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  1. I have to agree with what Carragher and Neville were just saying on sky mind, the new owners have really fucked up by not getting rid of Bruce straight away like
  2. zico martin


    Now that we've got our club back I'm ready to start watching us again, so can anyone recommend any good iptv services?
  3. Has he forgot where the pub is? #drivingroundincircles
  4. Unfortunately he's still got one of the best jobs so why would he be looking elsewhere?
  5. Gotta be honest I'm kinda gutted all these clubs are dropping out of the ESL now while they still can. I was looking forward to a brighter future for the Premier league with these pricks trying to buy it gone!
  6. I thought all 12 teams had already signed a contract? Or are we still within the Alcatel period?
  7. Any one from West ham, villa and Watford really
  8. You're never alone with Twitter and the internet mate. When you tell your grandkids in the future perhaps that will be least surprising aspect of your memories. Joelinton scoring the winner however...;)
  9. Yeah exactly this, not just buy a winning squad but built properly for the future. Rafa seems to understand us aswell so it wouldn't just be a good paycheck for him, its unfinished business!
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