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  1. I am not sure about Fonseca. I don't know him to much, but I can tell some things about him. I think he is a coach that need time to built his team and not to get good results inmediatly. And we need to win since next match. 


    Fonseca did very well with small teams in Portugal with 0 pressure. 


    In his first experience, in Second Level of Portugal League, he ended the League in 3rd position with Deportivo Aves, a team that should be top5 or top6. Ok. Is good. Well done.


    In his second experience, he ended in third position with Paços... A team that should be fight in the bottom of the league. Veeery Well. This team was so smart. Playing defensive football, not conceding in the back and doing so well the counterattack.


    This performance made him to sign with Porto... And he not convince. Bad in League, Cups and Europe, he had a very good team, with Jackson, Quintero, Quaresma, James, Fernando, Danilo, Hector Herrera, Varela, Alex Sandro, Otamendi... He was eliminated in Champions in groups and was fired when he was third in League. 


    Come back with Paços and did well. He discovered Diogo Jota this year playing the end of the season and ending in half of the table. 


    Again, a new experience with a better team. Braga, probably the fourth of the country behind Portp, Benfica and Sporting. And he did very well. He won the half of the matches this season. He won the Cup, ended the season in 4th and QuartersFinals in Europa League.


    With Shakthar is not easy to evaluate because Shakthar is by far the best team in the country. In the Ukranian Championship he did very well. Three leagues and three cups in three years. But not in Europe. First year, a bad Europa League, being eliminated by Celta. Second, good performance, getting 12 points in Group Stage and later downing by Roma. Third, bad again, being 3rd in Group Stage and losing later in Europa League against Frankfurt. 


    In Roma, he was correct in League in first year (5th, but not have a squad for more) and correct in Cups, being defeted by Juventus and Sevilla.


    But second he ended in 7th and the squad was for more. He had lots of personal problems with Dzeko and bad relationship with the players. 


    I am not sure about him. He have never getting a team in the middle of the season. Not experienced in this kind of situation. He need more time to work and this team needs to win inmediatly. Hehave done very well with bad squads, and very bad with strong squads. 


    He have played almost his all career with 4-4-2 formation, and 3-4-2-1 in Rome. And this team need to sign better defenses to play with 4 in the back. 

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  2. 15 hours ago, RobinRobin said:

    You are probably right about Almiron, a better coach would get a better tune from him especially if he is played in the same position for more than 30 minutes at a time, but I wonder just how much his confidence would have improved if that shot in his first game had not hit the post, but gone in.

    I always have comparated Almiron with Angel Correa (Atletico Madrid player). 

    They played similar rol in Liga Argentina. Very Good Seconds Strikers, with speedy, with good level of dribblig, but with lack of numbers of goals. 


    When Correa arrived Atletico, he played a couple of matches in their original position, but there are a problem... This was the Griezmann Position. So, Simeone found the Right Wing the perfect position to Correa. Why? Because he understands the game. He workes a lot in defence, he helped a lot the CM and the Right Back. He didn't shine, but he was very important for the team. And all seasons ending with 7-8 goals and 7-8 assist. People hated a lot, because he lost so much balls, he tried impossible dribblings... And they didn't see the work he did for the team. 


    Correa is one of the most skills players I have seen ever in my life when he was young. And I always thouth that he will never be the player I saw in Argentina because he adapted to European Football as another kind of player.... But last season, he played with Suarez in the attack... He was amazing. 



    I think maybe is not too late for Almiron. He need to play near to Wilson and to the rival area. Bruce are using him as 'box to box' because he has the stamina, and he was the only player with the power to helping the defence and running a counterattack to create a chance in a few seconds. But he should shine more in a attackins system. 

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  3. We have to try transfer good players ending contracts, good players in not top teams and Top Players in a very bad moment of form that could be become stars again.


    Frank Kessie is ending contract 

    Belotti is ending contract 

    Jesús Corona is ending contract (and he coul be a very good in 3-5-2 sistem

    Boubacar Kamara is ending contract (and he will convert in a Top player in a few years).

    Tarkowski, Freuler, Cantwell, Boga, Lingard, Januzaj... All of them are players that could be improve our team. 


    All of them is ending contract.


    There are 3 or 4 players that will be hard to convince to play here in first term, because they are playing in top levels team. Kessie, Romagnoli, Bernardeschi and Tolisso. This 4 is ending contract too, but Bernardeschi and Tolisso are not starters in their teams and Romagnoli, Milan Captain, are lossing his starter status and in Italy are saying they want to go (Lazio). 


    And then, there are players with a decent level that is not happy en their clubes and their clubes are searching sell them. Coutinho, Jovic, Icardi... 



    For me, the most important thing in Winter Market is to sign a Right and Left Back and maybe a center back... Lewis, Ritchie, Krafth and Murphy doesn't have skills to play in a 4 man defence. And They have very low level to play in a 5 man defence. 


    Atalanta is trying to sell Hateboer because they buying Maeleh and PSG want to sell Bernat


    Grimaldo, Bensebaini, Max, Gunter, Mazraoui are players in not top teams or teams that should sell players easily. 


    Dodo is one of my fevourites, but probably he will be very expensive and land in a Top team soon.


    Dubois or Lamptey will be amazing too. 


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  4. What to say.


    Ritchie and Murphy can never be Starters in this team as a defenders.


    Krafth can never be Premier League Player... Neither Right Back or Center Back.


    And if you add to this a bad match for Fede and Clark... You have a totally chaos in the back.



    With 2-2- the match was open and can win any team.... The 'Penalty' changed everything.


    It is very difficult, because we are a deffensive team with a bad defense style (With Rafa we were deffensive team... But we are stones in the back. A wall). And the problem is that players like Lewis (over all) or Manquillo are not so much better than the players have play today. I hope we improve with Lascelles and Schar. 

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  5. Unbelieveble that Toney and Armstrong, two of our players, have been the best strikers in last years en Championship. 

    I mean... I don't believe in they as our starter strikers... But they had never have chances with us in the team. Specially in the Armstrong situation... Academy player, Youth England Member... It was obvious that when he developed physical aspects he would be a great player for the Premier.

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  6. 7 hours ago, Rayvin said:


    I mean the money is only as high as that because the PL is nuts though. Do any of the England team walk into any other top tier club team elsewhere in Europe? Seriously any of them?

    Most of them.


    Walker is one of the best RB in the world. And in the bench you have Trippier, Starter RB in Atletico (Spanish Champion). Stones is playing in the Champions League Runner Up and Maguire (I dont like so much) is a very decent player. You have Shaw and Chilwell (Champions League champions), you have Sterling and Kane... You have Mount (another Champions League champions), you have Foden in the bench (starter with Guardiola), you have Sancho in the bench, you have Grealish in the bench. Henderson, the captain of Liverpool who dominates Premier during 2 years and 2 Champions league finalist in last 3 years is in the bench... You have a tremendous team.


    Is the mix between players very consolidated in the top like Walker, Sterling, Henderson or Kane with the new generation of young players (England was U20 and U17 World Champions in 2017, third in U21 European Championship in 2017 and Runner Up in U17 European Championship in 2017). With players like Sancho, Foden or DCL. You add players that are news in England Squad like Grealish and Rice, a decent players like KP and very solid players in the bench... And you have a very good team to play the tournament. 

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Gemmill said:

    Has Schmeichel got a hernia or something? He looks like he's got the alien halfway out of his belly in that Sterling save. 

    Its because the Pizza hahaha

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