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  1. Peeping pom?
  2. Cheers benders. Still sexy and killing it at 42. Unbelievable.
  3. Government's attempt to subvert democracy defeated by Dominic Grieve. Well played Tory rebels, this government are a fucking disgrace.
  4. Nice one cheers, I'll have a look for it.
  5. "Excellent story." In case anyone's wondering, it was about child molestation.
  6. Nice one cheers, I'll check out some YouTube videos. It's an absolute money pit this stuff.
  7. The Line 6 thing? Have you got one Andrew? That's a pricey bit of gear. Any good?
  8. It'll be a shock if you've read the express for the last 18 months.
  9. Damn those white devils.
  10. Aye first thing I checked this morning. Good that he lost but still an absolute scandal that pretty much half the people in the state would have been happy to be represented by a kiddy fiddling racist. Although it is Alabama...
  11. Ah a headphone socket too. Interesting. And you're a fan of this, yeah? Does it do well at low volume?
  12. You've blown this case wide open.
  13. Vid above Tom. Agreed you'd have to play it though - impossible to tell from a recording on YouTube how it really sounds but they do seem pleasantly surprised in the room. Is the micro terror just a head?
  14. Aye this looks ropey as fuck. I knew you'd be straight on the case, Private Dick. It's about time this fully blew up on Sky now cos they look dodgy as fuck.