well coached for us to lay a glove on them. 3-0 to them with Vardy back among the goals
  7. Moved to a new area recently and cast my vote for Labour. They kept the seat but my councillor is a right fugly one. Come on, Starmer. Let’s get some tidy boilers in the mix and retake Britain.
  8. Grealish is mint but he's definitely an impact player in this squad. Get him on at 1-1, give him a remit to take the game by the bollocks and he'll respond. Reckon Wilson might have a late shout if he ends the season well. Ings is struggling and Wilson could definitely do a job stretching tired defences with 15 minutes to go. Open the space for the likes of Grealish, Mount and Foden to ghost into.
  9. A Rice-Foden-Mount midfield three seems so obvious for England at this point that I can't wait to see which one is dropped for Kalvin Phillips.
  10. I work in healthcare and am essentially a modern hero.
  11. I'm double vaccinated, they should be asking me to go in tbh.
  12. Ken only used to come on here after sinking about 3 bottles of wine so I can only assume he’s given up the drink so well done, him. Or he’s died. Either way, what a result.
  13. I see Billie Eilish has turned 18 and just about got them out. The cycle continues.
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