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  1. They just like tee shirts not football tops though. God I hope we don't go down that route
  2. Win-win for me like, either the red scousers blow the title or the blue ones blow their chance of survival. A draw could be even better then
  3. This is genuinely how I knew the answer!
  4. That would kinda win me over tbh. Well a bit anyway, love a bit of self deprecation like 👍
  5. The St Winnebago's school choir I've run out now
  6. Think I'll feel happier when our only striker is on his way back tbh
  7. I remember the 'I'm only a poor little hammer' song from my childhood but not the reality of what happened. Re: forest you're probably right. They've been irrelevant for so long though they're not really on my list.
  8. Largely agree but not sure about forest and the 'ammers, they never felt like the bad guys to me so enlighten me!
  9. 3 hours to buy a striker then? Not impossible surely?
  10. "Can I have one of meaty feast ones with everything on?"
  11. Wahey I can watch a highlights package of him now, any links?
  12. Has jimbo turned his telly on yet?
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