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  1. We want Jack Grealish. I don't like Trippier as LB
  2. I was en shock when I saw yesterday Eriksen...
  3. In case you like it, and if you consider it useful, on my Twitter profile I have posted all the players called up for the EURO and the positions on the field where they have played the most in the National Team. I'm not trying to be a fortune teller or something like that, because it is impossible to get the selections right, and also there will be changes in almost all and not a defined line-up, but in case it helps you for the most random matches ... I am yours. Is not tottaly updated beacuse there are players recently injured or tested positive in Covid that I don't have change.
  4. Amazing Luis Enrique. Spain is the only National team that have call 24 players instead 26. OK. Busquets tested Covid positive on Sunday and Spain is calling some players additional only for trainning in differents pitchs (I think they believe is possible to more positive cases in the squad). So... We have 24 players and 7 more. Today there are a exhibition game against Lithuania and is going to be played for the U21 team
  5. But in this situation... Is an anecdote. Griezmann plays a lot FM every year and he have shown differents games with Newcastle, Arsenal, Marseille, Chelsea, Ajax, Rennes...
  6. Eh, that has cost me, but I have understood most of it. The last one I caught was 'Lee Gwan' and I've been laughing for a while by myself.
  7. I think you are playing word games that I have a little trouble understanding 😂😂
  8. Is very Good manager. I think he is not ready for manage the Top teams in the World. But he did good work in Sevilla and Valencia. And even, when he started to be known in Spain, was managed Almería. In the first year, he promoted the team to Primera Division and in the second, he finished the league in 8th position with a very poor squad.
  9. Hahahahaha I don't know anything better than anyone 😂 But in this kind of tournaments, shorts, you have to be ready for differents context you can find. The National Team has an idea and style of play... Is complicated for players playing in teams with a different style. specially if they have never been called before because you don't know how they could fit with the team. Probably the XI will be some like 4-2-3-1 with: Goalkeper; TAA, Maguire, Stones, Shaw; Rice, Henderson, Mount, Foden, Sterling; Kane. You need in the bench similar players for your 5-6 key players. Because
  10. In my opinion, He want diferent style of players for different situations. Kane is the starter and Calvert-Lewin was amazing in the past international matches when Southgate gave him some minutes... OK. Bamford and Wilson are two strikers more stronger in the box... And Watkins maybe os better in running game and in football more direct. Bamford ys very good in the combinative play... But Kane is similar and better. I am not saying Watking was better, just is different (anyway, I think he will be one of the dismiss. For example, I don't understand how is possible not to be Danny Ings between 3
  11. Gattuso is the new head coach of Fiorentina (he sounds in past months to be our new coach)
  12. It is a little bit strange in the Sergio Ramos situation...I think he will going to play the Olympic Games. Ramos is just 4 matches to get the World Record of a player with more caps in the world... And Luis Enrique called up him in the previous matches even when he was injured just for play 10-15 minutes... In my opinion, the only player should be in the list is Nacho. Carvajal and Lucas Vázquez (and Ramos) are injured. Asensio is in very pool level and he is not started and Isco is out of form, never plays. Anyway, is a rare list. Only 24 instead 26 players... C
  13. Seven in a row for Willock. A goal every 68 minutes in this 7 matches. Amazing. Amazing for a man is not Striker. Amazing for a man is not a striker playing in a team with very few goal opportunities every match.
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