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  1. I mean mainly cos it's a nice story but I can see that is simply not going to cut it with you.
  2. I'm sure there was a reason he took a short break from the game which delayed his start this season. It'll come back to me. Oh that's right HE FUCKING DIED!
  3. AND a lot of their players off to the World Cup in the middle of it all. Consider your debate debunked. I can't make you believe if you don't have the BALLS for it. That goes for you too PORTLAND AIMEE!
  4. The CL and Europa League must be horribly compressed next season cos of the World Cup. Which means this year's top 7 have got their work cut out for them. Which means we're probably gonna finish top 4 and win the CL the following season. DEBATE ME!
  5. Let's get this rumour party started.
  6. No and I've no idea why a BBC journalist is going around trying to mitigate on behalf of the PM.
  7. Aye. There isn't 54 of them prepared to hold him accountable for his actions. Parliament goes into recess on Thursday. The Sue Gray Report will comes out, all the photos, he goes missing for a day or two, and they all come back and pretend nothing happened. I hope he gets some brutal fucking wasting illness for what he's doing to this country.
  8. We're thick as shit, we just about manage English. No problem though.
  9. Dave if those are the most pertinent columns THEN ONLY SHOW US THOSE COLUMNS DAVE. And make GREEN the top lad not BLUE.
  10. Need some colour scale conditional formatting on those stats columns so we can pick out the winner at a glance. Come on Dave think of your audience for once in your GODDAMN life.
  11. All he wanted to do was talk about his team and get some £20 referrals whilst enriching the rest of us. I mean isn't that what forums are for?
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