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  1. I also play a bit of RL as it happens. Add me for destruction of soul: https://steamcommunity.com/id/wheeliebinned/
  2. adios


    Literally the most decent and ethical person I know, reckons he's a cunt. Standard. Did we not used to have spoilers on here, and an ARCADE?
  3. adios


    No worries, I mostly wanted to call @Rayvin a cunt, but I'm glad you got it sorted.
  4. adios


    I asked @Rayvin to relay this, but the workshy cunt is making me do it myself. Whoever has CLI (and sudo) access, ping me. I'm fairly sure I know how to fix this issue in a jiffy (particularly if using Nginx), assuming you haven't sorted it. For those of you having the issue I have on Chromium browsers (so most of them) what works for me is: specify https://toontastic.net (ie make sure the httpS bit is right then do the usual - Advanced and "yes, please let me into the dangerous website".
  5. This is pretty much where I am. I'm mostly behind Rafa for making the right decision. I'm also making a commitment right now to not watch another Newcastle match till the Fat Cunt is gone. That's not remotely the same as not going to matches but it'll be tough to do and is my own little fuck you. Will genuinely dance a jig the day the cunt dies.
  6. No need to apologise, man, if anything I blame the OP.
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