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  1. https://x.com/NUFC/status/1814586366564372641
  2. I will not be the one to criticize the conservative and defensive game. I love when Atlético did it (2013-2020), I love when Howe did it with us last year. Even I, in the times in which I have been a coach of neighborhood teams, used to be quite defensive because it was the best way to win in a football where there is hardly any level and the tactics shine. Going into the tournament, I believed England potentially had the best team. I had no doubts, in fact. But once I saw the real list and saw that players like Grealish, Rashford, Henderson, Maddison and Chilwell were left out and that they only had Shaw (injured) as left back, I thought things might not go so well. There is no doubt that Southgate, by results, is perhaps the best English coach in history. He has played 4 major tournaments and has achieved two runners-up finishes in Europe and has reached the quarterfinals in the last World Cup (where England did play well in my opinion and deserved to beat France in that game). The problem is that England has a team and selection to play something different and, making the most of it, have won a title. I think the best years of a great generation have been wasted, although now another one is coming. The one led by Foden, Bellingham, Saka, Gordon, Rice... Still young players. And it is essential to find the ideal coach for this. It makes no sense that, with the poor performance that almost all the players have given in this tournament, you have not given more minutes to players like Watkins, Gordon, Eze... As for yesterday's game... It was typical of a final. England were very good without the ball. Spain was not too superior, even if it tried harder. He barely managed to create chances. Anyone could have won it. England, after tying, had good minutes to score the second. He was even able to force extra time with that last corner that Olmo took under the sticks. I have been a defender of Southgate because results always rule, but I think it is time to make a change. The problem is that I don't know if there is an English coach qualified to handle this great team or you would have to go look for a coach outside.
  3. Well guys, good luck tonight. For the first time since I joined this forum, we will support opposing teams. But I hope you still love me no matter what happens. I do to you.
  4. I will never understand how Pickford has reached almost 70 England caps
  5. What do you think about Gallagher? looks like Chelsea want to sell him.
  6. The problem with Trippier is that when the team has the ball he is an outstanding player. When he doesn't have it, he leaves a lot to be desired because he is very short to be a defender, he usually plays very forward when he doesn't play and he is not very intelligent when it comes to calling offside. But that's not new. It already happened to him at Tottenham and it happened to him at Atlético. It all depends on how the team plays so that its strengths or shortcomings can be seen more. He is capable of generating a large number of dangerous plays both with the ball in motion and from set pieces. As for his personal life, I don't want to go into that, but I do know that he had a very bad time at Atlético last year. Although I understand that it is different. According to other colleagues, he never adapted to life in Spain. His wife and his children ended up going to live in Manchester and he was alone in Madrid. And that made him play much worse his senior year.
  7. Southgate is incomprehensible. They're hanging centers... And he's not able to get in Toney or Watkins.
  8. Bellingham hasn't played a good game since February (Until then he was one of the best players in the world) It's time to either remove him from the field or change his role (put him further back). But you can't keep a player who has been physically dead for 4 months in that position.
  9. Pickford is injured in the Warm Up
  10. We have to be very careful. I think it's pretty clear that we are inflating player prices to make the margins better for all teams. Because Minteh and Anderson do not have such a high real value today. And surely Vlachodimos won't have it either, whatever its price. And that could also lead to a gap in standards. It is a practice that they have been doing for years in Italy and that has already been investigated in recent times (And in fact, it cost Juventus a loss of points this year because they had a lot of operations like this between 2018 and 2021). If it is something specific, I understand that there will be no problem...
  11. If the business is to exchange it with Elanga, you wouldn't gain anything, right?
  12. I wouldn't part with Anderson. He has many virtues, a lot of potential, he is very young, he is academy player (and that is good both for the locker room and to comply with the registration rules in Europe in the future). He does not have enough value today to sell him and achieve salary margin. If I had to sell players, I would undoubtedly go more towards Almirón or Willock. Even Barnes, if we take into account that he is a very good player, but that he plays the same position as Gordon.
  13. This was my XI before starting the tournament, but I think the performance of Bellingham and Saka could make someone decide to remove them from the XI. Foden is not well either, but it is true that he has never been in his position.
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