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  1. Can we sub out Bruce for the HT talk? Or at least distract him with a really big bag of crisps.
  2. We're playing well. This is an unexpected turn of events.
  3. The tramp must be fucking annoyed about the bloke in the foreground blocking the can of Rich Energy.
  4. Great save there agaisnt our "very dangerous counter attacking".
  5. Is there a graph showing momey spent on legal challenges against the Premier League? #Topofthelot
  6. Didn't realise he was still on the books, thought it doesn't surprise me. Xisco to bag a few as well?
  7. Surprised Mike didn’t put in place a 5 year plan based on Leicester.
  8. "Defending there from Dummett, certainly a thing that he knows how to do". The standard of this commentary 💩
  9. "And he's hurt himself" about ASM after he had lumps kicked out of him.
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