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  1. Long time no speak

    Oh I have plenty of new, old material to piss you right off
  2. Long time no speak

    Since Jesus was a lad, eh? Fuck me, some things don't change.....
  3. Long time no speak

    Still rattling on about Freddy Shepherd / Souness no doubt
  4. Long time no speak

    You missing me already? Who's your new cell mate?
  5. Long time no speak

    They made me do it.
  6. Long time no speak

    I really need to stop posting when I'm pissed and forget I've done it
  7. Long time no speak

    Hello all, how’s things?
  8. Proud Dad / Coach moment

    Well they charged us of sorts... they wanted tickets flogging but yeah, i can't see Mike doing it without having his hand stuck out. Brilliant experience and the kids absolutely loved it.
  9. Proud Dad / Coach moment

    They were brilliant to be fair - really focused on supporting grassroots football. There was two activities 'guard of honour' and the halftime kickabout. For each event I had to sell 60 match tickets. Ended up flogging 100 and they agreed to let us do both.
  10. Well this is football related so I'm sticking it in here regardless. As some of you know I've taken leave of my senses and agreed to manage an U12 side which my son plays for. Over the last few weeks I've been arranging, without their knowledge to do an event at Reading FC (their local club). Last night, in front of the Sky Sports cameras, my boys were 'guard of honour' welcoming the players onto the pitch and took part in a half time kickaround (American penalties allegedly). With a bit of planning, it created an experience that will leave memories for a lifetime. I'm not popular though, I didn't film Finley (#number 10) scoring a penalty!! https://photos.app.goo.gl/kxkrihCx62soof4S2
  11. The madness of transfer links has started. Luke Shaw, Andy Carroll and Ross Barkley all on their way apparently!
  12. I see Lee Ryder has wet his finger, stuck it in the air and come up with a £300m bid made by PCP. They're under NDA you follically challenged cockwomble!! Stop reporting shite as truth!
  13. He's a definite Liverpool fan and told me as much. It was an awards ceremony where he was the compare and said he absolutely loves the Geordies and they deserve so much better!
  14. His opening gambit was "how much do you despise that thunderc*nt Mike Ashley?"

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