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Newcatle will put the Graeme Souness era even further behind them by moving back to their training HQ tomorrow.


United's first-team squad quit the £9 million complex in Benton for the club's Academy in October amid a spate of injuries.


Souness blamed firm pitches at the training ground for the pulls, tears and strains suffered by his players early in the season.


"Moving is a last resort," he said. "I have heard so-called experts offering their opinions on what we should be doing - but we've been doing this for a very long time and we have some extremely qualified people who advise us."


But the Magpies' top stars have been back training on the lower pitches at Benton in recent weeks, while still based at the Academy.


And Souness' successor in the manager's chair, Glenn Roeder, suggested the previous problems were caused by players simply wearing the wrong boots.


Now, Roeder (left) will demonstrate his confidence in the state-of-the-art training HQ by moving the whole first-team operation back there in the morning.

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