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  1. 50+ innit. You'll be fine.
  2. Sounds to me like fucking LONDON is getting vaccinated before the rest of us. Outrageous.
  3. Must be over half of the membership on here in the feebzone. Are you all posting from the same dayroom?
  4. +1 for this. Do it through the right channels and they'll have zero comeback. One of the worst things about the past year, in amongst all the rest of the shit, has been the rise of Sunak.
  5. Didn't know he was on Blankety Blank. Finally I can understand what all the fuss has been about.
  6. 7 day lockdown in Auckland. FUCK YOU @Andrew! HAVE SOME OF THAT!
  7. Looks like the 40+ non-feebs of Toontastic can expect to start getting jabs from 15th April.
  8. I think this is actually California as well btw. Crazy crazy crazy. We need a new strain of covid that zeroes in on these nut jobs.
  9. Mine doesn't shed but I hate everything else about him atm. Shih Tzus are ugly little cunts.
  10. This is outrageous. I'm way more important than Dave and I've never scored gardening leave. It's the absolute dream ticket.
  11. The lad who owns Pannatrinis used to work at Northern Rock when I first started. He left to take over the business. I bet he's loaded. I can't get behind all this talk of chips though lads. Got to stay on top of those carbs if you wanna be sexy like me.
  12. 3 course for a 5er of great Italian dishes like potato skins with barbecue dip, don't knock it til you've tried it.
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