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  1. yeah I'm not gonna dump him from my dream team until the weekend like
  2. Has he signed yet then? Really wanna see him in the shirt tbh
  3. I don't know which service you all use but the issues sound the same as happened to 'mine' this weekend. I've got the new app so had no problems
  4. Perhaps we are just better in midfield and defence than West Ham?
  5. Yeah big shut downs yesterday but i still got a 90% good stream of the Newcastle game. Forest game is perfect today though
  6. Damn mine costs me £60 a year. I'll be in touch when my contract finishes in December!
  7. They just like tee shirts not football tops though. God I hope we don't go down that route
  8. Win-win for me like, either the red scousers blow the title or the blue ones blow their chance of survival. A draw could be even better then
  9. This is genuinely how I knew the answer!
  10. That would kinda win me over tbh. Well a bit anyway, love a bit of self deprecation like 👍
  11. The St Winnebago's school choir I've run out now
  12. Think I'll feel happier when our only striker is on his way back tbh
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