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It's been a shite year....

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2008 The unbelievable and perplexing news began to filter through that Dennis Wise was being installed as a "suit" above Kevin Keegan.


Along with Tony Jimenez and Jeff Vetere, Executive Director Wise would oversee recruitment while KK would pick the team.


When asked about the appointment, Keegan simply replied: "I think that's a question for Chris Mort the chairman to answer when he comes back on Wednesday or Thursday. I'm just wanting to concentrate on Arsenal."


Having picked ourselves back up off the floor, our own verdict was this:


"It's a bewildering appointment and if you'd asked us who would be the least likely person in football to come in and take a suited role above Kevin Keegan, then Dennis Wise would have been top of our list."


"And if you'd also asked us who is the most loathsome person in football and who would you like to never darken the doors of SJP then he would also have topped that list."


A year down the line and two of the four are now gone but incredibly Wise and Vetere remain in position, as the club hurtles towards oblivion.


When we're playing in a half empty stadium out of the Premier League, we'll look back on 28th January 2008 as the day when it all started to go pear-shaped....


Probably the worst appointment ever made in the history of the club.

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In retrospect it's been absolutely terrible and a complete joke. There was a great feeling of optimism in the later stages of last season and all the way to August, sure enough it was only a false dawn yet again.

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