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  1. England's Nick Pope. So weird that they point out he'll be out for.four to five month and then highlight that it will include a match less than a month away.
  2. Thigh injury, but don't think it is serious.
  3. It's a no to De Gea for me. I do think he is a quality keeper but the funds are needed elsewhere and he'll want a tidy wage. We're an injury to Isak (who looks to not be fully free moving anyway) away from having to play a winger up top. We literally have two first team strikers in our entire squad.
  4. Obviously I'd rather Pope who has been in great form lately, but Dubravka and Karius should be fine with Gillespie as further cover. The vigger priority still remains as a striker as it's much less likely that a GK picks up an injury, especially when compared to Wilson and Isak.
  5. Truly remarkable that we've won six in a row at home in the face of that injury list (well, most of them).
  6. OTF

    Eddie Howe

    We've really missed Manquillo.
  7. At one point one commentator was talking about the tough games we have had in the last week with Chelsea and away at PSG. The other commentator replied with a straight face that Man Utd have had a similarly tough set of games with Everton and Galatasaray. Whenever Man Utd strung together a few passes they would carry on like they were dominating, before begrudgingly acknowledging that on the balance of play Newcastle have been the better side. Like anyone with eyes needed to be told. I'm still disappointed that we only won one nil and that I had to sweat out the last 15 with unnecessary nervousness.
  8. Think of next season when we'll have bolstered our depth with new signings, plus will have Tonali back. But the fact they're churning out results with so many players out is testament to the fact that under Howe we're more than a good team, we're a great club.
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