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Wor Al

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  1. Why should we care ? Who asked you to care?
  2. When is it back-up?
  3. Kiddie porn? No, we don't share the same taste.
  4. Thanks Ant.
  5. anyone?
  6. Porn and some other stuff.
  7. I borrowed someone's broadband dongle USB thing..... is there any way of him seeing my browsing history? Thanks.
  8. Where did anyone say that?
  9. Oh my god he's world class!!
  10. Actually, he did look like a really good player when he was at Blackburn. Gone downhill since then.
  11. What do you expect? He started his career under Souness.
  12. I can't believe people called it a "bunch up". Some people need a bunch in the face, lyke.
  13. just what i was thinking.