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Another Wireless connection problem

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Living in the back of beyond in the countryside here :lol: I've only just got rid of the wires and have TalkTalk wireless. But unfortunately it works fine for about 15-20mins then I lose my connection. Any ideas?

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My sister is with Talktalk and she has the same symtoms. Setting her laptop up with a static IP fixed her prob.


To check to see if you have the same issue, wait until it next occurs and do "> start > run > (type) ipconfig/all" - if the ip address starts 169. - you have the same issue.



XP instructions adding a static IP address (pick a high last digit like 200).



Don't use the 169 address setting as they are the default when your PC cant see the router. The correct one will start 192.168, so wait until the internet is working again. My guess is like my Sis you probably switch them all off and on a few times until they work again.



If you get a 169 address and the above doesnt fix it, you'll need to contact talktalk for a new router. if you have a 192.168 address when the internet is off, you have an iffy connection (i doubt its the connection as you didnt see an issue wired).

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Thank you so much Phil. That makes sense to me as I'm sure at one point I clicked the 'help' button and I'm sure it said something about repairing my IP address. But i didnt understand and backed out of it :D :D


Thanks again for your help :lol:

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