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  1. I’m wondering if Villa have realised the error of their ways and are recalling him? Either that or it’s being misread and his missus is just commenting on the current loan deal expiring - perhaps to encourage the permanent deal
  2. Jack Grealish is an even bigger cunt when pissed. No need for digging out Miggy. https://fanbanter.co.uk/drunk-jack-grealish-causes-chaos-at-man-city-parade-mocking-teammates-and-almiron/?fbclid=IwAR3N3SK9wn09d73EmdXkcUuV77HtBNgTkf7rAPA8dfTNkUafHScViGh0nmA
  3. Honest to god they're pathetic. Getting triggered because they weren't given sufficient press coverage
  4. And it'd still look a million times more professional than the Landfill of Shite.
  5. Check out the date on this. He truly is a weapons-grade cunt. Hate him!
  6. Actually that's not a bad suggestion. Can they do it on Hunters Moor, just to piss that lot off who opposed the new stadium in the late 90s?
  7. Lying cunt! And it's on record.
  8. Who is simply doing it because he's a petty arsehole with an axe to grind.
  9. If the East Stand as it is now didn't exist, we wouldn't get permission to build a structure as large as we have on that side. There's no way developing it will become viable unless we have a complete stadium rebuild on the site - similar to what Spurs have done. The issue with us doing that is there is no viable alternative venue for us to play our home matches at whilst the rebuild was underway. Logistically we cannot demolish and rebuild.
  10. It was bound to happen. Whoever is leaving this (Cummings?) is clever. They know Johnson's M.O. is to stall until the need agenda moves on. So they keep dripping this stuff out every time it goes "off the boil"
  11. If any of you have an Amazon Echo (or anything else with Alexa on it) just say: "Alexa, what is Boris Johnson Coffee Beans One Hundred in Welsh?" You're welcome
  12. Enjoy the showers you absolute cunt of an arsehole! Imran Ahmad Khan: Ex-MP jailed for sex assault on teenage boy - BBC News
  13. 15 years! The initial hope-filled responses make for interesting reading. If only we'd known then what we were letting ourselves in for.
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