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  1. This is what happens when you knock about with the youth.
  2. Aye I've got discovery plus. Unfortunate that you're stuck with eurosport coverage but better than missing all the live shenanigans.
  3. Well that's their Olympics fucked.
  4. Aye what's going on there. I keep reading about events and there's zero coverage on the red button.
  5. What are you in about this time, dungeon master?
  6. Gin and diet tonic is fine with me.
  7. Shit man, glad to hear you got sorted quickly.
  8. Try Lagunitas Daytime if you're desperate for a beer. Like most low carb stuff it's not great, but it plugs the gap. I'd never heard of that Seriously Low Carb stuff, so have ordered some. Cheers for mentioning it. And congrats on the type 2 reversal, that's class.
  9. If this results in an uptick in Tory MPs getting covid, I'm all for it.
  10. A bunch of Tory MPs have been caught trying to influence the judge in a sexual assault case involving one of their colleagues, and incredibly their punishment is a ONE DAY suspension from Parliament. They got a day off ffs. I mean what the fuck is going on in this country.
  11. Fucking hell, he is a bellend. That story about his mate getting his phone nicked and someone rugby tackling the offender and returning the phone....well that almost certainly never happened.
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