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Is football becoming a non-contact game?

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So diving is becoming part of the "beutiful game". Large clubs who are expected to set the standards of football are actually teaching their players to dive and fein injury. This has spread from abroad to our premier division and is now spreading from our premier division to our lower leagues, but should we accept it? Of course we shouldn't, but at this moment our football governing bodies seem to be abandoning us. Rather than dealing with the problem they appear to be clamping down on minor issues such as forms of celebrating like removal of the shirt and leaping into the crowd, but surely if a player was booked everytime they took a tumble diving would soon be eradicated, instead it's on the increase. Not only is it on the increase though, but it is now being accepted by our referees. Just because the FA aren't dealing with the problem it doesn't mean referees can't use their own initiative. A foul is supposed to be given when a player endangers the health of his fellow proffessional, not when his opposing number somersaults on to the floor riving in agony after his shirt has brushed. You would think a referee viewing an incident like the one described above would use his common sense, but it appears they actually view them as fouls. Does this mean referees are poor? Or are they actually accepting diving is now part of our game? Well I would say a bit of both, but you could say with the amount of incidents which take place it can't be down to bad refereeing anymore. The worry is though how far is this going to go? Are we going to get to the stage where you cannot make contact with an opponant without the whistle being blown, well it would appear if a punishment isn't introduced, in ten years time we could be watching a an americanised, skill-based, non-competitive sport.


Rant over, sorry about the wording it was a bit of a rush job. :icon_lol:

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I sure hope we are reaching a peak. And that things will not get worse.

And find I can't really watch any footy apart from english footy, it just makes me cringe.

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