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  1. Sounds like bollocks from them to me tbh. UEFA will be breathing a sigh of collective relief that PSG have their destiny in their own hands. More glamour ties to sell in the Asian market with PSG through than there is Newcastle.
  2. This is top tier Patton solo nonsense
  3. We’re all computer code in the simulation so you just get assimilated into the singularity
  4. What in the name of fuck are you two doing to this thread?
  5. I could see Ancelotti taking it tbh. He’ll jump at the chance to work with the more talented Bellingham brother
  6. Warnock has basically become a Championship relegation expert so of course they want him in for a promotion charge
  7. I think it makes it worse than I’m only 33 and that was my first thought for a joke
  8. I hear Simon Weston wants her pissflaps for ears
  9. His graft back over is going to be more important here. Hall and Dummett can come on for our midfield and we can go 7 across the back
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