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Ipod Touch

David Kelly

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I've had my Ipod Touch for a few years now (I think its the last version before they started having cameras in them) and never had a moments bother with it. Yesterday afternoon (after using it in the morning) I tried to swith it on but nothing happened. I assumed I'd left it unlocked and it had ran out so I stuck it onto my charger and left it for a while but when I went back to it still nothing happened. I tried plugging it into my laptop and it did seem to recognise that I had attached something but there was still no life at all in the ipod.

This morning I've tried attaching it to my computer at work and the same has happened only this time I tried opening itunes at the same time. When I did this it said that it's detected an iphone (it's not it's an ipod, I'm not sure if this makes a difference to itunes these days) in recovery mode that needs to be restored. When I try and do this though, it tells me that 'Software for this iphone is nor currently available. Make sure you have the latest version of itunes and try again.'

I've updated itunes and it's still coming back with the same message.

I've also tried reseting it using the home button and the on/off swich on top and nothing's happening there either.


Anyone heard of anything similar to this and got any ideas? I've had a few older version ipods die on me before but there's always been warnings that somethings wrong before it happening but this time everything's seemed fine before yesterday. I suspect I'm going to hear I'm fucked but if anyones got any ideas I'd appreciate it.

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I've had this happen with my old iPhone. Try holding the home button and power button down at the same time for something like ten seconds. You may not have done it long enough (I tried the same thing. Worked 2nd time. Must have been impatient the first time).


Edit: may actually have to be longer. I suffer from C.R.S.

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