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  1. If it's the only play the PL have though, they'll be hoping they can point to this and say "Lads, we're sorting it". I'm not saying it's a good idea or that it'll work, it's the PL we're talking about after all.
  2. Matt Slater from The Athletic reckons this is a big play from the PL to convince the govt that it can regulate itself, with Man City being made an example of. If Man City are supportive of an independent regulator, using them as the example makes sense from a PL perspective too.
  3. This won't last long. There'll be loads of skeletons in his closet (outside of the stuff already exposed) that will come out now he's been given an actual job.
  4. She fucking peaked when she blasted this Prince of humanity out.
  5. Support local by going to the international chain with stores in 41 countries. Fucking dopes.
  6. Anyway, she was wrong. A bloke from CID knocked on the door at lunchtime. I immediately assumed it was about IPTV, tipped petrol all over myself, and stood with a box of matches in my hand, but he just asked me to send him the video off my doorbell instead. He rang later in the afternoon to say they had 3 in custody, that the video would be enough for an attempted burglary charge, and that someone would be in touch to take a formal statement. Good effort from the coppers tbf. Especially seeing as I didn't even mention the woke agenda.
  7. Nah I don't know exactly what the setup is but they get a hotel the night before the game as well. It's not the Club Wembley one though. Which actually makes it even worse cos its £5k for one game.
  8. The lad running around like Freddie Mercury with a mic stand.
  9. Re the formation, all I know is that keeping Isak on the bench til the 70th minute can't continue for much longer. I don't know where you play him if you're not gonna drop Wilson, but he needs to be starting games sharpish.
  10. Lad I know has paid £5k for a corporate package for him and his dad. Crackers.
  11. I told her to stop watching GB News. I know she listens to the fucking appalling JHB religiously.
  12. There was a gang of scrotes walking about the estate last night trying car doors and front/back doors of houses. I've got them trying my door on the ring camera. Mentioned it to my mam and the fact I'd contacted Nortumbria Police on their website to see if they wanted the video. They don't cos all faces are covered. Her response: "Good old police. They'd be there in a shot if you weren't following the woke agenda." I mean, it's definitely funny. But it's also really fucking depressing that my mam is coming out with this fucking drivel.
  13. I heard one of the Grumbleweeds has a soft spot for them. And Gary Wilmot.
  14. I think Spurs will still have plenty dropped points in them, but we need to start winning or we're gonna end up with all the games and disruption that come with a European campaign, but none of the money.
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