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  1. Generic small time football blather thread 2017/18

    just like shearer wasting his playing career joining us?
  2. Recommend me something to watch!

    added a few to my list on netflix, cheers guys. Currently watching the glitch (just finished series 1) which is very silly but enjoyable mindless stuff which is a nice bit of respite from a lot of the stuff we've watched recently. We enjoyed the Sinner but it was a little drawn out but satisfied in the end.
  3. VAR... really??

    well yes i agree but the game had stopped anyway so there would have been no harm checking from every angle. So far so good anyway. When's the next var game then?
  4. how long until the bubble bursts or solidifies then?
  5. Kodi

    Where do i pay for this afternoon's game then?
  6. Kodi

    I still get films and tv fine with things like the exodus or bob add on, but live football is becoming almost impossible. Its got me listening to match commentaries on the radio again now, proper old school.
  7. Rafa Benitez

    We've played less games though
  8. Joselu

    Hope it takes off tomorrow. The song not the costumes mind
  9. LGBT fans

    That was perhaps the biggest thing I got from that bbc gareth Thomas documentary, surely there is social obligation for a footballer to come out now? Perhaps I am being unfair but it almost makes me angry, perhaps all footballers no matter their sexual orientation are just selfish pricks!
  10. LGBT fans

    What's ridiculous about it though? It's a statement of intent and would be a good sign from the club, and certainly can only be good? What's your issue?
  11. LGBT fans

    That last 'paragraph' is spot on. Being LGBT is a protected characteristic legally now just like race so should be dealt with just as seriously by the stewards.
  12. LGBT fans

    Sorry yeah I realised after I said that
  13. LGBT fans

  14. LGBT fans

    How do you know? The language and behaviour I've heard from football fans in my time suddenly doesn't encourage me to take my gay son to football anytime soon!

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