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Halls to sell?

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Tucked away on the inside pages of The Chronicle last night was a little piece about how Sir John Hall and now Douglas Hall are ready to sell their shares in Newcastle United, presumably to US investors, Polygon, probably for a huge profit. Shepherd is reported to want to stay involved with the club and not minded to sell up.


Does anyone remember the guff about giving the club to the supporters?


Its the true faith line that clubs should not be bought and sold like second hand cars without anyone having conducted a "fit and proper person test" and the major stake-holders in NUFC having been consulted - i.e. supporters, sponsors etc. Newcastle United is culturally and emotionally important to our community. If the council wanted to sell the Tyne Bridge to the yanks there would rightly be an outcry but it seems you can do owt you like with OUR football club. Sadly, it seems having watched the resistance to the Glazier take-over at Man Utd fail miserably, we are in no mood to attempt to fight to protest at the take-over, though truth be told we have no chance of opposing anything decreed by the Halls or the Shepherds given the way the share-holding has been arranged.


The piece was not credited to any specific journalist and there has been nothing publicly stated on the club's web-site or in any specific announcement to the Stock-market. As ever, we'll be the last to know what's happening with OUR club.


Wait and see.


From True Faith. The usual bollocks spouted about it being OUR club, which it isn't, but there you go anyway. The fact that it was in the Chronicle means nothing, but there could be interesting times ahead if they are going to sell.


With Villa up for sale, Portsmouth flashing cash about, and talk at the weekend of someone coming in to do the same at Everton, we might actually need someone to come in to keep pace with these teams. We've seen from watching Spurs how quickly teams can overtake or match a club on our level and it wouldn't take long for others to do the same if the money started getting splashed about.

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Guest alex

Forgets how when the Halls tried to give the club to the supporters, we weren't interested. Mind, I know I wouldn't touch Newcastle shares in terms of an investment.

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