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Slow websites


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Any ideas?


Speedtest shows fine around 15mb download.


But at that same time this site, Facebook, BBC all struggled to respond.


So, if download is ok, whats in the way of different sites opening?

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I've seen these symtoms loads in Chrome. If you are using Chroime, it's the Google plugins they rewrote for shockwave etc... there poor coding gets stuck in a loop. try a different browser. If the load fine in IE, uninstall/reinstall Chrome.


DNS is cached, so it wont be that. That'd result in all or nothing.

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Thanks both. I've give those a whirl. I do use chrome incidentally.


As you are using chrome, give IE a test. if it's fine, its the chrome plugin.


We rolled Chrome out at work. We had to take it off within a month, we saw this loads.

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