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Everton (A) 17/09/2012


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Pienaar is back and seems to have immediately rediscovered his previous form; Is it that Everton are "his" club, or simply that you're employing the right tactics for him and Redknapp is inept?

Everton are clearly his Club, hes the type of player that needs an arm around his shoulder, he gets that at Everton, he didnt at Spurs

How have the new recruits settled, anyone standing out more than the others?


Naismith has fitted in well, looks a tidy hard working player, Mirallas shown glimpses, but a little early, he will shine tho, none of the others really had a chance yet.

Man City snapped up Rodwell in the summer. Is he a big loss, over-rated or did you get a fair deal for him?


At the moment, we got a good price for him, time will tell if it was a steal or a cracking bit of business, he has tons of potential

Which Everton player do you predict will have a big season?



Which Everton player do you predict will have a disappointing season?



What's a realistic aim for Everton this season? Where have you strengthened to achieve this?


7th place trophy will be wrapped up by Xmas

Who will win the Premier League this year and why?


City, cos its all about the squad

How do you see the top 6 panning out? and why?


City, United, Chelsea, Spurs, Ars, Everton, cos im biased

Which teams will be relegated and why?


Swansea, Norwich, West Ham, cos they are badly gash

Which new Premier League players are you looking forward to seeing?


Kevin Mirallas

Who will be your danger man/men against Newcastle?


Kevin Mirallas

Which Newcastle players are you worried about?


None, I dont rate any of them, dat long haired weapon, Jonas, is quite possibly the worst footballer ive ever seen

Finally, what do you reckon the score will be?




Not fair to say that's necessarily representative as it's the only response, so I'll try and summarise what I've found from their match thread:


Well, what an angry lot they are, got real enmity towards Newcastle, for whatever reason (probably that boring "who's a bigger club" stuff). Not seen a bunch of fans more desperate to beat us since the mackems :lol:


Whipping themselves into a froth about Pardew, about Geordie Shore (while apparently being oblivious to the absolute weapons grades cathwords on Desperate Scousewives which is a similarly unrepresentative p.o.s. tv show), and seemingly they were more bothered about getting 3pts off us on the last day of the 11/12 season than finishing below us. Oh, they're still fans of the old "deluded mag" cliche too :scratchhead:



They're worried about Ba and Cisse and a few have mentioned HBA, Cabaye's been largely ignored and they're rightly glad Krul, Colo and Tiote are missing. As such most of them are predicting an absolute mauling and it's hard to argue when we're missing our 3 most key defensive players, playing average and struggling with fixture congestion, whilst they're performing well, buoyed by key players finding form earlier than usual and playing with a bit of swagger too.


A comfortable 3-1 to them I reckon.

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