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  1. The Cycling Thread

    @wykikitoon Are we having this Alaphilippe performance? Or is he alright cos he's not on Team Sky?
  2. Europe --- In or Out

    Hunt having to apologise for forgetting to vote today. This dickhead wants to be PM and he can't even remember to do the basics of his job.
  3. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Can we all just agree that it's time to close down the Newcastle Forum section of Toontastic. The club is 100% deceased at this point.
  4. Europe --- In or Out

    The fucking nerve of the cunt May delivering a speech preaching the lost art of compromise. What a fucking arsehole this woman is.
  5. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Kramer vs Kramer but the kid is a 58 year old booze Hound.
  6. Dear Derdrie

    Tell your wife to send her mam a letter. If she doesn't hear anything in a week, follow it up with a dildo. I think that should do it.
  7. The Cricket Thread

    Best sporting thing I've ever watched. Cricket throws up some absolute insanity at times.
  8. Wimbledon

    Ha-Williams ha-whipped in under an hour.
  9. Wimbledon

    Federer gets to wear his latest cheesy "I'm in another Wimbledon final" tracksuit material blazer, the fucking Swiss bellend. Hopefully his special winner's costume change has to stay in the bag.
  10. Politics

    She basically says the new bloke says we have to leave deal or no deal and I've accepted that. That's it.
  11. Politics

    On the basis that it's the only way for her to keep her job.
  12. Politics

    Amber Rudd has publicly dropped her opposition to a No Deal Brexit. These people are the fucking dregs.
  13. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Nobody should be surprised at the bizarre decision making of the man that walks around in those jeans. I can see why he thinks he can save the British High Street, the stylish cunt. There'll still be people there for the first game though. They'd be there if Ashley announced he was going to have a muckspreader whipping hot fresh horse shit directly into their faces. Which might be preferable to watching Steve Bruce's Newcastle.
  14. Europe --- In or Out

    I can't watch it. I have zero control over it so I've decided to just pretend it isn't happening for my own mental health.

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