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Sea of Thieves

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I see some of my old fogies group playing this.


Average scores but it looks like that's mainly a gripe about single-player content?


What do you reckon will be the longevity of online play?  I'd have more faith in Rare than most to sort out more content without charging us more but that might be misplaced.  

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I think it’s solid, just the act of sailing is fun enough tbh, the beta was a laugh with barely anything more than that.


its all about the 30 minute or so game loop I guess and that shits fun. PUBG hasn’t exactly strayed from its base content and it’s still wildly popular. 

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3 hours ago, adios said:

Looks like people can try the full game for two weeks with a game pass free trial on PC/XBone.


I'll probably hold off a while as I've tons to play right now as it is.


I'm doing that and played a bit last night, will probably play over the bank hol weekend too.


An hour or so last night I sailed on my own, did a quest and ran into one other player who actually didnt try to kill me, we jumped around a bit together.

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