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  1. Politics

    No BXP candidate in Canterbury either The fix is in.
  2. Politics

    First Brexit Party candidate withdraws within an hour of the deadline. In a seat that Labour won by 22 votes last time. I bet this won't be the last...
  3. Politics

    "I think you should take that back old boy!" :lol'
  4. Politics

    Live footage of the release.
  5. Politics

    Johnson with the mop has been the best so far. Clearly never picked one up in his life.
  6. Politics

    Listen, I think Swinson has proven to be an arsehole in this campaign, but you can't expect her to do Labour a favour. They've left open goals and she is quite rightly booting the ball into the net for her own party's gain.
  7. Politics

    I'm not suggesting that Corbyn's position can't be understood if you're prepared to give it a couple of minutes thought. But it's also a position that can very easily be framed negatively by both of their main opposition parties. It's as easy for them to get their "Labour are confused" message to stick as it is for Labour to get their "well it goes like this...." message to stick. And that is a big problem.
  8. Politics

    Labour has lost the hardcore Leave vote already. He doesn't need to worry about that anymore. Ah fuck this, I do not know how you can look at Corbyn's stance on this and, hand on heart, say you're OK with it.
  9. Politics

    Ask a Tory where they stand on Brexit. "Leave." Ask a Lib Dem. "Remain." Ask Labour. "Have you got 5 minutes?"
  10. Politics

    It's not fucking sensible if it doesn't land with the electorate because they are the people you need to win over. It's wishy washy bollocks. They are neither Leave nor Remain. They will negotiate a great new deal but they can't say whether they would prefer it to Remain. That is a fucking mental argument to take to an electorate.
  11. Politics

    I want them to take a firm position that they can take to the electorate. If they can't confidently compete for votes with the Lib Dems then it's over for them anyway, so you can't worry about that. He's also made it easy for the Lib Dems to point at him and say "he's not Remain, we are". If he'd unequivocally come out for Remain, he would be able to more adequately compete with them for votes. Instead he's trying to walk a tightrope and letting the Lib Dems say "he's not Remain" and the Tories say "he's not Leave", and he's offering nothing in response. Take a position and argue for it like you mean it in a campaign. That is what wins people over. Corbyn has proven he can do that with social issues, the NHS etc. But in failing to do it on Brexit, he's lost the battle.
  12. Politics

    Honestly the more you think about it, the more mental it is. Every voter in this country has a position on Leave or Remain and yet they watch Labour MPs get asked "Leave or Remain?" and the answer is "Errrrrr...". Fuck off man.
  13. Politics

    The fact that you keep seeing it is Labour's fundamental failure on Brexit though. Most people don't pay enough attention to politics for a nuanced message to cut through. And quite frankly Labour's position is as much confused as it is nuanced given they can't even commit to whether they would campaign for or against this deal they say they would negotiate. I mean you must have watched Labour MPs get asked this question and they refuse to answer it. You or I understand why they're refusing but most people aren't prepared to entertain the mental gymnastics that explain their reticence. They just think "this cunt doesn't know what they want on the biggest issue facing the country. I'm not voting for them." That is a fucking shambolic position to try to take to an electorate that already has a problem with the leader of the party. The fact is, perception is reality, and if you don't SAY you're a Remain party, then you're not a Remain party. How an organisation that operates in the world of politics where perception is ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING hasn't grasped this is beyond me.
  14. Politics

  15. Politics

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