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  1. If there's any justice, this will finally be the point at which the public turns on him, cos the Indian variant being the most prevalent strain is entirely down to his dithering.
  2. You should make your Instagram private.
  3. That's awful. It's mad the differing effects it can have on people.
  4. If we end up in a third wave and there is a statistically significant correlation between those in hospital/the morgue and those that aren't vaccinated, then hopefully it'll encourage people to get vaccinated. If it doesn't cause an uptick in vaccination, then it's vaccine passport time for the rest of us. If it's killing the vaccinated then I guess it's just survival of the fittest time.
  5. You thought wrong. None has said they're 100%.
  6. She's an epidemiologist. She goes on to make it clear that this isn't an anti vax message, it's a please take this seriously message. I'm as sick of all this as you are, but I'm pretty confident that we're all gonna be back to a full square one mega lockdown before too long if we follow the current road map.
  7. Again though. It was "good old fashion British common sense" that was gonna see us avoid a second wave. And then what happened? If you had a 5 year old that kept going back to the stove and burning their hands as often as this cunt, you'd put it on gas mark 5 and be done with it. I would anyway. It's why I don't have kids.
  8. Hancock saying the government is moving towards "a mantra of personal responsibility". Mate, there are people that accidentally kill themselves trying to take selfies on cliff edges.
  9. WAY more should be being made of the fact that that fat cunt's dithering is what let the Indian variant in. That should be the headline story on every major news site. The big mistake was letting it in. Whatever decision he makes now, he needs to carry the can for that first mistake: Cancel the lockdown easing: right you fat cunt, that's your fault for letting it in. We're all stuck in the house and people are losing jobs because of you. Allow the easing to go ahead: right you fat cunt, those that die, you are directly responsible for because you rolled ou
  10. I've just remembered, you're also wearing a hard hat in this scene. The closing shot is of you rattling around in a mini cement mixer as Nick Knowles walks into the house with his arm around your missus. The front door closes behind them.
  11. Neither have I, but I'd watch your episode. Properly turning on the macho with the grafters. Turning up in denim shorts, timberlands, and a check shirt tied off at the midriff: "Howay guys, let's flippin' lay some bricks amirite?!"
  12. You're one of those people I thought only existed on DIY SOS.
  13. What makes you think I'd move in with you?
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