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  1. These things look mint. Love all the big reverb stuff that's floating around atm.
  2. It was the fact that I already had the HX FX to start with that stopped me, really. £400 gets me the Stomp vs £1200 or whatever it is for full Helix. I could obviously have then sold my FX but would still have been out of pocket. Between the two units I should (I think) be able to divvy up the DSP enough to do anything that I would do with a full Helix (not saying its as powerful, just that it's as powerful as it needs to be for a fuckwit like me). The Powercab looks easy enough to just plug and play as well, which was appealing.
  3. Been mulling it over for a bit and have pulled the trigger on an HX Stomp and a Powercab Plus. I've already got an HX Effects and was watching someone on YouTube running the two together, with the Stomp doing amp modelling in the loop of the FX, allowing you to control the Stomp via the footswitches on the FX over Midi. Anyway, let's see how it works.
  4. Tier 3. I hope Hancock gets divorce papers for Christmas.
  5. It won't be the global celebration that getting rid of Trump has proved to be, but I cannot wait for the day we bin these Tory cunts off for a bit.
  6. I think she's great but fucking hell, take 5 minutes off.
  7. Biden finished his speech and the breaking news from the White House is that Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has got coronavirus. And there are others that have it too. Another white house outbreak. The levels of incompetence.
  8. Goes without saying that someone on Twitter has suggested sending Gazza in with the dressing gown and the chicken.
  9. These fucking idiots. I would pay £5k to get the job of telling him.
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