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Guest Patrokles

Signing Players Without Youtube Compilations

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Guest Patrokles

As we all know, Roeder has a list of attributes that he's very keen for any new signings to have; hunger, desire, a love of the game, an ability to adapt quickly to the club and the league. This is all very laudable- however, there is one GLARING OMISSION from this list, and it- quite frankly- concerns me a lot. Nowhere in any of his interviews has Roeder spoken of his determination that any new signing have at least two three minute plus compilations dedicated to them on youtube.


Personally, I'd forego half the attributes that Roeder seems so hung up on, in exchange for a small clip of every good goal and nice touch the player has ever made, set to John Parr's St. Elmo's Fire. In this modern day and age, and considering how progressive-thinking Roeder CLAIMS to be, it just doesn't make any sense to me that, in his striker search, he hasn't at least typed 'Dirk Kuyt goals' into youtube.


It's no wonder Chelsea have overtaken us. I hear Mourinho has an office floor literally tiled with laptops (with a protective perspex layer over them all to prevent stepping breakage), all of which show the best of Ballack and Shevchenko over and over, as well as more obscure talents like Tuncay and Suazo. Is it any wonder the former two ended up at the bridge rather than SJP? Disgusting, really.

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