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  1. Saying that the football under Brunce has "on the whole, been bad" is putting a positive spin on things. That said the hole that Bruce has been hardest on is his own after a big beef madras bender.
  2. Could this be the week that the club gets the hang of this footballing lark?
  3. Even their virus was substandard.
  4. I give a shit, but my expectations are so low so that there's no way I can be disappointed. Fanx Mike, fanx EPL!
  5. Lejeune on his way as well. Silly IMO letting him go for what will be a lot less than it will take to replace him with similar quality. Should still have a few good seasons left.
  6. ASM on to get lumps kicked.
  7. He wouldn't be signing him for us though, would he. Think his targets at Everton will be somewhat different to here. Still, lazy rubbish story.
  8. Both GKs did well, just too many average or poor penalties.
  9. Just enough. Drama.
  10. Nice save, crap pen
  11. Didn’t look a foul at all.
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