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  1. I think many businessmen would tell you otherwise. I will for starters
  2. your a true supporter, loves his club more than anything but no logical sense what so ever
  3. Correct. never gonna get anywhere then mate
  4. I hate to keep referring to Leeds United but the similarities are unreal. We were in the same postion after the CL semi final and made ridiculous investments to take us to the very top. That failed and from there on in we were no more. If Freddie Sheperd ahd continued to run the club in a Peter Risdale textbook fashion you would have been the same. Relegation yes a major possibility but Newcastle are financially sound thanks to Mike Ashley. Unfortunately the transitional phase to taking the club to the next level failed and you are where you are but even if you do go down there aint gonna
  5. Not sure you can judge a man given 8 games to resuscitate a dead horse. And no offence, it's been a while since Leeds has had a good manager... are you sure you're in a place to judge? Simon Grayson has taken Leeds from 10th to 4th with a 64% win record. Taking 16 wins and 4 draws from 25 matches Fairly good in my book
  6. Said from the start my club is Leeds but I have deep affection for Newcastle and always have, I have been where you are twice now I know what it's like and it's fucking awful. I watched Leeds 90 mins away from the most prestiguous club game in the world and then I watched them get hammered 6-1 at Portsmouth 2 seasons later. Viduka on his day can cause any defender in the world problems, Barton can influence a game as well as Gerrard but he needs to be man managed to get the best out of him and Smithy is pretty much an allround midfield man. Ability to deliver a decisive ball on the floor a
  7. Your the best set of suppoters in the premier league but as for keeping the blinkers on Ashley isn't a fool or a villain and neither were his employees, they were mistakes which everyone makes. Denis Wise is a cunt but he did an amazing job at Leeds he's come to Newcastle signed what he thought were potentially good players and failed. All I'm trying to say is these people aren't or weren't here to ruin the football club or put it in the current mess. I'm not implying that Wise, Ashley, Jiminez e.t.c are good at what they do but they were all employed on good grounds by Ashley in or
  8. I would personally drive up to Newcastle and bring him back if he would sign for Leeds. Not being funny but Shearer is failing miserably as a manager so far, I love the guy but it's like he's a school teacher or something and suspending Barton makes it look even more that way. It's not all about passion and love for the club it's about fucking quality and Shearer just aint got it as a manager.
  9. Can agree with SBR 100%, when the facts are put in place regarding club personnel he's bang right and has been in this game way too long to talk "a load of shite". A successful businessman made educated judgements on his recruitment and he was let down, unfortunately he chose the most unforgiving club in the world. Nobody makes that kind of money and then thinks know I will go destroy potentially the biggest club in the country. Ashley knows he is sitting on a gold mine with Newcastle and I bet he's as pissed off as we are.
  10. Best natural defensive midfielder in country shame he's a nutter like, annoys me that everyone still thinks Stevie Gerrards a hero though. If we get rid it's up there with the worst of the decisions made this season. Cracking player that will fight for the cause and it seems evident to me Shearer can't people manage and has had a go.
  11. By no doubts a complete embarassment and a wanker to the club and made a shambles of running the club, but is he actually the villain people make him out to be ? Hardly prospering on the financial front under Freddie Sheperd and if he hadn't have bought the club would Newcastle have been fucked anyway
  12. Well I hardly think that the players concerned are shit, these sort of games have huge added pressure and players who have been there before are gonna be able to deal with it better than those that haven't
  13. But Viduka and Smith have been in a relegation battle like this before and so has Nolan. Good experience to have at this stage plus the fact there better players than our current other options
  14. I would go with ------------------------Harper---------------- bassong------coloccini------s.taylor--------jose enrique gutierrez-----smith---------guthrie---------duff ---------------owen----------martins--------------- krul nolan viduka beye carroll
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