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Blatter calls for 16 team leagues

Scottish Mag

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BERLIN, March 2 (Reuters) - FIFA president Sepp Blatter believes top national leagues should be cut to 16 teams to give players more rest.


"Having 16 teams in every national league would be ideal," said Blatter in an interview with German daily Bild.


"The market and the players cannot sustain so much soccer in the long run."


The Bundesliga has 18 teams while 20 teams play in the English Premier League and France's Ligue 1.


Blatter said FIFA should force leagues to cut the number of teams and the issue should be discussed in 2007.


"We have to cut down on league games to get a better balance between club soccer and internationals as well as more recovery time for the players," Blatter said.


"A lot of clubs are also in favour of such a move. But they say FIFA has to order it -- otherwise it will never happen. They can have it if they want."

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Apart from the fact that Blatter has a habit of speaking out of his arse, I don't see why things like this NEED to change. How come all of a sudden they are a problem.


France's top league cut down from 20 to 18 a few years back, claiming to lead the way in making football calendars lighter.. only to go back to 20 two season later, lol

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I think he should shut his mouth and deal with the more serious issues like racism, cheating, play acting, diving, off-side rule....and................


























































..this! :icon_lol:






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