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  1. I don't see how they make that new rule stick. There are clubs with existing related party sponsorship deals. What happens when those come up for renewal? They can't be allowed to renew them whilst preventing us and other clubs from entering into any new ones. This just feels like a short term panic measure while they flap about trying to find something else.
  2. They were informed in advance of the meeting, I'm sure I read. And she still sent Charnley. Big balls on Amanda.
  3. I don't know what you would expect them to be able to see beyond the data room though? That's how corporate acquisitions work.
  4. Aye, seems to be getting posted by sensible types on twitter.
  5. Wow. Is that real? He's a fucking horrific person.
  6. I've no reason to doubt DK. He's been posting on here for years and he's usually a fucking dab hand at spoilers. This is what he's was born for.
  7. Aye, I edited my post after you quoted it to say that it could have blown the deal up. I think there's every chance it would have if the other clubs had got wind of it in time to organise against it.
  8. I think the conclusion that we're both coming to here is that, if you're gonna get things right, you don't make hasty decisions. Which is what is going on here. Welcome to Team G-Man. There's cool beverages in the fridge. Help yourself.
  9. Exactly. So which is it? They should have known everything before they bought the club so that they could make immediate decisions? Or, as you quite rightly say here, they'll need some time to assess things after they've bought the club?
  10. I don't see how you can make that claim. Let's say they did know it was going to happen, they can't go out into the market and start openly interviewing candidates for something that was very much under wraps until the last minute. Or something that, even worse, might not actually be 100% going to happen until the very last minute. Football is leaky as fuck. It would have been all over the press who they had spoken to, when, what about, etc. It might even have blown the deal up.
  11. They'll be paying a fortune to football people on a consultancy basis at the minute, I reckon. It's what I'd do, and I am one smart motherfucker.
  12. Imagine if he was a QS in the Leeds area. Fuck me, he might be having a worse time than he is now.
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