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  1. Newcastle United vs Crystal Palace

    Is that some Karate Kid next level training or what?
  2. Newcastle United vs Crystal Palace

    He's got fast feet, I'd say he'd be amongst the most dangerous in the league in the box with the ball in his posession. Of course Yedlin didn't even make him work for the penalty, just chopped his legs away as though in midfield.
  3. Newcastle United vs Crystal Palace

    Terrible from Yedlin. Looked a foul on Almiron prior.
  4. Newcastle United vs Crystal Palace

    Shit. Not looking good for Lejeune. Knee gave way, he knew right away.
  5. Newcastle United vs Crystal Palace

    Interesting half there, we were lucky their player made himself active on that play, even if he wasn't there I'm not sure Dubravka would have saved it. That said he definitely saw it late because of where their player was standing.
  6. Newcastle United vs Crystal Palace

    Tight call but right call for the offside there, relatively good spell for us.
  7. Corbynites v Toon

    This was our worst game this year. Our passing and decision making were terrible pretty much across the board. Arsenal were very good at pressing, and why wouldn't they be when they were consistently rewarded for it with regaining possession. We should forget about this and move on. No injuries, no suspensions, Schar will be back next week.
  8. Miguel Almiron

    That's what I was referring to.
  9. Other Games 18/19

    Left himself wide open for it to be fair.
  10. Miguel Almiron

    Turns out he's a Trump fan.
  11. Salomon Rondon

    Exactly. As if West Brom turned down 38m for him, let alone at the insistence of Alan Pardew.
  12. Salomon Rondon

    Former Ireland striker and talkSPORT pundit Tony Cascarino believes he has the potential to be a “£50million striker”. “In January last year, Alan Pardew persuaded West Bromwich Albion to turn down £38million from China for Salomon Rondon,” Cascarino told The Times. “If he keeps playing like this, he could be a £50million striker. There hasn’t been a better signing this season, but he is only on loan at Newcastle. If they can make it permanent, they should because he can be a Champions League player.”
  13. Bournemouth V Toon

    Truly an incredible strike that.
  14. Bournemouth V Toon

    Matt Ritchie, fucking stunner!
  15. Bournemouth V Toon

    I hate whinging about the referees, but if I want to stop it I'm going to have to stop watching.

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