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Doomed I tell thee


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I can't believe people on the other board were freaking out completely about what a disaster it would be if we signed Owen. We are well and truly fucked if we don't, on the evidence of last night. Without a mobile goalscorer, (sorry about stating the painfully bloody obvious, again) how are we going to undo defences? Maybe Jenas will jink through with a clever one-two. Perhaps Shola's work rate and commitment will be the key. Don't make me laugh. I simply cannot see it. We have absolutley zero goal scoring power at the mo, utterly toothless. We have no goalscoring midfielders! Christ almighty at least the likes osf Speed (good clearance off the line btw last night), Nobby, Robert et al would bag a few each season. We look like relegation fodder. Sacking Souness won't really suddenly fix anything either. Being a Toon fan in these very dark days is excrutiating.

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