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  1. On one occasion, he celebrated a goal by sitting on a stool. That became a phenomenon on social networks, some small child went viral copying it and it also seems that the West Ham academy players do it. He now tries to celebrate his goals and, if there is no seat nearby, he sits on the advertising fence.
  2. Today I was eating at home with my father. We watched the first half of the game together in the living room (where I have a TV with the station to watch football) and, at half-time, we went to eat in the kitchen. I took a little longer than the 15 minute break, so when I returned to the room, we were already losing 1-3. My father, meanwhile, has been left washing the dirty dishes. Good. Well, around the 70th minute, more or less, he went to see how the game was going. He has seen that 1-3 and has gotten a little lost... But no. He came back every 2-3 minutes to see how we were doing and every time he came we scored. In the end, he has left the kitchen half-cleaned and has come to watch the final minutes, just to check Barnes' last arrow. Yes friends. My father is already a Newcastle fan.
  3. Lately I don't have much time to watch football and evaluate players. I know that Inacio is the defender that Real Madrid has had in mind for a couple of years. He looks like he's going to be very good and I think we could say that he is a similar player to Botman. I have seen him play in other years and with Portugal Youth and he looks very good. I have never seen the other one because he arrived at Sporting a few months ago.
  4. If I'm being completely honest, this is the first time I've heard that such a player exists. That doesn't mean it's good or bad, I simply don't know anything about Atalanta since Papu Gómez is no longer there.
  5. I am going to separate Klopp the coach from Klopp the person. In short, I have not liked how Klopp has evolved in recent years. I have seen him belittle other rivals and complain more than normal (something that I don't think happened in his first years at Liverpool or Dortmund). Now, on the pitch... We must recognize that he is one of the best coaches of the last 15 years. Always being on top. His Dortmund played like the Angels and he came to Liverpool to overcome a great mental obstacle of 30 years without winning the Premier League. It is true that he has been there for 9 years and has only achieved one League (and 2 runners-up), but he has practically always been fighting for it. He has put Liverpool back in the Big Four in a row and leaves with 6 Cup titles, a Europa League final and the icing on the cake of the Champions League. And all this with squads in which he had a good XI, but he barely had good players on the bench to maintain the level. And every two years fighting for two months without his two best players (Salah and Mané) for the Africa Cup... And always considering that he had to fight against Manchester City (and Chelsea) that he had Guardiola and that he had an unlimited amount of money and ability to sign players like Grealish to be substitutes.
  6. Maybe it's because I'm from the other side of Madrid (Atlético) and I may feel that I'm not very objective (I don't think so), but I didn't see anything different yesterday between Real Madrid and Almería than what I've seen all my life. Real Madrid is the team that benefits the most from referees in the world and to which nothing extra-sports will ever happen because its president has all the powers in the country and possibly in Europe bought into it (I'm not saying this, it was said by the Director of El Mundo , the most important newspaper in Spain). As for the second... I also miss writing more here. But lately I don't have much time. Since November I have changed jobs and I can barely stay in front of the computer.
  7. Wilson should only leave if there is a team that can pay close to 20M for him. Trippier should only leave if the club saw that it was impossible to pay him the salary he earns and that would fix almost all of Fair Play's financial problems. Then, you have to get rid of all the absurd contracts of players like Ritchie, Targett, Krafth, Manquillo, Hayden, Fraser, Karius.... PS: It is impossible for Atlético to pay a single euro for Wilson. We never have money.
  8. The Sunderland players were totally nervous and overwhelmed. The game was great for them. PS: What a wonderful game by Almiron taking advantage of and forcing all the Mackems' errors
  9. Today is the 3 Wise Men day in Spain. So, We have the presents today (instead of Christmas). And my present was a Joelinton Jersey. Perfect Timing. Howay The Lads
  10. I had misunderstood. Definitely, for that price we should try to look at other options. Thank you
  11. But Ewerk, I think the 7m loan was in summer, isn't it? I mean, I guess City ask 3'5n now in winter. PS; Surely, the most difficult thing to accept would be that City wants us to pay almost their entire fee, which must be very high.
  12. As I said at the time, I haven't seen much of the player. Although the few times I have seen him, I have liked him (generally they have been U20 tournaments, where he made the difference more). He seems cheap to me for the prices paid today, especially if we take into account that he is considered the 3rd best young forward in Brazil after Endrick and Vitor Roque (for whom €70 and €60M have been paid). I think that if we have the money (although we couldn't register him this winter due to the FFP but we were thinking about next year) and that if the club was convinced of him, for that price we should have signed him.
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