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  1. Yes Gemmill...

    Speaking of which, the current Aussie team doctor has got some of them on a LCHF diet after it made a massive difference to his health. Details of the players at the bottom of the link. https://vernerwheelock.com/163-low-carb-helps-aussie-cricketers-to-improve-performance/
  2. Coronavirus

    It's wild. Company chief execs during the whole BLM thing, obviously thinking "well I've got to fucking say something", posting a load of bullshit and then getting 300k likes from absolute hoopsniffers across the globe. It is eye opening to see how career-driven some people are. I wouldn't fucking dream of posting some of the cringe shit that people I've worked with put up on there.
  3. Yes Gemmill...

    Too many carbs, I suspect.
  4. Coronavirus

    I can't remember your surname? Let me know and I'll add you now. You can keep the fake endorsements though, I proudly display zero endorsements. I resisted it until two years ago. Changed jobs and moved to a small startup* and everyone in the room was on it so I seemed like the weird kid so I signed up. If a mate posts something I'll give it a like so more people see it but other than that I don't use it. *Pro tip: don't join a startup that relies on private investment to survive, if there's a global pandemic on the horizon. It gets dicey pretty quickly.
  5. Coronavirus

    I've got him on linkedin, I might ask him in a public post if he's stopped sucking cocks for baccy yet.
  6. Coronavirus

    Just reminded me. I put "ChezGiven sucks cocks for baccy" in my signature and it got no reaction. About a year later he turned his signatures on by which time I had turned mine off and forgetten about it. He spotted it and was like "wtf!?" Remember all the daft cunts with giant signatures btw. Fuck me.
  7. What mood are you in and why?

    Hope your lump turns out to be nowt. And good news about your dad and job.
  8. Coronavirus

    Anyone downloading the new contact tracing app, which is currently rocking a 1.6 star rating on the Google Play store? I don't know if all the bad shit we were supposed to fear about having the app has been sorted out or not. I mean it probably doesn't work anyway...
  9. What mood are you in and why?

    Just had jerk chicken salad for lunch. Halloumi and ratatouille bake for tea. Another 0.3 KG off today. Don't you worry about me.
  10. What mood are you in and why?

    Thanks for lifting the mood. Ok it looks like avoid social media AND mute Dr Gloom's posts might be the way forward now.
  11. What mood are you in and why?

    Hope you're all alright. I've had the last two weeks or so mostly away from twitter and that makes a massive difference. We're not cut out to be scrolling past terrible news and horrible people all day. Even the responses from the "goodies" are snarky and unhealthy for the most part. Anyway, hope things improve for you all.
  12. Coronavirus

    Shot, chaser. Within two minutes of being the covid tough guy you'd browned your nappy. Meanwhile all the schools across Gosforth have had outbreaks but teachers just need to suck it up.
  13. Coronavirus

    Btw this government is never gonna get test and trace sorted. They are too busy lying about the present and making undeliverable promises for the future. There isn't the will there to fix it - why bother when you can lie and say it's sorted? They've been doing it for the last 6 months, they aren't gonna get this fixed before there's a vaccine.
  14. Coronavirus

    No USE, I'm bound to be immune anyway. We need a proper weak drip for this. I'M LOOKING AT YOU COVID CRYBABY.
  15. Coronavirus

    I don't want your arsehole kids exterminated. I just want them home with their dickhead parents.

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