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  1. Other Games 17/18

    Pickford hilarious
  2. Peter Kenyon takeover

    The daft buggers didn't have a borehole, serves them right.
  3. Peter Kenyon takeover

    It'd be a good time for him to sell, profit in the summer window and an obvious need to spend cash in January. Also a good time for them to drum up talk of a sale in a classic bit of misdirection.
  4. Kevin Keegan

    The tribunal found that Rayvin repeatedly and intentionally misled the public and the members of Toontastic.
  5. Toon V Lesta

    The last time I had this much fun watching us play was in the 2008-09 season grumbling at Nicky Butt and Geremi strolling around the pitch refusing to pick up runs. It's dire at the moment.
  6. Yeah they go down very easily but we're second best here so far.
  7. Looked like he was in slow motion once he was through. Almost surprised he forced a save in the end.
  8. Looking forward to this. Absolutely need to go for the win here, almost like the start of our season (forgetting that horrid game in Wales). First start for Rondon.
  9. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Don't forget the profit in the transfer window.
  10. I hate fucking liars and I hate ewerk even more, good thing he's left this thread 😉 8 hours and 5 minutes direct. BA fly it.
  11. From that lineup I'm predicting that this will be a painful game to watch... again 😔
  12. Barkley would have tapped it in if Yedlin didn't get a touch on that.
  13. Beautiful header Joselu! Hard for Yedlin to dodge the beak on the Frenchman. Yedlin's had an excellent game.
  14. Fucking horse shit that. It was a foul on our Schar who had his foot on the ball when Alonso contacted his leg.

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