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  1. They do (sort of) but (and this is serious first world problems shit) programming them as separate units and having to piss about with midi to get them to talk to one another is just dead frustrating and puts me off using it....which is not really what you want. It's easy, but it's just a barrier to just firing it up and messing on. Also it's dead weird but if I run the HXFX into the front of the Stomp there's a load of hiss and noise which I can't explain (even if I put the HXFX into full bypass) - I've made sure that the inputs/outputs are set to the same on both units and googled for all possible issues but I can't get it to go away. If I put the HXFX into one of the effects loops of the Stomp (so using the exact same input/output on the HXFX and putting that block at the start of the Stomp's chainp), the noise goes away. But now I've used up one of the Stomp's blocks just to make these things talk to one another. So aye I got in a huff with it all and binned them off. LT arrives on Friday, at which point I'll put those two and a couple of other things (Ernie Ball volume pedal, EHX Freeze, and Vertex Steel String) up for sale, and that should more than pay for the LT. Looking on Reverb, and the Stomp goes second hand for around £375. I only paid £419 for it new, so that's mental. HXFX should go for around £300.
  2. Good to see her getting the coverage she absolutely deserves. We're a joke of a country.
  3. Gemmill


    Better than Cath's cookie monster scat cake.
  4. I'd be great at it but I'm way too fucking cool to join you losers in the staff room.
  5. It's mental. They've just released a Noel Gallagher signature Riviera which they're selling for the same price, I think. It looks great tbf but they're layering on the mark-up. I've been looking at the Les Paul Special in TV Yellow with P90s... It's on the list. Latest here is I'm getting a Helix LT and selling my Stomp and HX Effects to (mostly) pay for it. Line 6 will no doubt immediately release something new and I'll be left like Betamax Boy but that's fine.
  6. Whip suspended. Quick action.
  7. Aye, the sex offenders get the whip returned at their joint, they can fucking pipe down.
  8. Constitutional reform and undoing Brexit as a centrepiece of that speech would have been an absolute gift to the Tories. Anyway, you'll be back onside in 3 days, so let's just wait rather than argue.
  9. Starmer loves mentioning his pebbledashed childhood home. Missed the opportunity to spice things up by adding a little aside about the number of times he pebbledashed the bog in it.
  10. Rupa Huq making a fucking idiot of herself calling Kwarteng "superficially...a black man" and saying "if you hear him on the Today programme, you wouldn't know he's black". Well played daft shite, you can always rely on some dipshit in the Labour Party to help the Tories out when they're flailing.
  11. Edward Snowden formally granted Russian citizenship. He'll be formally drafted by tomorrow.
  12. It's gonna be mint when we've got a squad of 25 genuinely good players to shuffle through. Looks like bare bones and more frustration at Fulham though. Although if Wilson is fit, he doesn't need to be wrapped in anything. You play him, and if this happens again, you just recognise that he's another one that needs replacing.
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