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  1. Dud end to the match there.
  2. And yet he's still out there....
  3. Yeah, absolutely ridiculous. Should have been subbed straight off.
  4. Aye their left back, or whoever it was out there wants shooting for that.
  5. let's hope thisnis onside
  6. Pretty poor defending there.
  7. Noble sporting the Bolo Zenden.
  8. Absolute bollocks that like.
  9. This commentator has a real hard on for Rice, it's disturbing.
  10. This commentary "Accidental foul there". Fucking kicked him well after the ball was gone
  11. Hope it's just an impact knock that he can run off.
  12. This isn't the amateur poetry thread.
  13. Get it to St Maxi and hear the fake crowd roar.
  14. To be fair to him he's looked a lot better out wide. Steve just needs to move him to a slightly wider role to find his perfect spot....

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