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Pilchard Chops

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I have just emailed NUFC giving my thoughtd on the present situation.





"Never in my 40 odd years of supporting newcastle have I felt so demotivated and pessimistic. The present set up has to change. Mr Souness should do the decent thing and resign. We have nothing to look forward to and I am more likly to "pop my clogs" than see Newcastle win a trophy nevermind compete with the Man U , liverpool and Chelsea' s of this world."


"As A young man I returned from the game at Hereford feeling like the world had ended, but the following week I was at Old Trafford and watched Newcastle beat Man U. Hope has aways been there, That hope is now has turned to anger that Mr Souness is being allowed to destroy everything that made me proud to support Newcastle United"


ps this is not a kneejerk reaction to todays result. The Quality of football since Mr souness's appointment has been abysmal.

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Dear NUFC,

I am just writing to you to express my utter dismay at the current management of this great football club. Over the years, I have witnessed Gullit and Dalglish, but I am afraid to say that this club is sinking to new lows with Mr.Souness at the helm. Throughout this month, I have had to watch an embarassing performance at Anfield, in which we showed no heart, no gut and no determination - absolutely heartless. I have recently invested in a 10-game part season ticket and I will always be proud of my football club. But I feel that if you keep this joke in power for much longer, our reputation will ultimately be tarnished.


Freddie Shepperd - do what you know is right for this great footballing institution and sack this clown before it's too late!

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