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  1. Craig

    Gigs 2023

    Went to see Tom Odell in Basingstoke last night. Pretty fucking brilliant
  2. What a difference a decade makes. 10 years ago we were talked about it in a similar vein due to us both being run by sports shop magnates. Fucking hell, Ashley really did reduce the value of our stock on multiple levels.
  3. Well he had some experience of managing car crashes.
  4. Here's hoping. Because Spurs have such a fabulous record when it comes to appointing ex Chelsea managers - Hoddle, Villas-Boas, Mourinho, Conte ....
  5. Agreed. Wasn't a fan of the 80s stuff. Nutbush City Limits and River Deep Mountain High were good. Had a bit of a soft spot for 'Simply The Best' given I still associate it with pre-match warm up at SJP.
  6. Leeds & Leicester are joining Southampton in the Championship I reckon. Everton surviving by the skin of their teeth again. Forest also.
  7. We'll edge it 2-1 I reckon. Definitely missing Longstaff and who'd have even considered saying that 12 months ago?
  8. Southampton are definitely gone and I can't see Everton performing the great escape this time. I reckon the other one to go will be Leeds. Forest and Leicester both to escape by the skin of their teeth.
  9. Thank you all. And this is a timely opportunity to let you know I'm coming home later this year. I'm taking part in the GNR and will be descending on the region with people from down South who are also taking part. As a result I'll be hitting the town on Friday 8th September so if you're around, and available, it'd be good to see you - especially those who I met up with some 16/17 years ago.
  10. Thank you. It helps at times, at other times it doesn't but it's good to read kind words. I'm about to go on a hell of a rollercoaster, that's for sure but I need to else there's only one way I'm headed. Thank you again.
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