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  1. that man city collar spoils it the napoli top looks nice, but 2 sponsors?! and that blackburn.... hahahahahahahahaha
  2. i give up never argue with an idiot seems to apply here
  3. why do you keep replying as if i have said ashley is good for the club? can you seriously not grasp the point of my posts and remove it from what my stance on ashley (which you clearly don't know, and that's a FACT) is? it is possible to think ashley and you are both idiotic cunts you know
  4. you're doing it again i'm not trying to deny you the right to reply, i'm just pointing out that your replies are flawed and your attempted arguments are full of logical fallacies. i have also clearly stated why you ruin threads, it is not "the facts" but your inability to grasp anything beyond them. A perfect example of this is your last post where you said "Because you disagree with the facts as I post them ? Unfortunately for your "opinion", this is what they are. FACTS." I reiterate that i never once disagreed with any 'facts' you posted, my issue is, and always has been, with your
  5. a few things leazes: a) why are you replying to me as if you know my viewpoint? nowhere on this thread have i stated where i stand on the ashley front, yet because i think you're a total arse you assume i love ashley? can you spot the flaw in that logic? i didn't accuse you of ruining a thread because i disagree with you. nowhere on this thread have i disagreed with "the facts" as you like to call them. i pointed out you clearly can't construct reasoned arguments in response to any replies you may get, which you have proven by completely missing my point and going off on a
  6. I just reply. Don't look at pyramids. It's easy enough to skip them and just look at the latest post, most other people seem to manage it alright. Some people have made thousands of posts, despite your claim that "it's hard to get a post in". Are you or are you not going to post anything constructive [whatever your point of view] or just post meaningless crap ? Feel free to answer what I said earlier, and put up proof that we have always been superior to West Ham [sadly the Halls and Shepherd only owned the club for 15 years not the last 50 as some people seem to think we hav
  7. it's hard to get a post in with your pyramids taking over or were you trying to be ironic there?
  8. even on ignore it would wreck threads, the original thought/discussion just gets overridden he just takes them over with his "you're stupid" "no you're stupid" "no you're stupid AND an ashley lover" "no i'm not and you;re more stupid" etc etc pain when nearly every thread degrades into that sort of back and forth with giant quote pyramids. lose interest and scroll down, and down.... and down, until it stops
  9. just as a lurker/casual poster's view LM wrecks threads
  10. that inter shirt is gorgeous
  11. agree with not sending midfielders to scotland keepers, defenders and strikers though, they will gain experience in the right areas. i'd much prefer sending them to a championship team who try and play football though, shame swansea came up
  12. bad luck you picked one of the handful of clever ones like
  13. including him in 'Ins and Outs' since the Carroll 35mill is pointless though, as i said, he cancels himself out
  14. does anyone else hate it when people add carroll into transfer dealings but ignore ben arfa? (both deals happened in january) kuqi shouldn;t be included as an "outgoing" either, as he was signed and released in the same period so cancels himself out.
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