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Surveying teenagers

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Sky News *shock * horror 15% of 14-15 year olds admit to being drunk twice in week they were surveyed.


When will people learn that interviewing teenagers is about as reliable as a Llambias interview


"aye man ah was lyk geet last neet maan when a shagged them Playboy models"

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Agree with what you're saying, but even if they lie about it, it says something about the attitude of kids to alcohol. How cool they think it is and the peer pressure they feel to drink (or be thought to drink) too.


I don't think 15% is that much personally. But I do cringe at the tweets from people boasting about being drunk/hungover which probably contribute to the culture of binge drinking being cool.

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Probably pretty accurate sadly, i got my first "carry out" when i was 11 (1st year), mates older brother would go for us.

Worse than that at about 15 another friends mum used to go for us....fucking lunatic.


thankfully soon as I hit 16-17 I stopped hanging about with most of the lads around where i lived, even when i hit college you'd still see them at 18 etc heading up to the same spots instead of into town to a bar or something, sad really.

Doesn't really surprise me when I hear about most of them now and what the vast majority of them are doing (little to nothing usually), not to bright to begin with and i'd say spending weekends acting like dicks didn't help.


Think it's a real education thing as well if I'm honest, not to sound arrogant but I was smarter than them all, went to a better school etc maybe wasn't as susceptible to the peer pressure shite that had them doing utterly moronic things, where as if one of them decided to do something the rest would gleefully follow.

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