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  1. Hahahahahaha. There are no seagulls here. The sea is 400km away...
  2. I think if the word is buy, he's not the right one. PS: In Spain there have always been jokes that Casillas is a stingy person who doesn't spend any money. In Spain there have always been jokes that he is a stingy person who doesn't spend any money. And his own teammates from Real Madrid and the national team always joked about that. PS2: I know him personally because he has lived all his life in the neighborhood right next to mine (In fact, the street next to my house was renamed a few years ago Iker Casillas Street in his honor.) and I can say that he is one of the worst people I have ever met in my life with various despicable acts (his parents are continually being kicked out of shopping centers from the area because they try to steal all kinds of things).
  3. I think that all or almost all of us agree that it is enough because the intention is to obtain arbitration benefits. But we do not know how the law works and according to some 'expert' commentator who has said these days on television programs, it has to be demonstrated that this intention existed (because officially, I say, the payments are justified as payments for services in which the arbitrator did work scouter in videos). In any case, the case has been going on for a year and is still in its first phase. So this is going to be very long yet.
  4. I don't really understand much about law so I don't know where the case may end up. What the judge says is that Barcelona made those payments to the second chief referee with the intention of receiving a favorable arbitration. In my opinion, that alone should be enough to sanction them. The fact is that now they are seeking to know if the second chief referee really did something to get the referees to help Barcelona or simply kept the money and 'swindled them'. I really believe that the Spanish League cannot lose Barcelona because they would lose more than 35% of the product they sell (Here, Real Madrid and Barcelona take 70% of everything in terms of money and television coverage). The fact is that, from what I have been able to learn in recent days, the judge handling the case is not a 'serious person' either, he really likes putting on a show and has handled several media cases in which he has liked to accuse almost everyone and then had to turn back. Without going any further, apparently, the case was not his, he has illegally taken it from a colleague at the court and now that is also being investigated. Personally, I think it is very difficult for Barcelona to be punished in sports because the only real proof there is is a document through which Barcelona makes those payments to that man in exchange for some video tapes of reports from other matches. It smells very bad, but there is no evidence against it. I think that only if UEFA or FIFA entered could something happen sportingly speaking.
  5. Well. I think that if we talk about bad luck, the people of Atleti can give a few classes on it. We have always been called in a derogatory way 'El Pupas' which is something like saying that something bad always happens to us (Pupa is a way of saying hurt). We have played 3 UEFA Champions League finals in our life. -We lost one against Bayern in injury time in 1974 with a shot from more than 35 meters in the last action of the match. -We lost another in the 94th minute in 2014 against Real Madrid. -We lost another on penalties against Real Madrid in 2016 after we missed a penalty in regulation time and Real Madrid scored their goal clearly offside. The history of Atleti is full of moments of this style. I don't know if you remember the 'comical' situation that occurred last year in the group stage between Atleti and Bayer Leverkusen. Atleti needed to score a goal to stay alive in the competition. The referee whistled the end of the game. And when people were already leaving the stadium and the players were going to the locker room tunnel, the VAR said that there was a penalty in favor. Carrasco missed it, the rebound fell to Saúl, who hit the crossbar and the rebound fell again to Carrasco, who shot into an empty goal and, when the ball was almost in, it hit one of our players, Reinildo, and he left. out. I saw that game in the stadium with a friend who was going for the first time. I already knew that we were not going to score that penalty. She is still in disbelief about what happened. For me it was just another day being an Atleti fan.
  6. Well, it's been a pretty difficult and ugly game on our part. I think we have overcome the most difficult part with those 5-6 stops by Pope in the first 20 minutes. So a point out wouldn't be bad at all. I think it's time for Barnes, Wilson and Almirón to come in and try to catch them on a counterattack.
  7. Who is David Howell? I want find him in Twitter to say something.
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