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Sly Outlines Rambo Plot

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SYLVESTER Stallone has admitted he called a specialist army magazine to get ideas for the script for his latest Rambo movie.


The star - who also filmed a comeback Rocky movie this year - plans to start shooting Rambo 4 in Thailand this October.


But he admits coming up with a plot has been tricky.


He told Entertainment Weekly magazine: "You know, it’s hard. Politics have changed so much."


And the 60-year-old action hero revealed he phoned Soldier of Fortune magazine for tips on the script.


Sly said: "I asked them what is the most critical man-doing-inhumanity-to-man situation right now in the world? Where is it? The answer was Burma."


Sly outlined the plot, saying Vietnam war vet Rambo was now living a monastic lifestyle in Bangkok and salvaging old boats and tanks for scrap metal.


He said: "It’s like he’s stripping himself down. That old piece of military equipment."


When a group of volunteers bringing supplies into Burma disappears, a relative of one of the missing missionaries begs Rambo to find them.


He heads off with a team of young guns to get the job done.


Sly first starred in Rambo: First Blood 24 years ago.


A further two Rambo movies were then made - the last in 1988.

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Whats next ? as sequal to "Stop or my mom will shoot"?


Shame really, the original Rambo movie: First Blood, isn't a bad film at all.

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