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  1. im not bitter. i've had a decent chat with you lads on here this evening. that was just an awfully silly thing to say, and something i'd expect from benitez.
  2. "we're in a different league to everton" - you may well be soon, pardew. you horrible cunt
  3. i'd rather it remained 1-1 than that tit score. means he'll start next game now and do fuck all
  4. fellaini has a hell of a lot more in his locker than just being a thug (in your words) you just won't see much of it in 3 minutes of match of the day highlights
  5. a group of people who worshipped alan shearer, complaining about a player using his arms is a bit hypocritical, no? haha
  6. with the risk of sounding like wenger, i haven't seen it yet. i was reading twitter. i'll have a look at half time.
  7. baines is amazing. how cole kept him out of the england team so long is astonishing
  8. jamie redknapp is the biggest know nothing in football. absolute bellend
  9. everton will roll over, like we usually do up at your place. we can't keep a clean sheet this season and jelavic is having a tough time of things this season.
  10. id love him at everton, but im not sure it would work. other than the fact we can't even afford to bring in free signings, im not sure a move back to the north west would be good for him and his behaviour.
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