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  1. He's collecting it tonight. I will post you a photo soon though. It's Blue and tatty of course. It has the original carbs too, which are worth a fortune. The nice thing is, hubby worked on the bike many years ago when he was an apprentice...and has been after it for years.
  2. Not me exactly, but Hubby has bought another motorbike! It doesn't look much to me but it's a Honda CB 750 K O. Which is pretty rare apparently, being the very first 750 four. 1969 I think. I've noticed though how when I comment about any money spent on 'toys' it's now 'for our retirement'
  3. Hey Stevie! There's nothing wrong with being called Bev! Good luck today, hope you get more answers xx
  4. The very reason why I rarely use this forum now! It pisses me off and I just can't be doing with it! Life is hard enough at times anyhow, without wasting my precious time reading internet rows!!
  5. Toonraider


    Exactly my thoughts yesterday, but didn't quite like to say it incase someone took it the wrong way.
  6. Normally only on the 'BASIC, ECONOMY' ones!
  7. Ground to ground, both day and night. To follow those in black and white. Cheering loud and clapping hands,among the nations loyalist fans. Friendlies, cup games not a care, if the Toon were playing you lads were there. Win or lose, through bad and good Newcastle United was in your blood. Known by thousands all around, familiar faces at our grand old ground. Loved by many, all lads and lasses, before the next toon game we will raise our glasses. Two empty spaces in the crowd, dont worry though, we will cheer you loud. The tragic news is sad and dark, but you'll be the light at St James Park. Now sleep lads with pride on your faces, and teach the angels the Blaydon Races. For this sad day and through the night, let heavens gates be Black and White.
  8. Toonraider


    Oh god I'd forgotten about that episode
  9. Shocking news Stevie, bet you have been in a right state. I'm hoping and wishing good news for you on Tuesday xx
  10. Thank you !! (only took me 7 months to reply)!
  11. Toonraider


    Likewise. What shocking news, very sad. Remember many chats with him over the years. Thoughts with his family and friends x
  12. Aww me too, I wonder what happened to him??
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