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  1. Medical team doing their best to keep Joelinton on the pitch, fuck knows why.
  2. Get the body bag out for Krafth, he just got murdered.
  3. Carroll fouled again and nothing called.
  4. Giroud never playing at the ball there.
  5. Great to hear that he's on the improve.
  6. Aye, Giroud nailed on for a goal or two.
  7. If you're anything like me you won't really care if we are relegated again. Things could well be heading that way with Fulham playing well for the last month and finally converting it into points. As far as Ashley, Charnley and Bruce go relegation would be wholly deserved. Absolutely the only thing that would be upsetting in relation to a relegation is if it at all impacted on the tiny glimmer of hope that is the potential for the buyout on the back of the apparent legal challenge. I truly believe that Ashley genuinely wants out now, which is good because there's absolutely no way we move cons
  8. Good thing you didn't fire that off as an acronym, we'd have thought you'd had a stroke.
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