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  1. Politics

    Rebecca Long Bailey looks like a sex robot that failed ALL of the quality control checks.
  2. Politics

    Richard Burgon has announced that Laura Pidcock is chairing his campaign for the Labour deputy leadership. Pidcock Partridge.
  3. Politics

    She's the MP for Wigan. She invented talking to bigots.
  4. Politics

    I'm probably the closest they've got.
  5. Politics

    Yes please.
  6. Politics

    You couldn't prove dough, Captain Soggybottom
  7. Politics

    Show some respect for the next PM.
  8. Politics

    Look at these two liking one another's "I didn't see the interview but she's shit" posts. Honestly I will pick Renton up and beat ewerk to death with him if this continues.
  9. Politics

    She also explains her position on Brexit and on May's deal, and it makes a lot more sense in hindsight than all of the "we want to remain but we refuse to work together to make it happen" that all of the people we pinned our hopes on were providing.
  10. Politics

    Absolute bullshit. On three occasions she told him to pipe down and listen to her answer rather than constantly demand details but only give time for soundbites.
  11. Politics

    Did you watch last night's interview with Neil? She absolutely bossed the bloke that Johnson was too scared to face. Impressive people are electable.
  12. Politics

    Just watched the full interview on YouTube. She was very impressive, shutting Neil's bullshit tactics down on several occasions and making a lot of sense. It's hard to imagine any of the other candidates performing better.
  13. Politics

    The Nando making loads of sense in her speech this afternoon btw. She's the real deal.
  14. Politics

    Ah they're waking up to Nandy now. I'm at the front of the Nandy bus, talking to the driver. We're mates. You just get your ticket and see if you can still find a seat.
  15. Politics

    Got my Labour membership card yesterday. Secret password arrived in a separate envelope today. Can't believe they've gone with jewssmellpassiton.

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