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  1. Would have been the away game furthest from Newcastle if it wasn't for the game in Dunedin on the same tour.
  2. He's not involved in the play when the ball is played to Mbeuma, when Mbeuma plays it across Toney is behind the ball so he's onside.
  3. VAR are saying it wasn't a deliberate play at the ball by Felipe, what a fucking joke. And Tim Sherwood rightfully saying well they got it wrong with plenty of passion. Once again they suggested that it was down to the onfield ref to look and make the decision, but that's bollocks. If the onfield ref is being sent to look at the display that's the VAR telling them directly that they made a clear and obvious error. They're going to look at it with that front of mind. It should never have come back to the onfield referee, horrendous decision by the VAR. Thankfully it hasn't mattered in the end but it still deserves follow up because that very well could have had massive implications for our season.
  4. What a roller-coaster of emotions this one was. This win was huge for us, keeping alive the possibility of champion's league qualification and buoying our overall confidence and surely that of Isak in particular.
  5. Definitely something off about him, but in a good way (at this stage). I could watch/losten to this over and over, especially the way noone reacts as though he's done anything unusual. Just Ritchie being Ritchie.
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