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  1. He was a top CB in a different era. It was impossible to foresee anything but what we've seen under Bruce, terrible, directionless, unstructured, inconsistent football. The only time we played with any sort of consistency was when he regretfully resorted to playing the previous manager's formation which the players were able to do because it had been properly trained into them. Then he made a song and dance about doing it his way more than a year into his tenure. He always has an excuse at the ready or if he acknowledges an issue it's never his fault and he has never been able to r
  2. First thing is to revert to a back 5, preferrably without Lascelles. Get Fernandez back in there and hopefully we have a manager who can get the most out of Schar. We need to be harder to score against, against Spurs we were diabolical in that regard and it's been the theme for the season. Hayden has to come back into the holding midfield protecting our defense and Willock needs to show some more discipline in not pressing too high and getting out of position. We need Almiron's running back in the side and a consistent run for Wilson up top.
  3. Absolutely, if a decent manager was at the helm we'd never have been in the bottom three.
  4. SB: "Well certainly we were beaten by the better team. Problems we've had for a while were there to be seen defensively...... We were not able to defend well enough as a team." I am enjoying hearing Bruce's final bit of press. If we weren't previously owned by Ashley he would have been sacked some time ago, truthfully he would never have been anywhere near being appointed.
  5. You can immediately tell someone does not watch football/understand football the moment they suggest that Bruce is in anyway a good manager. The absurdity of it is that there's a long string of supporters over a load of clubs that will attest to the truth about the quality of football his sides turn out, and yet, against a tide of facts suggesting otherwise, the voices that are most heard are from those that sprout misinformation.
  6. It's like he's never played with anyone else in the team. They can't have been praising him for anything else except his ability to win headers against wingers/wide midfielders who are always shorter than him, because apart from that and a single incisive pass to Wilson he did nothing of note.
  7. I'd like to see the count on turnovers from Joelinton in this game. It's incredible how bad he has been.
  8. "Whether he chooses to go elsewhere, if freed from this apparent torture". That was honestly just said by Peter Drury of Bruce. Unless he's referring to our torture as supporters he could not be more wrong.
  9. ASM has been held back all game and not a single yellow has resulted. Why?
  10. You would have to think it's simply a matter of waiting until they have the right man for the job lined up. As much as there will be joy simply at the removal of Bruce the key is the progression that comes with bringing in someone who can immediately improve us. Problem is, because of the Bruce lead state that we're in many prospective managers would not want to come due to the real and immediate challenge of staying up.
  11. Honestly Joelinton should conserve his energy instead of bothering to win aerial duels only to immediately turn it over. Would also spare us the contrarian dolts who try to use those statistics to tell us why he's actually, despite all evidence, a good player.
  12. Absolutely, the way he was pounding the ground, honestly get fucked. There's enough else wrong in the sport that we don't need confirmation that many of the players are dickheads.
  13. The club would like to congratulate Steve "the professional" Bruce on his 1,000th game as a manager. We wish him the best of luck for the future.
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