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  1. Any 'journalist' or social media commentor (same thing these days) who still suggests that Bruce is doing a good job here should be made to watch the entirity of this game and then re-state their 'expert' opinion. Once again a case of a team that wholly believes they're second best, don't give a crap and are therefore beaten before the game starts. Hayden clearly not giving a fuck, throwing himself around with terrible tackles whilst on a yellow. Should have been given a second and sent to an early shower, the fact the ref didn't probably shows he felt a bit sorry for how terrible
  2. Interesting, I find Lascelles to be consistently one of the most cowardly defenders in our team. TOT? The Oil Tanker?
  3. Considering how much you've banged on about it I was expecting something a little more engaging.
  4. Noted, is that shared cowardice spoils or do they both get a full serve each?
  5. Yep, definitely need this one reviewed by the CAR (Cowardice Appointment Referee).
  6. Could have sworn you'd pin that one on Lascelles, anchored to the spot like a fucking barge. Schar was following another player.
  7. Fair play that was a very good header from Joe.
  8. I think we've had one already, glorious it was, Longstaff straight at the keeper. Should have turned off at that point, our peak.
  9. Fucking embarrassing that from Longstaff.
  10. Joe and Andy on, look out saints.
  11. If it was "keep doing what you're doing, but do it slightly worse" then Bruce will be pleased.
  12. Hendrick finally off, let's hope Shortstaff brings the enthusiasm.
  13. Don't be nutty, wait it out for Bruce to change things up after 70 minutes.
  14. The team seem like they're not super keen to pass it to him, and defensively he's there but not often making a challenge let alone winning the ball. We're absolutely under the pump here.
  15. He's too fucking casual out there. Big guy, good technique but no heart it seems.
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