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  1. He sounds like he isn't close to finding a buyer, keeps stuttering when being asked questions. Don't think we will be sold this transfer window now!!
  2. yes he did, if i was hughton for next week drop jonas and play lualua with him on right and duff on left - move smith and nolan around too as he ain't a striker and smith was far too deep today. apart from that not much else he can do to be fair!!
  3. Went to the game today, thought it was an average game played by two average teams. First half was nothing to write home about. Second half got a bit better and for spells we looked like a decent team. Thought Joey Barton, Andy Carroll, Steve Harper and Tamas Kadar played well apart from that the rest looked either disinterested or just not very good. Jonas was appalling throughout and don't know why he wasn't subbed. The travelling support were fantastic throughout with some great chants - apart from one guy who just shouted abuse at the fans/players throughout. Dundee fans were very quiet fo
  4. hi there, just wondering if any of you on here were planning on going to the game against Dundee United next Sunday. Me and a mate from Edinburgh are going, travelling up in the morning on the megabus. Any good pre match pubs to visit or where are the toon fans going to be before the game?? thanks
  5. excellent game so far, the quality of the two teams is just great, if only we could play like this!!
  6. soz like and am not taking the piss, but that's canny funny. it's quite ok mate, we were peeing ourselves too!!
  7. because it came from mike ashley maybe?? Maybe I should have worded that better, I'm suspicious about the timing of the statement. Me too, wasnt there something very similar when Keegan resigned? just had a look on the official site and the only thing i could find from mike ashley were the statement saying he was selling the club and that he was then not going to be selling the club.
  8. hear hear, one assist (i think) and no goals = not good enough for an attacking winger!
  9. because it came from mike ashley maybe??
  10. thats true, but why has he put out this statement before appointing alan, surely it would have been best to say this and then end with "that's why alan has been appointed etc etc" let's hope there hasn't been a sticking point!!
  11. SEEING Newcastle United relegated from the Premier League has been a catastrophe for us all. I fully accept that mistakes were made during this and previous seasons and I am very sorry for that. I would like to say sorry to our magnificent supporters who have turned up in their thousands, home and away, up and down the country and who have given the team amazing backing throughout. And I would also say sorry to all of the Club's hard-working staff, who have gone about their jobs all year long. Bringing Alan Shearer back to Newcastle United was the best decision I have made. Ala
  12. here's my story to do with ketsbaia. when he played with us in 1999, i watched the quarter final of the f.a. cup with my dad and my sister on the t.v. he played a blinder that day and we made it through to the semi's. the following day my sister told her teacher at school of what she watched the day before. my sister has learning difficulties and has problems with her speech and is quite hard to understand sometimes. so when she was telling her teacher about Ketsbaia, the teachers thought she was talking about a Gas Fire!! after hearing this story my dad decided to send a letter to the man
  13. i agree that harper isn't the greatest of keepers, he can save a ball but his distribution is shocking to say the least, we should give either krul or foster a chance.
  14. wouldn't mind a wee raid of the spl, players like andy driver from hearts, steven fletcher from hibs and possibly paul hartley from celtic since stracken has left and his contract is up now.
  15. we can change the words to one of our songs though if we do go down to this "E-I-E-I-E-I-O Down to the Championship we go If we get to League 1, this is what we'll sing WE'RE STILL GEORDIES SUPER GEORDIES SHEARER IS OUR KING!!"
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