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  1. I think it's simple. Mitro is a great striker. But here he never entered into Rafa's plans. Rafa has always played with other types of strikers. It was useless to have a player like him in a system that didn't fit. Throughout his career, Mitro has shown that he is a player who, if you bring balls into the area, he scores goals. And honestly, I think it's a shame, because the guy was madly in love with the club. PS: I also think that he penalized him a lot when it came to having more opportunities for that Bad Boy fame that he earned here in the first weeks.
  2. I have never bought here and when I have needed something retro I have gone either to the originals of Classicfootballshirt or to the replicas of DhGate. But these are catalogs of Thai replicas and perhaps they can be good quality / price https://wavesoccer.x.yupoo.com/search/album?uid=1&q=newcastle https://wavesoccer.x.yupoo.com/search/image?uid=1&q=newcastle https://x.yupoo.com/photos/haidi0912/search/album?uid=1&q=newcastle
  3. Last week I would have called you crazy if you told me that we are going to win the League. And a clear objective would be to make Top6 or even Top4. Today, I'm telling you that you're going to break in the Top3 two points behind Manchester City and that nothing stops me from dreaming and that I'm in 'we're going to win the Premier League' mode. Bruno looks like the best player in the world. Pope is a wall. Trippier is playing the best football of his career. Joelinton is everyone's best friend. Miguel Almirón is Maradona born in Paraguay. Willock stings like a bee. Botman is going to be the best defender in the Premier League for years to come. And we haven't seen the best version of Saint Maximin and Isak yet. We've beaten F* Chelsea with Wood up front.
  4. I need to go before the end of the season to see a game at St James Park.
  5. Kuol is in the Squad for the World Cup.
  6. You should search the two free kicks he have scored this season. One is amazing.
  7. Most of Atletico fans became Liverpool fans when Fernando Torres signed with them. I probably would have been one of them if I hadn't been bitten by the Newcastle's charm years before.
  8. Yes! 15km aprox to the Madrid Center of de City.
  9. My first team is always the rival that plays against Real Madrid.
  10. Diego21

    Eddie Howe

    Our best player in the Championship year. He really gave us a couple of decent years.
  11. Diego21

    Eddie Howe

    In my books, Scotland goes to the World Cup. (And I get paid to write about the World Cup, hahaha). PS: At least I said Fraser. Could have been worse and said Ritchie.
  12. Diego21

    Eddie Howe

    I think the World Cup could be a good turning point for our team. We have many players who are not going to go to the tournament and are going to stay training and recovering, continuing to train and understand how the team works. They will only go to the World Cup: Pope, Trippier, Schar, Fraser and Bruno safely. Maybe Wilson can go. And maybe Botman can go. Instead, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man United, Man City or Tottenham will have between 10 and 15 players called up for the World Cup approximately. We have a very good run of games, I think it would be important to make 2 or 3 friendlies in this time that we can win and we can recover the physical tone of Saint Maximin, Isak and company.
  13. Sorry for the long story. The case is yes. There are sufficient reasons to open files with the Presidents of LaLiga and the Federation, but they don't. They also have audios of the President of La Liga negotiating money with Piqué for the celebration of the Spanish Super Cup (Pique has a company that was the one that got the Super Cup to be played in Saudi Arabia) saying that the President would earn more money if they went to the tournament Madrid and Barcelona (for this they have to be 1st and 2nd in the League). They also have audios of Sergio Ramos trying to persuade Luis Enrique to take him with the national team and for him to be summoned to the Olympic Games. They also have audios where the President admits that he is paying parties with prostitutes and personal trips for his family with the Federation's money. And many more things. It is a pity that you cannot understand Spanish, because a few months ago, when all this came out publicly, the president gave a press conference that he cannot miss. Sounds like a humorous monologue. PS: The President, Rubiales, is a former footballer (he played for Levante). Well, when he was at Levante, where he was the 2nd captain, an audio was also leaked between the club captain and the Levante president where they said they were going to lose on the last day against Athletic Bilbao. That Athletic had paid them for it. That the referees knew it. And that the president of the Federation (Villar, a former Athletic Bilbao footballer) also agreed.
  14. Maybe I didn't express myself very well. The president does not say directly that Atleti does not have to win LaLiga, but literally says "Poor my friend Ramón, he thinks Atleti is going to win LaLiga. Whatever has to happen will happen so that Atleti does not win". By the way. Mysteriously, the next two games that he sent that audio, Atleti was seriously damaged and lost against Betis and Real Madrid. Against Betis, Morata did not receive a clear penalty with 0-0 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNyrr1RyRvY&t=45s&ab_channel=LaLigaSantander) and Atleti ended up losing 1-0. A few days later, against Real Madrid, we lost 3-1 and it was a real scandal. (Vinicius was awarded a penalty inside the area for a foul that went outside the area. Morata had a goal disallowed for offside and then a VAR technician admitted that the goal had been legal. And at the end of the game, Morata received another very clear penalty, this time Casemiro, which was not pointed out) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6tJzKvKB8w&ab_channel=LaLigaSantander) A few weeks later, Atleti came to play against Barcelona at the Camp Nou. If Atleti won, they would be two points behind Barcelona, which was the leader. Atleti was in a great moment and Barcelona was suffering. They had a more complicated schedule. And there were only 6-7 league games left. In the 28th minute of that match, the referee decided to expel Diego Costa with a direct red card. The referee assures that he told him "I shit on your fucking mother". And in the Federation they said that the microphones had picked up the audios and that Diego Costa could be heard saying that. They even claimed that they had hired a special recording agency to study the case. They never showed the audios, although they said they were going to make them public. Diego Costa assures that he did not insult the referee. Diego Costa was suspended for 8 matches. (By the way, there are images in the same match of Messi, Suárez and Jordi Alba insulting the referee). In the Spanish League, the Federation does not intervene as the FA never does if the referee does not put it on the record. Just a few days ago, a Spanish referee recognized that it is impossible for the microphones they carry to record what happens more than 4-5 meters away. That day, Diego Costa was more than 10 meters from the referee, so there was never such a recording and Diego Costa was simply sent off for no reason.
  15. Emery is a coach that I really like. I already said it when we wanted to sign him. I think he is a very good coach for teams that are not Top, but want to get closer to being Top. I also think that Aston Villa have a squad that can be exploited. Not perhaps to finish in the Top6, but to finish in the Top10 or Top8. Today I think they have 12 or 13 quite valid players, but the problem is that they don't have many reserves or that players who should be key (Digne or Diego Carlos) have replacements that don't have their level. I don't think Emery's impact will be immediate, but if they get Ings or Watkins to score goals, they will finish the season in the middle of the table. And there Emery will have to start building his project with the signings that they bring him in the summer.
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