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  1. Today's wake-up lesson: Point of a football forum. To feel safe in the knowledge that having an opinion has very little chance of repercussion attributed to the 'old days' before the WWW was invented. Where individuals were more likely to be assaulted, verbally & physically, resulting in serious harm dished out by some cunt who's had one too many sherberts!!! Here endeth the lesson. Is that smart-arsey enough for ya CT FYP. I honestly believe their are 4/5 teams worse than us. Yes, we have been totally gash so far & it dosen't look good. Eve
  2. Vent their spleen??.....stating the fucking obvious??...... ......and posting absolute bollocks??
  3. Tiote must've remembered that he's left the bath tap running at home..... ......not the only pile that's gonna get shagged tonight then!! (Mind you, Pardew isn't that bothered apparantly!) Cracking season though. Roll on next. We'll finish 6th btw.
  4. Credit to original creator......... http://www.jokeroo.com/pictures/uploads/816318.html Cue @yourservice.......
  5. What would your special power be? To 'see' into the future.....about 2 hours ahead would do. How would you abuse it? Gambling. Poker, Horse Racing, Footy predictions....you name it! Purely for financial gain. What would be your super name? Lex Lucky Cunt. What would be your catch phrase? Err...."Fuck me, I'm a lucky cunt!'.....perhaps?
  6. Habib Beye?....arguably our best attacking right full-back for some time (well at least in my 30+ years following the Toon) Received player of the season iirc or did I dream that too?
  7. Remember a chap called 'Emre' scoring some crucial goals....or did I just dream it?? p.s. Not on the turkey list like but I believe he was from there (Lightbulb came on )
  8. Jesus you actually looked for that? I'm not allowed to have a change of heart? Ever noticed that some people get married because they love each other then three years later they are divorced and hate each others guts! Get a life outside Newcastle pal!!! FYP 'Are you Fumaca, Are you Fumaca, Are you Fumaca in disguise?' This shit WUM needs a change of name [/MODS]
  9. "Look, man, I ain't fallin' for no banana in my tailpipe!" I predict CT will!
  10. **NEWSFLASH** In a week littered with widespread violence throughout the UK, a Northumbria Police spokesperson today praised the Geordie nation for it's 'infinte patience & community spirit' by not jumping on the bandwagon. A minor skirmish was swiftly dealt with though when 50,000+ people made 11 citizen arrests at a local park. Police later on, arrested 3 suspicious looking men in connection with the incident. Source
  11. Out Enrique - 8-9m (most likely Liverpool, possibly hijacked by Spurs) Tiote - 14-16m (auction between Fergie & Wenger) Barton - 5m (Villa or Everton) Jonas - 5m (somewhere in Italy) Smith/R.Taylor/Lovenpants/Best/Routledge/Guthrie/Harper/Perch - all sold to championship sides for grand total (if lucky) - £78.43p Poss. income : £32-34m plus loose change In Taraabt - 6m + Routledge Insomnia - 7m + choice of Smith/R.Taylor:rolleyes:/Lovenpants/Best/Guthrie/Harper/Perch Van Aanholt - 2m (+ £x on appearances) Cole - 6m (not even worth that but because he's English!!) Wi
  12. Ball watching at it's very best!!! FUCK OFF.
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