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  1. When Dwight Gale went down earlier in the season there was more meaningful contact. The fact that it was a hand in this case combined with the disparity between the clubs and players involved no doubt made it an easy decision for the ref.
  2. Bellamy is such a self righteous wanker, thankfully they've got Given there to talk a little sense when Bellamy suggests that Newcastle should go for it because there's notning to lose.
  3. The price for Everton was from 2 years ago. Everton have more debt than us and it needs to actually be paid down. They have a shite stadium that they've been planning on knocking down for ages and they live in the shadow of their red neighbours. Their playing roster is vastly superior (including their youth setup) but they're behind in just about every other respect, excluding board.
  4. I'm with the two of you. Hope we don't rue our missed chances.
  5. Other Games 17/18

    Could be a good sign. It's run by FIFA, in Russia, quality of refereeing may not have factored in the selection of referees.
  6. Other Games 17/18

    Wouldn't include Watford but otherwise agree.
  7. Stoke vs Rafa's Rejects

    Haha, he not only managed to miss it, but missed it by a fair bit. It was a quality head on from Perez. We were vastly improved in all aspects, including set piece taking, you just never know which side of ours will turn up.

    Happy New Year @Noelie may Rafa surprise you with his team selections in a positive way, and here's hoping you find a use for your dusty anaconda.
  9. Stoke vs Rafa's Rejects

    We were a tad lucky Murphy didn't see red against Man City, but otherwise I agree. In particular in regards to getting penalties and free-kicks im our favour. Still can't believe that miss from Clark, on his preferred foot too! If I'm being incredibly generous I'll concede it did bounce immediately before it came to him, but he'll be very relieved that we managed to get the win here. I only watched the first half and then the highlights (unable to select the match for on-demand once it had finished) but if it was more of the same in the second then we should have pummeled them. As it is I'll take any sort of victory. The saves from Darlow were critical, good to see him put in another good performance. He can make the straightforward look difficult at times, but has a knack for stopping the point blank range. If only he had stronger hands and positioning when coming for the ball. As others noted from what I saw this was Perez' best game for us in a long time, he was making good runs, good passes and generally good decision making which has been a weakness of his. Deserving that he got the goal and Murphy got the assist. The latter could do with the confidence boost, we're starting to see why he was bought. I've been a big critic of Diame in the past and wanted him rid in the summer but credit where it is due, from what I saw he was excellent. We were a completely different side to the one against Brighton, hopefully this signals the end of Joselu starting matches.
  10. Indeed. The stage was set and we barely turned up for rehearsal.

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