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  1. Yeah me too but we need numbers don't we? Just 2 centre forwards for a CL season and no centre half cover!
  2. Only 2 players in is a little underwhelming though eh?
  3. wtf? is eating tofu somehow evil to you? please expain
  4. waiting for Jimbo's telly tbh
  5. oh yeah forgot about that, is it being televised?
  6. Manchester is so much more attractive than Newcastle then is it? gotta be bollocks tbh
  7. yes i meant just the starting the car and then the cd starting without any thought from me. Yes i know it's a bit daft and i listen to spotify in my car all the time just like the idea of regressing a bit!
  8. Being the hipster guy that I am I've been predominantly buying vinyl to listen to my music, however want to listen to some of it in my car I'm looking to drive back into the world of torrents to make CDs for the car. I know i can really stream the albums via spotify (for example) but i do like cds to just play on repeat without my input. hence the help i require is what are the best sites for this these days, piratebay? and as its been so long can you remind me of the best software to use to burn the audio cds? cheers guys
  9. Well that isn't a very neice thing to say is it?
  10. didn't i read that something like this has been recommended by uefa though and mic'ed up refs was indeed being introduced for this purpose?
  11. how come i can't find this game anyway, anyone know what channel its on (dodgy)?
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