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  1. Taylor Swift is mint and so is this.
  2. Lewis Goodall is a national treasure. I think I'd emigrate after 6 weeks of speaking to people like that though.
  3. Chelsea step aside. Get in there Eddie.
  4. Would 100% have had you down as a never kiss a Tory type.
  5. Election betting scandal is the reverse Truss line.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/article/2024/jun/21/labour-drafts-options-for-wealth-taxes-to-unlock-funds-for-public-services?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other I'm assuming this is an intentional leak to a friendly paper.
  7. Where are you, fanny magnet?
  8. Sunak refusing to deny that there aren't more people involved in this betting scandal. Tim Montgomerie reckons there's "another half a dozen" involved and Iain Dale says there are rumours of a cabinet minister. Sunak remains "incredibly angry" about it all. So angry, in fact, that he's actually been frozen into complete inaction and has yet to suspend anyone from the party. That is like super angry.
  9. Regis Le Bris, he's called. Hard to think of a name that would sound worse with a mackem accent.
  10. It's ridiculous. Shaw has been out for 4 months. He was still injured when Southgate selected him as the only LB in the squad. If your first choice LB is injured, you find the next best English LB and you pick them. That's Chilwell, also injured, so on to the next. It's not ideal, but picking a lad who will be rehabbing for at least the first 3 games of a 7 game tournament is insane. I know Chilwell was second choice and was injured too, but you go to your third choice, you don't take a fucked first choice. You do mad shit like this with a Messi or a Ronaldo, where the psychological impact of not taking them is worse than them being there injured. You don't do it with a Luke Shaw.
  11. The sole left back in the squad, Luke Shaw, is still not training with his teammates. He might be just about recovered by the time England get dumped out.
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