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  1. "The diaries didn't allow for a pre-season game". It wasn't the Bilbao lads going "u que mate? Sunderland who?!"
  2. The way Starmer keeps saying he's confident she hasn't broken the rules - he hasn't seen the legal advice, but his team has and he'll have reassurances from them to be saying it's all fine. Otherwise it's his rep on the line too. I'd be amazed if the legal advice says anything other than "nothing to see here".
  3. How is the truth having to be forced out of her? She's said she's done nothing wrong and has legal advice to that effect. Are you saying you think she knew that she owed CGT and didn't do it, and in so doing avoiding £1k to £3k in CGT, and that even thought it all happened before she was even an MP, that should effectively end her career in politics? And btw it's completely impossible to prove that she knew she owed the CGT. Even if you prove her main residence was not at her council house, that doesn't prove she knew she had to pay the tax. So it's impossible to prove she was "at it". It's not tax evasion if you didn't know you were evading anything. There'll be people all over the country going "well we did that. I moved in with you three years before I sold my place.... We never paid CGT!?"
  4. Absolutely crackers. It's as ridiculous as me insisting that Wideopen is twinned with Sydney. Complete bollocks, nobody cares, and I'd get nothing but ridicule for doing it. But on this dozy cunt ploughs. What is he getting out of it? They don't care, in fact they've gone out of their way to debunk his claims, but he still insists they're going steady. Fucking weirdo.
  5. It's not even real. Please accept my resignation from this forum with immediate effect.
  6. It's appalling that the police are taking the time to investigate this tbh. It was the same with fucking beergate which ended up a total nothingburger too. My hope is it ends the issue, but whichever way it ends I don't think she needs to be resigning unless the tory press starts to spin it in a way that starts to impact the polls. At that point, she goes and she comes back as soon as the election is done cos she's done fuck all wrong.
  7. I totally disagree with this. If my lass moved in with me and eventually sold her old place, having never rented it out or switched her residence on the electoral roll to my place, I don't think either of us would twig that she owed CGT on the old place, and I'm an accountant. She MIGHT have owed somewhere in the region of £1k to £3k in CGT that she has missed through, at worst, ignorance of the requirement to pay it. That's not a resigning issue.
  8. I think this probably works in Labour/Rayner's favour. It started to look like a story that wasn't gonna go away and it does go away if the coppers say there's nowt to see. Obviously if they don't say that, then the Tories keep wanging on about it, but they were gonna do that regardless.
  9. Aussies are weird. "Aw look mate. Let's get a fackin hot chick with a violin, really toight gear on her. Stick her in the centre circle, and have her play the fackin whoite stroipes shit."
  10. Jimmy Savile's excuse. Must be a Yorkshire thing.
  11. come on. I've no doubt these people are good at business, but you've got some pretty fucking lucrative related party shit going on too. Stuff that the new rules prevent us and anyone else from doing.
  12. I had a proper weird day yesterday where I couldn't sort my mood out. It's never happened to me before to that extent, just getting really wound up by daft stuff and this overarching feeling of despair. I forgot to ring my dad in the evening and had this crushing feeling of guilt about it. Never experienced anything like it. Then woke up this morning and everything's absolutely fine. It's probably a brain tumour.
  13. I'm just annoyed that so many have taken away the moment for us by standing down before the election. Wouldn't be surprised to see some of the big guns pull the same move if it looks like they're still in danger come an announcement of the date.
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