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  1. Tories not surprisingly are demanding removal of the whip and expulsion from the party. Fair play to Rayner who absolutely condemned her for it. You can bet your bottom dollar if it had been the other way around and a Tory had made such comments, it'd have been talked around rather than condemned.
  2. The problem with that squad IMO was that they were individually great players who didn't gel together well enough. I give Southgate credit for drafting in the likes of Sancho, Bellingham, Saka, Mount, etc. before they became household names. The majority of these are positives. The main issue I find is he's consistently fielding players who are not being selected for their club sides. It's utter madness! It doesn't matter how good a player is, lack of match fitness is always going to put us at a disadvantage.
  3. I'd forgotten about them
  4. It's crazy to think that Italy used exactly the same kit at Italia '90 as they did for Mexico '86. Brazil's was almost identical as well.
  5. Just theorising, but if Putin sees a coup coming and a removal of power, could he be looking to destabilase the possibility of Russian supply to the west being reinstated? i.e. aiming to further screw over western economies as a parting shot? Far to easy for his replacement to just turn the taps back on.
  6. Russian Sabotage? Wouldn't put it past them. Not unlike Saddam ordering the burning of the oil wells at the end of the first Gulf war.
  7. Yes, I know. The point I was getting at it's being billed as a fairly significant one.
  8. Starmer making major speech at 2pm allegedly.
  9. Takes me back to the old version of this forum where they held an election to appoint a new moderator which the werepig won. He did some manifesto pledge and all sorts
  10. The 3rd goal aside, I don't think he had a particularly bad game. The defence in front of him was fucking shocking! That moment in the first half when there was a pass back inside the box and he had to end up twatting it was amateur hour. The late goal was a clanger which every goalkeeper is guilty of at some time or another. I wouldn't be surprised if Southgate sticks by him for the next match, if only as stubborn defiance towards the media who are taking him to task over it.
  11. To be fair all the shirts at Mexico '86 were utter classics.
  12. As has been said before, I don't think 2019 is a fair representation of voting intention. It was as much, if not more, about voting for Brexit / against Corbyn than necessarily voting Tory. This 'huge mandate' that the rattle on about time and time again is utter bollocks and classic spin.
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