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  1. Half now, half on avoiding relegation. Piece of piss this high finance malarkey.
  2. 65% seems fucking ludicrous anyway although if there's truth in the £15m figure and Ashley stays it's probably not far off.
  3. I just wondered because I accidentally wandered on there in the aftermath of the Leicester match and thought if anyone regularly perused this they'd think all Newcastle fans were screaming Armageddon all the time and it would taint their opinions of more rational fans. As much as I am occasionally flabberghasted by post-match reactions on here, this was like the army of the dead learned to type. People here 90% of the time are very sensible.
  4. He is such a thick, odious cunt. (Ashley, not @The Fish)
  5. No actually that's me. You are as positive as @trooper is negative. Surely the feedback has given you that impression already. Do you spend much time on #nufc as a matter of interest?
  6. Feared as much. We're now relying on eberk for our positivity. And @The Fish who's just positively insane.
  7. Getting drunk for the match appears to solve all of those problems but one - which will only be solved by getting the Arsenal team drunk too.
  8. Released it and then "didn't deny it" when asked. Cunts.
  9. Actually feel a bit more confident after playing last night (just vs rookie bots). Might actually be over half way.
  10. Happy Birthday, James. Shut up, Ken.
  11. I have a new found respect for the rational post-match debate on here after venturing on to #nufc to see if there was any takeover news tbf.
  12. *Dumps LiveOnSat* http://liveonsat.com/los.soc_br_eng_ALL.php
  13. beIN Sports MENA HD 8 the only channel showing this one tonight.